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NIKE VOICE OF THE ATHLETE – Have you ever wanted to try out Nike stuff before it’s available to everyone? Maybe you like collecting Nike shoes or have a lot of their workout clothes.

If this sounds like you, you might be perfect for Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ testing program.

Let’s talk about how you can get free Nike things as part of this testing program. You can sign up right on Nike’s website for the ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program, or sometimes they might invite you through one of their friends.

What exactly is Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program?

The ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program gives you a special chance to help make new Nike products.

Nike works with sports stars and famous people but also wants regular folks to help. It means you can try things before they’re sold to everyone and tell Nike what you think. If they like your application, you can pick from different things to try, even ones that aren’t finished yet. You might even get to test things that aren’t going to be in stores.

If you like Nike and often use their stuff for sports or everyday wear, the ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program could be perfect for you.

If you’re picked, you’ll get a few weeks to try the things and then answer questions in a survey. They’ll ask if the stuff is easy to use, how you like, and if it’s comfy.

The things you say will help Nike make better stuff and decide what to make next. When you’re done trying the stuff, you’ll have to give it back to Nike. If you do this, you might get to try more new Nike things later on.

How Can You Sign Up to Be a Nike Product Tester?

Even though the current round of trying out Nike products through the ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program is not open, you can still see the steps for signing up on their website. This could mean they might start accepting new people to try their stuff in the future.

Nike has three levels for their ‘Voice of the Athlete’ plan:

  1. Adult testing (18+ years old)
  2. Minor testing (13-17 years old)
  3. Child testing (12 years or under)

Remember, all three of these options might not be open at the same time. It depends on things like sizes of products and what Nike is making.

They try to get back to people who want to try their products in a short time. If your child is 12 or under, you’ll need to help them make and look after their testing account.

Nike looks at how their testers are doing once a year. It helps them keep their list of testers updated and allows new people to join in. From what people have said, if you follow their rules and tell them lots of details about what you think, you might get to be someone who tests Nike Voice of the Athlete products for a long time.

How to Apply to Test Nike Products

If you want to try being part of the ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program, they’ll ask you for some basic information. Nike Voice of the Athlete puts people into three groups based on how old they are.

Most of the time, they do their testing in the United States, but you can ask if you’re from a different country.

The ‘Voice of the Athlete’ thing is also open for people to test in Canada, China, Mexico, Italy, and Japan. They might let people in more places do it later.

How to apply as Nike product-tester

When you sign up, Nike Voice of the Athlete will need to know your measurements to send you stuff that fits.

Since many people use Nike, like pros and regular people who exercise, they’ll want to know about your workouts and what you do. It’s important to be honest because they might want you to try their stuff while you’re doing these things.

How to Get Free Nike Test Products: A Step-by-Step Guide

If Nike says yes to your application, they’ll ask you to join their testing group. They’ll send you a package with things to test and instructions in a few weeks.

You can tell Nike what you think about the stuff on their website. After you’re done testing, you’ll need to send the things back as they tell you. If you do this, they might ask you to test more Nike stuff later.

How Nike testing process works

People who did this before said they get emails to choose what they want to test.

Usually, they’ll send you the things to test about three weeks after they say they’re sending them.

How Long Can You Test Nike Products?

Nike doesn’t say exactly how much time you can be in their ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program. People who have been in it before can give you an idea.

For instance, one person on Reddit mentioned, “In my sneaker group, around 10 people have been testing for as long as 6 years.”

If you want to keep trying Nike stuff for a while, remember to do what they say. Send back the things they give you on time and say helpful things about them. Nike Voice of the Athlete looks at its testers every year. This helps them remove people who aren’t using the program anymore or didn’t follow the rules by not sending things back or giving feedback.

What Nike Stuff Can You Try for Free?

They don’t exactly say what things you might get to test from Nike’s program. People who tried before and talked about it on Reddit said they got things that could be worth around $275 if they were sold in stores.

There’s not a lot of information online about the things you might test because Nike asks people not to talk about it on social media.

According to what some folks said on Reddit, there were those who got a few things from Nike’s ‘Jordan’ collection when they were part of the testing program.

Can I Be Paid to Test Nike Products?

It’s good to understand that you won’t be given money if you join Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program.

But here’s something interesting: Nike has some jobs that pay people to test their products. Right now, they have openings for people to do this for things like global football and global sports clothing.

Nike also has a special program just for their own workers to try out products. If you have any questions about trying out Nike stuff, you can talk to them directly by emailing


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Nike Voice of the Athlete FAQs

Q: What’s the process for becoming a Nike clothing tester?

A: To become a tester, go to Nike’s Voice of The Athlete website and apply by clicking the relevant button at the webpage’s bottom. You can choose from three options: apply for adult testing (18+), apply as a minor (13-17), or apply as a parent for your child.

Q: Who can join Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program?

A: If you’re a big fan of Nike and use their products for sports or everyday wear, this program could be perfect for you.

Q: Do testers get paid for participating in Nike Voice of the Athlete?

A: It’s important to know that participating in Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program doesn’t come with any payment.

Q: How much do Nike testers earn?

A: According to our estimates, a Product Tester at NIKE may earn around $55,880 annually. This number represents the median, the middle point of the salary range based on our Total Pay Estimate algorithm and user data. The expected annual base salary is about $46,891.

Q: How does Nike testing work?

A: Nike explains they send sneakers and other items to approved testers. Testers try them out, provide feedback to Nike online, return the products, and then repeat the process.

Nike Voice of the Athlete