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Imagine a game that’s got a crazy 10 million players hooked every single day – yep, that’s PUBG Mobile. This game keeps changing and updating, and people just can’t stop playing it on their phones. And guess what makes the game super cool? The PUBG Mobile Map, they give you a sneak peek into the game world.

PUBG Mobile has four maps, each with its own unique look – landscapes, buildings, and all that jazz. This mix keeps the game interesting and exciting. So, in this article, we’re going to do something fun: we’re going to rank these maps based on how much players love them. Get ready to dive into the awesome world of PUBG Mobile maps.


Pubg mobile maps

No doubt about it, when it comes to PUBG Mobile Map, Erangel is like the ultimate winner among maps. Players just love it, and it’s the first choice for many. Erangel is this huge island that’s like 8 times 8 km big. It’s got a mix of smaller and kinda medium-sized areas, and there’s lots of open farmland and green stuff everywhere.

What’s cool is that it has a bit of everything – bridges, water spots, cliffs, and open spaces – so you get all sorts of different places to play around in. And you know what? Even if PUBG Mobile fans can’t remember their own street names, they’ll never forget the roads that take them to spots like Pochinki or Georgopol.


Pubg mobile maps

Now, let’s check out another super cool map: Sanhok. This PUBG Mobile Map kicks it up a notch with better weapons and more ammo for you to grab. Even though it’s just half the size of Erangel, measuring 4×4 km, don’t underestimate its popularity.

You’ll find wide grassy areas with tall plants, spots with water, and little clusters of huts all around. The map’s design is pretty clever – there’s tons of green stuff covering everything, and it’s always raining, which makes it tricky to spot enemies and adds to the excitement. Since it’s smaller, get ready for fast and crazy battles on Sanhok.


Pubg mobile maps

Miramar goes all out with a desert vibe, giving it a cool twist. It’s as big as Erangel, covering an area of 8×8 km. But here’s the cool part: unlike Erangel and Sanhok, you won’t find any grass here.

This actually makes it way easier to spot enemies, which is like a dream come true for sniper lovers. Because of its challenging terrain, Miramar rewards smart moves instead of just going in guns blazing.


Pubg mobile maps

And wrapping things up, we’ve got Vikendi – the new kid on the block when it comes to maps. This one goes all in with a snowy forest vibe, throwing in houses, water spots, and some higher areas.

Size-wise, it’s like 6×6 km, kind of in the middle of Erangel and Sanhok. But here’s the twist: out of all the maps, Vikendi doesn’t get played as much.


Pubg mobile maps

Karakin, the second desert-themed PUBG Mobile Map after Miramar. It’s kind of like Livik in terms of size. PUBG Mobile decided to drop Karakin into the game as the fifth map for battle royale mode.

It’s designed to be a fast and intense gaming session – around 15-18 minutes and you’ll be playing with 64 other players. The map’s got its cool vibes from desert cities in Arabia and Africa, making it feel different.

Now, the Black Zone is a big deal here instead of the Red Zone – it really messes up buildings, except for these special bunkers that can take it. And check this out, Karakin comes with something fresh: sticky bombs.

They’re only for this map and they’re perfect for blowing up tunnels or weak walls in buildings. You’ll also spot bunkers with flags – those are your ticket to secret underground tunnel networks. Sneaky smuggler tunnels are also part of the mix, giving you a hidden way to move through mountains.

Oh, and here’s a gaming trick: bullets on Karakin can sometimes go through certain surfaces like walls, so you can eavesdrop on enemies or catch a quick peek.


Pubg mobile maps

Livik brings a mix of landscapes – forests and snowy mountains – that amp up the game’s immersion. It’s a smaller map, so action is quick and fierce. You can even climb cliffs and volcanic peaks to strategize your moves.

While exploring Livik, you’ll find stunning waterfalls that work as sneaky hideouts. Get ready for close battles in tight spaces, where hiding and attacking are key. So gear up, prepare for fights, and dive into Livik’s dynamic world.


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Question: Which map is mostly played in PUBG?

Answer: Most of the PUBG Mobile players prefer playing on Erangel, as it offers opportunities for close, mid, and long-range engagements.

Question: What is the hardest PUBG map?

Answer: Miramar is considered one of the more challenging maps to win on, mainly because of fewer buildings and cover options compared to other maps. It’s a terrain for seasoned PUBG Mobile players to dominate.

Question: What is the largest map in PUBG Mobile?

Answer: The two largest maps in PUBG Mobile are Miramar and Erangel, both covering an area of 8×8 km.

Question: How many PUBG levels are there?

Answer: There are a total of seven distinct PUBG ranks for players to progress through. Each rank consists of five divisions. The order of PUBG ranks is: Bronze (under 1500 points), Silver (1500-1999 points), and so on.

Question: Which map has the most bots in PUBG Mobile?

Answer: The corner of Pochinki in the Erangel map, known as the ‘bot house,’ is where players often encounter a higher number of PUBG Mobile bots. In this area, you can find around 3 to 4 bots, but be cautious as Pochinki is also a popular drop spot for skilled players.

Question: Which is the best map to push rank in PUBG?

Answer: Among the six maps available in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) for rank pushing – Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik, and Karakin – Miramar is considered the best map for achieving higher ranks due to its gameplay dynamics.


In the vast realm of PUBG Mobile, where 10 million players engage daily, maps hold players captive. This article delves into ranking these maps based on popularity.

Erangel, the massive 8×8 km island, is a universal favorite with its diverse terrain. Sanhok, at 4×4 km, offers faster gameplay with lush greenery and rain. Miramar’s 8×8 km desert terrain suits sniper enthusiasts.

Vikendi, at 6×6 km, is a snowy forest with fewer engagements. Karakin, compact like Livik, introduces new dynamics with bunkers and sticky bombs. Lastly, Livik’s mix of landscapes fuels quick, fierce battles.