How To Play Human Bingo?


In the realm of team-building, Human Bingo is recognized for its ability to foster connections in diverse groups. This engaging activity transcends boundaries, providing an inclusive platform for individuals to explore each other’s stories. Join us as we delve into the social dynamics that make Human Bingo a valuable tool for breaking barriers, enhancing communication, and fostering community.

About Human Bingo

Human Bingo is a cool game that helps people get to know each other better. It’s also called Ice Breaker Bingo, People Bingo, and Get to Know You Bingo. The goal is to make a line on your bingo board, like up and down, side to side, or diagonally.

But here’s the twist: instead of just waiting for numbers or letters to be called out, you talk to others in your group. Each square on your bingo board has a question, like “Has a dog?” Now, your job is to find someone in the group who fits that question. So, if you want to mark off the “Has a dog?” square, you start chatting with people to find out who has a furry friend at home. It’s a fun way to learn interesting things about your new friends.

Why People Like Human Bingo 

Human Bingo is a cool game that many teachers and students enjoy in class. It helps everyone get to know each other better at the start of the school year. It’s not just for school – people also play it at family parties, holidays, and other group events.

Things You Need

You don’t need much stuff for Human Bingo – just pens and printed BINGO cards for everyone. These cards usually have a 5×5 grid with 25 squares. Making up questions and setting up the cards might sound hard, but don’t worry, we have some questions for you to use and even a printable template!


You can play Human Bingo with just two people, but it’s more fun with a lot of friends.

What You Learn 

Playing Human Bingo isn’t just fun – it also helps you learn how to talk to people and listen to what they say. You improve your conversations, taking turns, and working together with others.


A regular game with 25 squares usually takes about 20 minutes. If your cards have a different number of squares, plan for about 1 minute per square.

Rules For Human Bingo

Bingo rules can be different for different groups. Here are the usual rules and some other ways you can play.

  • Bingo Variations: To win, make a line of squares either up and down, side to side, or diagonally. You can also play “blackout bingo,” where you fill in all the squares. Or, you can mix it up and do both.
  • Victory in Bingo: Usually, prizes are given for the first-line Bingo and the first blackout bingo. You can also have more winners, like the first three-line bingos, and so on.
  • Navigating Bingo Ties: If two people say Bingo at the same time, the prize usually goes to the first one whose card is checked. Or, you can have extra prizes and be more flexible with tie rules.
  • Fair Play: One person can’t represent more than one square on the board.
  • Validating Conversations: Every filled-in square should have the signature of the person you talked to. This is an important rule.

Human Bingo Guidelines

  • Let’s Play Human Bingo: We’re going to kick off our time together with a game called Human Bingo.
  • Your Goal: The aim is to chat with people and find answers that match the questions on your cards. To win, be the first to make a “line bingo” – that means getting five squares in a row up and down, side to side, or diagonally.
  • How to Play: Start by talking to someone and asking questions from your card. If the answer is yes, mark that square and get the person to sign it.
  • Prizes Up for Grabs: Two cool prizes are waiting for the first person to make a “line bingo” and another for the first person to fill in all their squares.
  • Breaking Ties: If two people yell Bingo at the same time, the first one who shouts it out wins. So, be quick, and we’ll check your card.
  • Any Questions?: Do you have any questions before we start? Feel free to ask now or later during the game.
  • Start Having Fun: Go ahead and start now. Find a buddy, ask and answer questions, and enjoy the game.

Human Bingo Game Cards

In human Bingo, we usually set up a board with squares arranged in a 5 x 5 grid, similar to the classic bingo game. Instead of numbers and letters, each square has a cool question.

We’ve made two free printable templates for the cards to make your human bingo game easy and fun. One is a full 8.5×11 inch page, so you can print and share without needing to cut. The other is a smaller half-page, saving paper with just one simple cut to split it in half.

Understanding How To Play Human Bingo

If you’re new to human Bingo, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow rules to make you a bingo pro in no time.

Come Up with Fun Questions

To fill a regular 5 x 5 bingo board, think of 24 interesting questions (remember, the centre square is already filled). Make the questions fit your group, whether it’s a family reunion or the first day of 3rd grade. We’ve included some sample questions and ideas below to help you out.

Create Bingo Cards

Making cards is easy – just print a 5 x 5 setup on regular letter-sized paper. You can find printable templates below for your convenience. We suggest making one card and printing the same version for everyone. This way, you can compare what you have in common and what’s different. If you want to get fancy and give each person a slightly different card (like classic Bingo), create 2-3 times the number of questions and change where the questions are placed.

Share the cards and writing tools. 

Give each person a card and something to write with, like a pencil, pen, or crayon.

Explain how to play. 

