Best Weapons And Loadouts in Battlefield 2042


Battlefield 2042 Best Weapons – Battlefield is a cool game that lots of people like to play. It’s all about fighting in big battles with lots of explosions. People like it because you can pick different guns and add things to them to make them just how you like them. This makes it easier to use your gun and win the battle.

You also get to use gadgets and other things to help you out. Even though different characters in the game have different abilities, there are some really good guns and gadgets that everyone will want to use in the new game called Battlefield 2042. So make sure you pick the right weapons and gear to help you be the best fighter you can be.

Key Points Covered in the Article

  • The article focuses on the best weapons in the popular game, known for its big battles and explosions.
  • The author highlights five weapons in the game that are especially effective.
  • The first weapon is the M5A3, which can be customized according to the player’s preference and has high accuracy. The author recommends using it with Webster Mackay’s grapple hook ability, Nimble trait, med pen, and frag grenade.
  • The second weapon is the PP-29, an SMG ideal for close-quarter fighting. The author suggests adding a K8 Holo or Ghost Hybrid optics sight for better aiming and using Pytor “Boris” Guskovsky’s special gadget for better defense or aggression.
  • The third weapon is the SFAR-M GL, an all-rounder gun with a grenade launcher. The author describes the attachments and specialists that would make it more effective.
  • The fourth weapon is the LCMG, which has minimal recoil. The author also describes the attachments and specialists that would make it more effective.
  • The article provides a comprehensive guide for gamers who want to make the right weapon and gear choices to emerge victorious.

Keep reading the article to know the best weapons in Battlefield 2042:

Battlefield 2042 Best Weapons

Check out these top 5 best weapons in Battlefield 2042:

5. M5A3

Battlefield 2042 best weapons

The M5A3 is one of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 because it can be set up differently depending on how you like to play. It’s also accurate so that you can easily hit your targets. Here are the best parts to add to the gun:

If you play as Webster Mackay, the M5A3 is even better because it works well with his grapple hook. This lets you move around the map quickly and surprise your enemies. His “Nimble” trait is also helpful because it helps you aim faster when shooting someone up close.

Take a Med pen as your gadget to stay in the fight longer. And for throwables, we suggest using a frag grenade.

All of these things together make for one of the best weapons and loadouts in the Battlefield 2042 that you can use in any situation.

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4. PP-29

Battlfield 2042 best weapons PP-29

The PP-29 is a cool, super accurate gun, which means you can aim it well and hit your targets easily. It’s called an SMG, and it’s good for fighting in close quarters, which means getting up close to your enemies to fight them.

The gun also has a big magazine, which means you can shoot many bullets before reload. This makes it one of the best guns in the game, and it works well with many different loadouts.

The only thing is that the iron sights you look through to aim the gun aren’t the best. So, if you want to be able to see a little bit further, we suggest using a K8 Holo or Ghost Hybrid optics. These will help you aim better and shoot more accurately.

If you want to make your gun even better, we recommend using certain attachments. You can add these upgrades to your gun to make it more powerful.

For the PP-29, we suggest using a tactical compensator for the barrel and a standard magazine. You don’t need anything for the underbarrel.

If you want to be good at using the PP-29, you can use Pytor “Boris” Guskovsky’s special gadget, which lets you place a turret that shoots at enemies.

This is helpful for defending an area, and you can also use a repair torch to keep the turret alive longer. But if you like to be more aggressive, you can use a med bag or ammo crate instead.

Overall, the PP-29 is a cool gun you should try if you like fighting up close.

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Battlefield 2042 best weapons SFAR-M GL

The SFAR-M GL is a cool gun to use in the game. It’s not as fast as other guns, but it is more fun because you can see each bullet hit your target.

It’s especially good for shooting from far away but can also work well at medium range because it only takes two headshots to kill someone up to 50 meters away.

And guess what – it even comes with a grenade launcher. That means you can blow up vehicles or eliminate those sneaky campers.

To make the SFAR-M GL even better, we recommend adding some attachments to it. The Maul Hybrid sight is a great choice because it lets you see your enemies clearly and aim more accurately.

Win-Slots suggest either the high-power or drum magazine for the magazine, which will help you shoot more bullets without reloading as often.

The Factory Mounts underbarrel attachment will make your shots more stable, and the Wrapped Suppressor barrel attachment will make your gun quieter, so your enemies won’t be able to hear where you’re shooting from.

When choosing a specialist to use with the SFAR-M GL, we think Constantin “Angel” Anghel is the best choice. He has a special gadget that lets you switch your loadout quickly, which can be helpful in the middle of a game.

He can also revive teammates with bonus health and shield, which can make a big difference in a tough fight. To make his loadout even better, we suggest adding a C5 explosive to deal with vehicles and a throwable EMP grenade to disable enemy equipment and help your team push toward the objective.

The SFAR-M GL is one of the best weapons and loadouts that you can use in the game, especially if you like shooting from far away.

With the right attachments and a good specialist, you can be a real asset to your team and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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Battlefield 2042 best weapons LCMG

Many people don’t like to use LMGs because they are big and heavy, hard to move around with, and take a long time to reload. But the LCMG is different.

It doesn’t have much recoil, which means it’s easier to aim, and you can move around with it without feeling too weighed down.

The best thing about the LCMG is that you can make it work in many different situations by adding different parts. Getting all the parts you need might take some time, but it’s worth it.

Our recommended setup is especially good for fighting up close because it lets you shoot fast and spray bullets at your enemies.

To make the LCMG even better, we suggest adding a Fusion Holo sight so you can see your enemies more clearly, a Close Combat magazine so you can load your gun faster, an LS-1 Laser Sight to help you aim, and a Shortened Barrel to make the gun easier to handle.

If you want to make the most of this gun, we suggest pairing it with a special character called the Dozer. He has a big shield that can protect you from enemy bullets so you can move up close and attack.

The Dozer is also good at resisting explosive damage, which is helpful in close-quarters combat.

To round out your loadout, we recommend taking a Med pen to heal yourself if you get hurt and a frag grenade to throw at your enemies and do lots of damage.

So if you want a powerful gun for fighting up close, the LCMG with the Dozer is a great choice.

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1. BSV-M

Battlefield 2042 best weapons BSV-M

There are special guns called marksman rifles that are like a mix between two other types of guns called assault rifles and snipers. They can shoot things that are far away, like snipers, and do a lot of damage up close, like assault rifles.

The BSV-M is considered one of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042.

The BSV-M is a marksman rifle for shooting things close to you. It’s accurate and can damage, especially if you shoot enemies in the head.

You can also use different attachments to help you shoot better, like a TV2X sight to help you aim and a BCG Light Grip to help control the gun’s recoil. A special attachment called a Shortened Suppressor can help you stay quiet when you shoot.

If you use the BSV-M with a special tool called Ji-Soo Paik’s EMG-X Scanner, you can see through walls and spot enemies.

This means you can sneak up on the enemy and destroy their equipment without them knowing. You can also use a special tool called a spawn beacon and a frag grenade to help your teammates spawn behind enemy lines.

Finally, if you like playing as a sniper who doesn’t move around a lot, this is a really good gun and setup for you.

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Best Weapons And Loadouts in Battlefield 2042 – TOP 5

  • 5. M5A3
  • 4. PP-29
  • 3. SFAR-M GL
  • 2. LCMG
  • 1. BSV-M

These Battlefield 2042 best weapons would help you to fight and win every time. If you disagree with any of these mentioned weapons in 2042 then please let us know in the comments with the reasons.