What Slot Machines are Called in Australia?


The slot machines in Australia are referred to as pokies, a short word for poker machine that derives from video poker machine games.

There is no such documented date of when it was first used, and it probably became the standard term for video slots in Australia. In the advertisement of casinos and pubs, the word pokies were often used for games.

In previous times, all the video poker machines and slots were called to be poker machines. And from this word, pok came out, and Australian started to call pokies the slot machines.


History of Slot Machines in Australia

Charles Fay developed the first slot machine in the United States of America. During that time, it was not a complex game. It has very simple rules which the players can easily understand. It was called Liberty Bell and was a sudden hit.

Australian flag with slot machines fruit game

If talking about Australia, it has its first slot machine received on the shores during the early 1900s. But unfortunately, it was not considered legal due to its popularity among gamblers.

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In 1953 the Australian company named aristocrat realized that the business of slot machines would give a nice output in the future and hence decided to develop its own. Their first designed game was known as clubman, made by Joe Heywood. Later the clubmaster took the place of clubman in 1955.

The legalization of Slot Machines in Australia

A year after the clubmaster was invented, the government of NSW decided to legalize the use of gaming machines in the registered clubs. This one decision has altered the image of gambling in Australia as well as all over the world forever.

After the approval of pokies, it became a hit among the players even though the games were quite basic. With the passing of time and the invention of new technologies, different things added to these pokies, making them more interesting and attractive to the people.

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Earlier, the Pokies were only confined to problem gamblers, but now the time has changed, and the pokies have gained popularity among the rich and sophisticated crowd. Now, people won’t feel any shame or Less to playing gambling games; in fact, the high profile and rich people love to entertain themselves by putting lots of money on these poker machines.