Pubg Mobile Hack: 3 Tips for Cracking the Top 10


Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about PUBG Mobile hack. These cheats let players bend the rules and get an unfair advantage.

But there’s a catch – PUBG Mobile is cracking down on this, and they’re suspending many accounts every week. Now, here’s the big question: Is using these cheats in the game okay?

In this blog, we’re going to dig into this and talk about whether using cheats in PUBG Mobile is right or wrong.

Reasons to play hacking in PUBG

Getting Cool

Stuff for Free You can easily unlock awesome free loot every week without hassle.

Coins Without the Cost

Imagine grabbing loads of in-game coins worth a ton, and you can do it regularly without spending a cent.

Getting free loot is a big deal in the game, and it’s one reason why some players turn to hacking in PUBG Mobile.

But here’s a twist: Can you still get all those cool freebies and use hacks in the game? Surprisingly, yes. You can score free loot every week, but here’s the catch.

You must use Pubg Mobile Hack tricks to get an edge. So, how do you play PUBG Mobile with hacks? Well, when players decide to cheat in PUBG, they need to find specific spots in the game, often called “hacking locations.”

These spots have names like ‘Killing Ground,’ ‘Harvesting Plant,’ and ‘Trampoline,’ they’re usually somewhere between where you start and where you need to pick up items.

What is hacking and how to use Pubg Mobile Hack

Ever heard of hacking in PUBG Mobile? It’s when some players try to sneak into other players’ phones.

Imagine this a bunch of folks who love playing PUBG on their Android phones gather in a secret spot. They use special tools to try and Pubg Mobile Hack into these phones, searching for secrets.

Cracking the PUBG Mobile Code: Think of Pubg Mobile Hack as a way to level up your game. Picture yourself hanging out with other PUBG fans; everyone puts their phones together.

They use cool tricks to find hidden keys that give them an advantage in the game. Now, if you’re aiming for the top 10 ranks in PUBG Mobile, here are three awesome tips to help you get there.

Use the Pubg Hunter app.

You might know about the “hunter” mode in PUBG. It’s a game where players hunt for opponents’ phones. Download the free Hunter app from the Google Play Store to get into this mode.

Tips for cracking the top 10: Pubg Mobile Hack

Tip #1: Play Like You Always Do

There’s no need to go crazy to hit the top 10 ranks. Your usual way of playing is good enough to keep your rank. Don’t flood the in-game chat – that could mess with your rank.

Tip #2: Spare Others

No one likes wiping out opponents. You can choose not to do it, especially if you want a high rank in a specific game mode.

Tip #3: Stick Around

If you want a good rank, it’s smart not to quit early – that can drop your rank. Surrendering can slow down your progress.

However, quitting might be an option if your goal is to level up a rank. But just remember, if a solid rank is what you’re after, it’s better not to quit early ’cause it can mess up your standing.


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Q: Are there cheats for PUBG Mobile?

A: Yes, cheats for PUBG Mobile are primarily accessed through modified APKs on Android devices. These altered APKs give cheaters advantages like auto aim, no recoil, and even the ability to see through walls and grass.

Q: How can I add aimbot to PUBG?

A: To install an Aimbot in PUBG, follow these steps:

  1. Install the mod apk files like any regular installer.
  2. Open the app and customize the aimbot and esp tool settings according to your preferences.
  3. Launch the standard PUBG mobile game app and your customizations will be applied to the game.

Q: Can I get banned for playing with a hacker in PUBG Mobile?

A: If you suspect or find out that your teammate is using cheats, it’s best to leave the match or return to the Lobby quickly. Playing matches with cheaters increases the risk of getting banned.

Q: How does PUBG identify cheating?

A: PUBG determines cheating by evaluating a player’s past behaviour and actions. They consider factors such as report history, in-game conduct, and other relevant information before deciding to ban accounts.

Q: Does PUBG include fake players? How can I spot a bot in PUBG?

A: Yes, PUBG has AI-controlled bot players. You can identify them by their names, which often seem “made up” or contain an underscore. Keep in mind that PUBG frequently adjusts bot interactions, so this could change over time.


In conclusion, the use of cheats in the PUBG Mobile landscape has ignited debates over ethics and fair play.

The allure of gaining the upper hand through shortcuts clashes with the game’s proactive measures of suspending accounts weekly.

The ethical dilemma persists: Should players resort to cheats? The enticement of free loot drives interest in hacking, albeit at the cost of embracing risky tactics.

The innovative concept of “hunter” mode, facilitated by an app, adds an extra layer of intrigue. Navigating the path to higher ranks entails strategic gameplay, opting for sportsmanship over eliminations, and staying committed.

Ultimately, players must strike a balance between seeking an edge and upholding the principles of fair competition, shaping the course of their gaming journey.