Spit Card Game: Rules, Set Up & How To Play


Embarking on the Spit Rules‘s dynamic journey, players immerse themselves in a captivating fusion of rapid strategy and nimble execution. Also recognized as Speed or Slam, this card-based whirlwind demands quick wits and finesse to navigate its fast-paced rounds. An implicit set of unwritten rules subtly shapes the chaos within the frenzy of depleting card stacks.

In this exploration, we dissect the nuances of Spit Rules, uncovering the heart-pounding crescendos and strategic artistry that uniquely define this cherished card game. Brace yourself for an insightful tour through uncharted territories, where the mastery of swift decision-making and card-playing finesse takes centre stage.

About Spit Card Game

Spit is a fast and fun card game for two players. In this game, both players try to get rid of all their cards as quickly as possible. The game is like a race between the players.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Objective: The main goal is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.
  2. How to Play: Both players play at the same time. You need to match your cards with the ones in the middle, placing them in sequential order.
  3. Speed Matters: Move fast because your opponent is trying to do the same. If they’re quicker, they might make your cards useless.
  4. Family Fun: Spit is a game that everyone in the family can enjoy. It’s suitable for players aged five and up.

Remember, the key to winning is speed and strategy.

Learning and Fun with Spit: A Great Game for Kids and Families

Getting Better at Math

In Spit, you need to think and play cards that are just a bit higher or lower than the ones on the table. It’s like a math puzzle.

Improving Moving Skills

Spit helps you improve your ability to move your cards quickly and accurately. Moving your cards faster than the other player is like a race.

Making Friends and Talking

Playing Spit is not just about cards; it’s about following rules and talking with others. It’s a great way to learn and practice being friendly.

Keeping Your Eyes on the Game

Spit is a fast game, so you need to pay attention constantly. Every card turned over is part of the action, making it exciting and fun.

Why Spit is Great for Kids and Families

Spit is a super-fast game that’s fun for everyone. It also helps you with math, which is cool. If you’re in kindergarten or 1st grade, it’s like playing and learning at the same time.

Getting Ready to Play

To start playing the game, we need to decide who will be in charge, and we call that person the dealer. Here’s how we do it: each player picks a card from a mixed-up deck, and whoever has the lowest card becomes the dealer. The dealer then mixes up the cards again and gives them out one by one to each player.

Now, it’s time to set up the playing area. We’re going to make five groups of cards called stacks. The first stack has one card, the second stack has two, and so on until we have five stacks. We turn the top card of each stack face up, and the others stay face down.

Each player keeps the cards we didn’t use in the stacks. These cards make up their own pile and are important for the game.

How To Play Spit Card Game

Call Your Friends And Get A Standard 52 Card Deck

To play Spit, you only need two players and a regular deck of 52 cards. Sit facing each other, and make sure you’re close enough to reach the card piles in the middle.

Choose Someone to Deal and Share the Cards

Decide who will be the dealer – it doesn’t matter how you choose. Shuffle the cards and take turns giving each player cards until both have 26. It’s fair because everyone gets the same number of cards. Now, you’re all set to start the game.

Setting Up Your Cards: Make 5 Piles with 1-5 Cards Each

  • After getting your cards, it’s time to arrange your playing area. Create five groups of cards, moving from left to right, and shift over one group for each new round.
  • Start with one card in the first group, then two cards in the second group, three cards in the third, four in the fourth, and five in the fifth group.
  • Once your cards are set, flip over the top card from each of the five groups.
  • The rest of your cards now make up your draw pile, also known as your “spit cards.” You’re ready to play.

Navigating the First Round of Spit

Step 4A: Starting the Spit Round

To kick off the first round, both players say “spit” at the same time. Then, each player flips a card, putting it in the middle to create their own “spit pile.” Brace yourself for things to speed up once the new card is in the spit pile.

Step 4B: Playing Cards in Order

After playing the spit card, players quickly put cards from their pile onto either spit pile. You can only play cards that are one higher or one lower than the card on the spit pile. For example, if the spit pile has a 4, you can play a two or a 3.

Aces are special because they can be played on a King or a 2 and can also be part of a sequence like K, A, 2 or 2, A, K.

Step 4C: Keeping the Game Going

Once the top card is played, the next card under it in that pile is flipped over and is a card you can play.

The fun doesn’t stop with just one card! Players try to play as many cards as they can in a round because the goal is to get rid of all their cards. Players often play cards one after another, switching between spit piles and going both up and down in card ranks. You can only use one hand and play one card at a time.

If one of the five piles is empty, you can move the top card from any other pile to fill that spot. But remember, you can’t make a new sixth pile.

Note: Cards with the same number can be put together in the same pile, but you have to play them one by one.

Step 4D: Taking a Break

The round stops when neither player can play any cards. If there’s a card you can play, you have to play it; you can’t skip.

Step 4E: Starting Again with a New Spit Card

To start again, after neither player can play, both players flip the top card from their card deck and put it in the middle with the spit piles. They say “spit, ” keep playing cards in order and show new cards from their piles.

