Best Armor in Ghost of Tsushima – Our Top 5


Ghost of Tsushima takes us on a journey to see different types of ninja armor and weapons that were used in an old war in Japan. The game shows us how things were back then, and the armor looks exactly like the real armor from that period.

The warriors in the game are searching for the best armor to defeat the Mongolian army. The big question is, what armor will help you become a legendary Ghost warrior? You should pick the armor that gives you the most power to explore Tsushima.

Key Points Covered in the Article

  • Ghost of Tsushima is a video game that immerses players in an old war in Japan and lets them explore various types of ninja armor and weapons from that era.
  • The game accurately depicts the historical period, and the armor sets look like the real armor used at that time.
  • The warriors in the game are on a mission to find the best armor to defeat the Mongolian army.
  • The top 5 armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima are ranked based on their strength and unique abilities.
  • The fifth best armor is the Sakai Clan Armor, obtained by completing the main quests.
  • The fourth best armor is Gosaku’s Armor, which offers more health, regeneration and strength but requires more effort.
  • The Ghost Armor, considered the best-looking armor, provides various battle advantages and ranks third.
  • The Mongol Commander’s Armor ranks second and offers stealth and health regeneration.
  • The Sarugami Armor is the best armor in the game, providing special moves twice in a row without getting tired and increasing the player’s fighting skills. It can be obtained by completing the “Legend of the Black Hand Riku” quest in the Iki Island DLC.
  • Choosing the right armor is crucial to becoming a legendary Ghost warrior in the game and signifies the player’s progress and playstyle.

Best Armor in Ghost of Tsushima – Top 5

5. Sakai Clan Armor

Ghost of Tsushima

The Sakai Clan Armor is a great piece of armor you can get in the main quest. It makes you stronger with increased health and power. You can defeat twice as many enemies during battles and make nearby enemies more scared. To get this armor, finish the main quests.

In the Act II quest “Ghosts from the Past,” you can get the Sakai Clan Armor. This quest is the final one in the act. First, you need to finish “From the Darkness,” which will reward you with special armor. Now it’s up to you to decide which armor you want.

4. Gosaku’s Armor

 Ghost of Tsushima

You might be tempted only to play the main quests and take the armor that comes with them, but doing other tasks is a good idea too. One of these is the “Unbreakable Gosaku” mythical story. It takes a little more time and effort, but your reward is worth it.

If you gather all the keys and defeat the Mongolians at the right spots, you’ll get Gosaku’s Armor. This armor makes you strong and allows you to do lots of damage to foes. And every time you beat an enemy, you’ll regain some of your health. So, this armor is one of the strongest in the game and the most reliable. If you want to play the game for a long time, try to get this armor.

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3. Ghost Armor

Ghost of Tsushima

The Ghost Armor is the best in the game. Not only does it look super cool, but it also makes you more powerful in battles. It makes it easier for you to surprise enemies and makes them scared, so they can’t fight as well. That is the armor you want to get if you want to look cool and be tough.

Getting the Ghost Armor is a piece of cake. Just follow the main story and complete Act II. You’ll get the armor in the final quest of Act II, “From the Darkness.” All you have to do to start the quest is speak to Yuna. No extra steps are required to wear the Ghost Armor.

2. Mongol Commander’s Armor

Ghost of Tsushima

The Mongol Commander’s Armor may look unusual, but it is one of the best armor in the game. It helps you blend in with the enemies and attack them unexpectedly. Even though they may still be able to see you, it gives you a stealth boost that makes it easier for you to move around without being noticed.

You can get the Mongol Commander’s Armor by completing a side mission, “Fit For the Khan,” in Act III. Start the mission by talking to a man in the Jogaku Temple near a house. This armor makes you better at sneaking and gives you extra health to survive battles for longer.

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1. Sarugami Armor

Ghost of Tsushima

The best armor in Ghost of Tsushima is the Sarugami Armor. It makes you good at fighting, especially when you block an enemy’s attack. Then, you can do special moves twice a row without getting tired. So, you can defeat many enemies at once.

The only thing holding you back from getting the best armor, the Sarugami Armor, is your ability to block enemy attacks. But if you’re good at it, you can get this amazing armor. To get it, you must complete the “Legend of the Black Hand Riku” quest in the Iki Island DLC.

Best Armor in Ghost of Tsushima Sets

  • 5. Sakai Clan Armor
  • 4. Gosaku’s Armor
  • 3. Ghost Armor
  • 2. Mongol Commander’s Armor
  • 1. Sarugami Armor

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Conclusion on Best Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima, you play Jin, a brave warrior who needs to protect himself from enemies. To do this, you wear special armor that makes you stronger and gives you special abilities. The more you play, the more armor you can find and upgrade with special items you discover in the game.

The armor you wear shows how far you’ve come and how you like to play the game. Armor is a really important part of the game and makes exploring the amazing world of Tsushima even more fun.

How did you find our list of top five best Armor in Ghost of Tsushima? Which are your fav. Armor in Ghost of Tsushima? Comment below!

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