The Best Mage Armor in Elden Ring


Elden Ring: Best Mage Armor – The initial and essential choice in Elden Ring is determining the character build to pursue. Typically, players opt for a strength or dexterity build to engage in combat effectively. That is also partly because these builds are easier to understand than a mage build.

However, some players choose the more challenging mage build instead of the popular builds. Mage builds have the potential for high damage output but often have a weak defense. Therefore, if you decide to pursue this build, it is important to equip your character with the best mage armor in Elden Ring to compensate for the lack of defense.

Additionally, the performance of your mage build is significantly affected by the armor equipped. The best mage armor can significantly boost your stats. Simultaneously, you desire armor that enhances your fashion sense while complementing it. Because feeling confident in your appearance can improve your gameplay experience. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best mage armor in Elden Ring that combines performance and appearance. Let’s take a look.

Key Points Covered in the Article

  • The first step in Elden Ring is choosing a character build to pursue, which is crucial for success in the game.
  • Most players opt for strength or dexterity builds, but some choose the more challenging mage build.
  • Mage builds have the potential for high damage output but have a weak defense, making it essential to equip your character with the best mage armor.
  • This article features the top 5 best mage armors in Elden Ring that can boost your stats significantly while enhancing your fashion sense.
  • The top 5 mage armors include Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set, Rennala’s Set, Preceptor’s Set, Azur’s Glintstone Set, and Lusat’s Set.
  • The article provides detailed information about each armor’s abilities and what makes them the best armor in Elden Ring.

Best Mage Armor in Elden Ring – TOP 5

5. Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer mage armor in elden ring

The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set, commonly referred to as the “Burger King” set by players, is a popular choice for mage builds in Elden Ring. It is particularly noteworthy for its headpieces are considered some of the best armor for mage builds.

The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set comes with four headpieces: the Karolos Glintstone Crown, Twinsage Glinstone Crown, Lovinus Glinstone Crown, and the Witch’s Glintstone Crown.

The Twinsage Glinstone Crown (featured in the image above) is considered the best headpiece among the four in the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set. It increases intelligence by six levels at the cost of a 9% decrease in Stamina and HP.

The Twinsage Glinstone Crown is highly recommended for mage setups as it offers the best scaling for the level among all the headgear pieces available.

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4. Rennala’s Set

Rennala’s Set mage armor in elden ring

The boss fight against the Queen of the Full Moon Rennala has a magical and memorable second half, but the first half takes place in a crowded library with eerie cries that can be unsettling.

In the second phase of the boss fight against Queen of the Full Moon Rennala, players will be transported to a moonlit stage where they will face off against giant magical creatures and dragons before facing Rennala. It is a challenging but rewarding fight as players who defeat Rennala can acquire her armor set.

The Rennala’s armor set may not be the most visually striking for mage builds, but its true value lies in its headpiece. It grants an additional three levels to intelligence, making it one of the best options for mage builds. Even though the set’s design may not be everyone’s preference, its benefits outweigh any aesthetic concerns.

The crescent-shaped, horn-like headgear may seem unusual, but to truly play the game of Elden Ring, one must have a unique headpiece.

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3. Preceptor’s Set

Preceptor’s Set mage armor in elden ring

The Preceptor’s Set is an ideal combination of aesthetics and strength. The hat may be extravagant and not stay on in windy conditions, but the Preceptor’s set is a good option for mage builds in Elden Ring.

For those looking to increase their Mind stat slightly, the Preceptor’s headgear will boost three points and result in a 9% decrease in Stamina.

The headgear of the Preceptor’s set is the source of the three-point boost to the Mind stat. Therefore, you can choose to wear only the headgear if desired. However, the full set is more visually appealing than Rennala’s armor set, and it may be preferable to wear it.

The Preceptor’s Set is particularly attractive because it offers relatively high damage reduction for a light armor set.

2. Azur’s Glintstone Set

Azur’s Glintstone Set mage armor in elden ring

While only for some, the Azur Glintstone armor set is a bad choice for mage builds in Elden Ring. With Glintstones adorning the head and shoulders and the eyes obscured by rags, opponents will immediately recognize the powerful magic imbued in the robes.

The Azur Glintstone armor set is formidable due to the requirements to acquire it. Completing Sorceress Sellen’s quest will grant access to the armor set and the powerful Comet Azur spell, one of the best spells in the game.

It’s not just its appearance that makes the Azur Glintstone armor set one of the best mage armor sets in the game, but also its inherent bonuses. The set increases the attack power of Azur’s sorcery spells, including Comet Azur, Comet, and Glintstone Cometshard.

That might not seem like a significant boost, but many players specifically choose this armor set and those three spells for their end-game mage builds because it can make boss fights relatively easier.

1. Lusat’s Set

Lusat’s Set mage armor in elden ring

You might have considered Azur’s Glinstone set to be the most unsettling mage armor in Elden Ring; however, Lusat’s Set is a worthy competitor in terms of its terrifying appearance. The headgear, featuring a giant eye resembling Sauron’s, is the primary reason for this.

Despite the potential teasing by enemies in the Lands Between, this set is one of the best mage armors in the game, as long as you can tolerate the “big head” jokes.

That is because Lusat’s armor boasts the highest magic resistance among all mage-type armor in the game. That makes it ideal for facing other mages in player-versus-player combat or for navigating through the challenging spell-heavy environments of the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Additionally, Lusat’s armor enhances the effectiveness of Lusat’s signature spell, Stars of Ruin, making it a top choice for mage builds.

Best Mage Armor in Elden Ring

  • 5. Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set
  • 4. Rennala’s Set
  • 3. Preceptor’s Set
  • 2. Azur’s Glintstone Set
  • 1. Lusat’s Set


There are many great options for mage armor in Elden Ring. Each set offers its unique combination of aesthetics and performance. Azur’s Glinstone set may be considered one of the most unsettling, while Lusat’s Set boasts the highest magic resistance and enhances Lusat’s signature spell, Stars of Ruin. Ultimately, the best mage armor for you will depend on your personal preferences and playstyle. It’s always good to try different mage armor sets and see which fits you best.