What are slot machines called in Australia?


We all know how popular these slot machines are in Australia, and people nowadays are very fond of casino gambling. These slot machines are known by many names; for example, in Britain, it is called a fruit machine. In Japan, it is referred to as pachinko.


Similarly, many other names like coin machines, gaming machines, etc. But out of these most trending name is given by Australians to the slot machines. In Australia, slot machines are called pokies. Pokies sound very cool to pronounce, and Australians love shortened words.

Addiction of Pokies

Pokies are very popular among youngsters. The new generation loves to experiment with these games, which has created an addiction among young people, which sometimes causes many problems.

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When it comes to money, who wouldn’t like to earn it in an easier way just because of this craving to play for money, some youngsters have been trapped in a gambling world. To avoid such addictions, start playing for fun and entertainment rather than putting a lot of money on these slots.

If you want to earn sufficiently, just play by putting a little amount of money on bets. Never greed for more. Little loss can never be painful compared to great losses; hence winning less or losing less is on your luck.

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Australians Love Pokies.

In Australia, there are 196,900 poker machines which is more than anywhere in the world. Macau and Monaco are excluded as they are casino-tourism-based destinations. People of Australia love to play slots, which is why they lose more on gambling than any other country in the world.

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Australian flag with slot machines fruit game

Mostly these pokies are concentrated in Australia’s poorest suburbs. Due to its high availability in some areas, people are more likely to fall for its addiction; specifically, people who live near the poker machines venues tend to experience gambling problems.

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People who play weekly are more likely at risk of becoming problem gamblers. Thus Australia has an immense love for pokies, and it’s growing with time as youth is more attracted to casinos, and they never pull their hands back from trying their luck on these pokies.

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