Step 4F: Finishing the Round

Once one player plays all their cards from their spit pile, they each take one of the spit piles and shuffle it back into their cards. This is important because the key to winning is having smaller piles and being fast at playing your cards.

There are two ways to decide who gets which pile.

Version 1: Round Winner’s Choice: The player who plays all their cards first gets to choose the spit pile. They don’t count or move the piles; they just slap the ones they want.

Version 2: Open Race to Slap: Anyone can slap a spit pile as soon as one player plays all his or her cards, and the first to slap it gets that pile.

We like to play Version 1 because it gives an advantage to the player who played better. But some people prefer the fast action of Version 2. Check out the variation section below for more details on the Spit Slapping rules.

Getting Ready for the Next Round

Once each player picks their spit pile, they mix it back with their other cards, including the stockpile and spit cards. After that, they set up their side again by creating the five stockpiles, just like they did at the beginning of the game.

As you keep playing, there might be a time when one player has fewer than the needed 15 cards for the five stockpiles. If that happens, deal out as many cards as possible and show the top card from each pile. Only one spit pile will be active since one player doesn’t have spit cards. The first player to use up their stockpile cards wins.

Or, if you’re using the Slap Rule, the first person to slap the Spit Pile doesn’t have to take the cards. If it’s the player who played all their cards, they win. If it’s the other player, the game goes on, and the person who slapped second takes those cards, shuffles them, and starts a new round.

Announcing the Winner – Playing All Your Cards

The player who successfully plays all their cards is the winner of the game.

Spit Rules

  • Only use one hand while playing.
  • Play one card at a time.
  • The card’s rank matters, not its suit or colour.
  • You can pick either spit pile to play on.
  • Aces are special; they’re higher than a King and lower than a 2. You can use them in both up and down sequences.
  • Stick to a maximum of 5 stockpiles; don’t make a new 6th one.
  • Once you play a card from your stockpile onto a spit pile, you can’t undo it.
  • If you can make a move, you have to do it; you can’t skip a turn.
  • Always flip spit cards outward so everyone sees them at the same time.
  • Group cards of the same rank together in a stockpile, but play them one by one.
    • If you run out of spit cards in the middle of a round: If you’re the one without spit cards, the other player chooses where to play.
    • If neither player has spit cards, the player with fewer stock cards left wins the round and decides which spit pile to shuffle back into their deck.

Trying Different Ways to Play Spit

Open Race To Slap (also known as the Slapping Rule)

Spit has a fun way to play called the Open Race To Slap. Any player can slap a spit pile when someone finishes playing all their cards. It’s a bit different from how we usually play, where the first player to play their cards gets to choose the pile. Both ways are okay, and if you’re thinking about trying the Open Race to Slap version, here are some things to think about:

Why We Like It

  • Exciting Fun: It makes the game more thrilling when players finish their cards. A quick slapping race adds joy and laughter and keeps everyone in the game.
  • Fair Play: It makes things fair; even if someone is behind, being a fast slapper gives them a chance to catch up. This is especially cool when only one slap pile is left, as a fast slap can keep a player in the game.

Things to Consider

  • Change in Focus: It shifts a bit of attention away from the usual game of reducing your cards and puts importance on slapping quickly.
  • Game Takes Longer: The only downside is that it might make the game last longer. While it makes things fair, it can make the game go on for a bit.

Two-Handed and Multi-Card Play

If you want to make things a bit wild, some folks like to play Spit using two hands and play more than one card at a time. It’s totally okay to try this, but just know it can get a bit crazy, and keeping track of whether moves are allowed or not might be tricky. However, it definitely adds a lot of fun to the game.

Stalemate and Slap

In some special rules, when both players can’t make a move, they race to slap the pile instead of playing a new spit card. In this version, spit cards are only used to start a new round.

Spit Game Terms

Let’s make things easy to understand when playing Spit. Here are some words we use to talk about the game:

Stockpile: This means the five groups of cards you want to clear. At the start, each group has 15 cards.

Spit Cards: These are the cards left in your hand after you give out the first 15 cards to your stockpile groups.

Spit Pile: This is where you play your cards in the middle of the table. You can play a card that’s higher or lower than the top card. In later rounds, there might be only one spit pile.

Spit Rules Video Guide


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Q: When should you slap in spit?

A: After a player clears their tableau, any participant can promptly slap either of the two central piles. The player who initiates the slap first gets to keep the pile they slapped, and the other player takes possession of the remaining one.

Q: Can three people play spit?

A: Spit is specifically designed for a duo. The allocation consists of dividing 52 cards evenly, ensuring each player receives 26 cards.

Q: What is the spit game?

A: Spit is a fast-paced card game designed for two players. The gameplay involves racing against each other in simultaneous turns. The goal is to swiftly dispose of all cards by matching sequential ranks on shared card piles. It’s essential to move quickly, as any delay may lead to your opponent beating you and making your card unplayable.

Q: Do you shuffle in spit?

A: Mix the cards and arrange them face-down in a line on the table, positioning them between you and your opponent in the order of a stack of five cards, one card, one card, and another stack of five cards. Distribute the remaining cards from the deck. Ensure that both you and your opponent are seated facing each other.