5 Best Horizon Forbidden West Weapons


In Horizon Forbidden West, players will encounter a variety of powerful weapons, armor, and equipment necessary for tackling challenging enemies and post-game content. Players must engage in various optional activities, such as completing Hunting Grounds, Relic Ruins, and Black Box locations to acquire these items.

After completing the main story, players can access the most powerful weapons in the game. Here are the top five best weapons currently obtainable for the protagonist Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Weapons- Top 5

5. Skykiller (Spike Thrower)

Skykiller is one of the best weapons  Horizon Forbidden West.

The Skykiller is considered one of the best legendary weapons in the Forbidden West and the top Spike Thrower in the entire game.

This five-coil ranged weapon can pierce flesh and metal and has a low cooldown time with added aerial damage. It is also reinforced by the Powershots Valor Surge and Splitting Spike technique, making it a highly powerful weapon.

To obtain the Skykiller, players must journey to Legacy’s Landfall and speak to the woman on the boat. That will initiate a new set of quests. Upon completion of “The Way Home,” the Legendary Spike Thrower will be rewarded. The effort required to obtain this weapon is well worth it.

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4. Blast Forge (Boltblaster)

Blast forge weapon in  Horizon Forbidden West.

The Blast Forge, also known as the Boltblaster, is an essential weapon for taking down the large machines found throughout the Forbidden West. It is considered the best weapons of its kind and pairs well with the Skykiller in boss battles.

To acquire the Boltblaster, players must earn 80 medals at the Maw of the Arena. To reach this location, players must travel south of Scalding Spear and encounter a merchant who will exchange the Blast Forge for the earned medals.

3. Forgefall (Sharpshot Bow)

Forgefall is one of the best weapons  in Horizon Forbidden West.

For players who prefer ranged combat over the close-quarters melee, the Forgefall Legendary Sharpshot Bow is a must-have. It provides a powerful option for long-range combat and allows players to engage enemies from a safe distance.

Acquiring the Forgefall bow comes at a cost and also grants bragging rights. 54 medals are required to obtain the Forgefall bow, which can be purchased from a merchant at the Maw of the Arena.

While it may be relatively expensive compared to other items, it is a valuable investment for players who frequently engage in battles from vantage points.

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2. Death Seeker’s Shadow (Hunter Bow)

Death Seeker's shadow weapon in Horizon Forbidden West.

After completing quests at the Maw of the Arena, players may have extra medals to spend. One of the best Hunter Bows in the game can be purchased from the same merchant for 80 medals. The investment and effort required to obtain the weapon are well worth it.

The Death Seeker’s Shadow is a powerful best weapon that not only deals significant damage but also allows players to command overridden machines to attack their desired targets.

This best weapon not only packs a punch but also functions like a bow that can control an army. Obtaining it by spending 80 medals at the Maw of the Arena is well worth it.

1. Ancestor’s Return (Shredder Gauntlet)

Ancestor's Return weapon in Forbidden West.

The Ancestor’s Return, a variant of the Shredder Gauntlet, is considered the closest to a perfect endgame weapon. This boomerang-like ranged weapon deals massive amounts of Acid and Shock damage to various enemies.

It has five additional coil slots for customization and upgrades, making it the most powerful Legendary best weapon in Horizon Forbidden West.

Players must collect nine Ornaments throughout the map to obtain the Ancestor’s Return. The first Ornament can be obtained through the side quest “Night of Lights” initiated by speaking to Stemmur in Dunehollow.

Once all Ornaments have been collected, Stemmur will reward players with the Legendary Shredder Gauntlet and additional bonuses for the inventory.

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Conclusion on Best Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West offers a wide variety of powerful and unique weapons for players to acquire and upgrade. Each weapon offers its own set of advantages and specialties, from the Skykiller and the Blast Forge to the Forgefall and the Death Seeker’s Shadow. The Ancestor’s Return, a variant of the Shredder Gauntlet, is considered the most powerful legendary weapon in the game. 

These weapons may require completing challenges, earning medals, and collecting ornaments scattered throughout the map. Still, the effort is well worth it for the added power and versatility they provide in combat.

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