Before you start:

  1. Tell everyone how to play.
  2. Look at the rules below to decide how you want to play.
  3. Check our tips on how to explain it to your friends.

Start playing: Talk to others and sign your squares. 

When the game begins, find a friend and ask them questions. If they say “yes,” they write their name on that square. If it’s “no,” ask another question. Don’t forget to answer their questions, too.

Switch to different friends to fill in more squares. 

Remember, each person in your group can only help with one square, so be sure to talk to different people to win at Bingo.

Get a bingo 

If you want to win a “line bingo,” fill in all the squares in a line, either up and down, side to side, or diagonally. For “blackout bingo,” fill in every square on your card. When you get a bingo, say “BINGO” out loud.

Give out prizes 

When someone says BINGO, check their card to make sure it’s right. Look at the questions that make the Bingo and ask the people who signed those squares if the answers are correct. For example, you could ask, “Steve, do you have a cat? Sarah, were you born in October?” Once you’re sure, the winner can get their prize. If you have more than one prize, keep playing until they’re all given out.

Think About It 

After giving out prizes, you can decide to finish the game or take a moment to think about it. This is a chance to learn more about the people in the group, finding similarities and differences.

For example, if you asked about birth months in a classroom, you might say: “Who found someone with the same birth month? Can you say which month? Who else has that birth month? If you were born in January, raise your hand, and do the same for February,” and continue like this. It can be a fun way to learn more about each other.

Tips for Human Bingo

Theme Inclusively: Tailor your bingo matches to include various interests, including potential romantic connections. Use prompts like “arrived with a friend,” “attended alone,” or “looking for love” to add a touch of romance.

Adjust Complexity: Customize the complexity of your human bingo game based on your audience. Consider the group’s dynamics and your goal for turning it into a fun and engaging activity.

Larger Groups, Better Results: Human bingo is most effective in larger gatherings. The more people involved, the greater the chances of exciting connections forming.

Encourage Movement: After a few minutes of initial interactions, prompt participants to keep circulating. This ensures everyone can meet and connect with different individuals, enhancing the overall experience.

Some Bingo Question Ideas

For Workspace

  1. Skilled in reading tarot cards
  2. Proficient in American Sign Language (ASL)
  3. Featured in a movie
  4. Crossed paths with a celebrity
  5. Achieved online virality
  6. Owner of a high-end gaming computer
  7. Competent at surfing
  8. Upholds an unconventional family tradition
  9. Enjoys true crime podcasts
  10. Holds a fondness for pineapple on pizza

Compelling Human Bingo Questions

  1. Share your birth month
  2. Drives a car from the same brand as yours
  3. Never experienced flying on an aeroplane
  4. Never mastered the skill of riding a bike
  5. Has a unique collection
  6. Embarks on elaborate holiday decorating
  7. Recently handcrafted a gift
  8. Has been honoured with an award
  9. Has showcased their talents in public
  10. Bears a specific phobia

Engaging Office Bingo Prompts

  1. Prefers remote work
  2. Favours the in-office working environment
  3. Keeps a secret stash of snacks
  4. Consumes three or more cups of coffee daily
  5. Holds a working tenure of three or more years
  6. Brings experience from a different industry
  7. Curates a personalized work playlist
  8. Has a preferred pen for work
  9. Maintains a desk that tends to be on the messy side
  10. Maintains an impeccably organized email inbox with zero unread messages

For Building Connections

  1. Grew up as the sole child
  2. A twin or part of a triplet
  3. Originates from a sizable family
  4. Has ties to a military family
  5. Holds the role of a parent
  6. A proud grandparent
  7. Resided in a different country
  8. Crafted their own outfit by hand
  9. Actively participates in a sports league
  10. Exhibits musical prowess by playing an instrument

Video Guide For Human Bingo


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Q: Why is human bingo fun?

A: Human Bingo provides a lively and interactive networking experience. Unlike traditional Bingo, participants pose a variety of questions, creating opportunities to explore new and interesting facets of their colleagues.

Q: What is another name for human Bingo?

A: Icebreaker Bingo, also recognized as “People Bingo,” “Human Bingo,” “Get to Know You Bingo,” “Networking Bingo,” or “Mingle Bingo,” is a captivating game designed to facilitate interaction among participants. It encourages individuals to mingle and discover interesting facts about each other in an engaging manner.

Q: Is there a skill aspect to Bingo? 

A: While the game is primarily luck-based, developing skills such as attention to detail, pattern recognition, and a thorough understanding of the game rules can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

Q: What is the Indian name for Bingo?

A: Tambola is also recognized as Indian Housie or Bingo. The terms Housie and Bingo are interchangeable, with Bingo being more prevalent in the US, Canada, and Europe, while Housie is the preferred terminology in Australia and New Zealand.