Philadelphia Phillies Dollar Dog Night 2023


The Philadelphia Phillies Dollar Dog Night was conducted at City Bank Park on May 9, 2023. People could get hot dogs for just one dollar during this special event. The tickets for this night cost between $16 and $43.

Dollar Dog Night is a tradition supported by Hatfield Phillies Franks. It happens every year for the first three home games of the MLB season at City Bank Park. This always falls on a Tuesday evening.

At the Phillies stadium, they organize different fun events during their night games. If fans want to join these events, they need to buy special tickets for that particular event.

These special events are planned to match certain days or celebrations. This year, they combined the Class Of 23 Celebration with Dollar Dog Night on April 25, 2023.

Other baseball teams also have their own special events like Astros Star Wars Night, Red Sox Theme Nights, and Pride Nights.

These events often have special deals, extras, gifts, or discounts for the fans who come to the game. This makes the game more exciting for fans and helps the stadium sell more tickets. Fans also get cool things like limited-edition stuff related to the game.

When will the Phillies have their Dollar Dog Night in 2023?

The Phillies recently finished their 2023 Dollar Dog Night after the May 9 game with the help of Hatfield Phillies Franks.

This special event happens on the first few Tuesdays at the beginning of each season, usually for about three to four weeks. Hatfield Phillies Franks takes care of all the hot dog sales at stands throughout City Bank Park on this special day each season.

Many people wait in line to get hotdogs for just $1 and enjoy the tasty hotdogs from Hatfield Phillies Franks.

Dollar Dog Night at the Phillies Stadium is a unique time when excited fans come to support their favourite team and have yummy hot dogs at a good price.

“Exciting Offerings at Phillies’ Dollar Dog Night and Giveaways in 2023”

Get ready for a fun time at the Phillies’ Dollar Dog Night in 2023. During this special event, you can enjoy yummy Hatfield Phillie Frank hotdogs for just $1. This great deal happened twice in April and once in May.

But that’s not all – the Phillies also have other cool stuff to give away. You might get special T-shirts with pictures of players, cute bobblehead figures, cool hats, books for kids, and more exciting things. It’s not only about the hotdogs – there’s a bunch of awesome stuff for fans to enjoy.

Get ready for the Phillies Bark in the Park 2023

This cool event lets you bring your dogs to have fun at Citizens Bank Park. If your dog is friendly and nice, you can bring them, but only 350 dogs can come.

Remember May 23, 2023, because that’s when the Bark in the Park happened at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies played against another team at 6:40 p.m. If you took your dog, you got a special Bark At The Park bandana to keep.

Besides having fun, there were extra good things for people. Money from ticket sales went to help PAWS, a group that cares about animals. You could buy special things for your pets and help a good cause.

If you were thinking about getting a new pet, you had a chance. There were dogs you could adopt in sections 210 and 211. These dogs were looking for a home, and you could spend time with them.

Before you came to the event with your dog, it was important to know some things to make sure everything went smoothly.

Taking Care of Things: People who bring their dogs need to sign a paper saying they’re responsible if their dogs cause problems or hurt someone in the Park.

How Old and How to Act: Dogs should be at least six months old and be friendly and well-mannered to attend the event.

Leash and Ticket Rules: Dog owners must keep their dogs close, not let them go more than 6 feet away, and not use long leashes. Each person can bring only one dog.

Going In and Out: If you bring a dog, you must use a certain door to enter the Park and find where to sit. You also need to leave through that same door.

Where Dogs Can Go Potty: Dogs have special spots to go potty, and owners should take them there when needed.

Being Healthy and Getting Shots: Dogs that come to the event should have papers showing they got their shots. Owners shouldn’t bring sick dogs or dogs that can’t be in the sun.

Checking How Dogs Act: Owners should make sure their dogs behave before coming in. People at the door will watch and decide if the dogs can come in.

Drinking Water: The Park will have bowls of water for all the dogs that come to the event.

Exciting Phillies Theme Nights Coming in 2023

Get ready for some really fun nights at the Phillies games this year. They have special nights planned, like Pride Night and Star Wars Night. One special night you should know about is ALS Awareness Night on June 5, 2023, starting at 6:40 p.m.

The Phillies team plans these special nights before the games start. Each night has a different theme, and they’re not just for fun – they also help raise money for good causes.

Part of the money from the tickets sold for these games goes to help different groups that match the theme.

Here are some cool Phillies Theme Nights that are happening in the next few months:

ALS Awareness Night

This night is about supporting people with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a serious condition. The Phillies will give $4 for every ticket sold to help people with ALS. Tickets cost between $16 and $43.

Dead & Company Night

If you like the band Dead & Company, you’ll enjoy this night on June 7, 2023. The band will play at Citizens Bank Park, and you can watch their show and the Phillies game. Tickets cost between $22 and $49. The first 1,000 people with tickets also get a special Phillies T-shirt.

Pride Night

On June 23, 2023, it’s Pride Night at Phillies Stadium. This night is all about celebrating LGBTQ+ culture. The Phillies will play against the Mets at 7:05 p.m. Tickets cost between $23 and $58. The first 2,000 people who buy tickets from the special page will get a cool Phillies Pride Night Bucket hat.

I Heart Phillies Night

On July 19, 2023, it’s I Heart Phillies Night. They’re joining with a group that cares about heart health. The Phillies will play against the Milwaukee Brewers starting at 6:40 p.m.

Tickets cost between $20 and $43. Some special seats have a $4 discount. The first thousand people who get tickets will also get a special I Heart Phillies Hat.

Star Wars Night

On August 22, 2023, get ready for Star Wars Night. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you can dress up like your favourite characters. The Phillies will play against the San Francisco Giants at Citizens Bank Park. Tickets cost between $22 and $49.

The first 4,000 people who get tickets will get a voucher for a special Phillie Star Wars Schwarbie Wan Kenobi Bobblehead.

Peanuts Night

September 8, 2023, is Peanuts Night. This night celebrates the funny comic strip with Charlie Brown and Snoopy. The Phillies will play against the Miami Marlins at 7:05 p.m.

Tickets cost between $22 and $49. The first 2500 people who get tickets will also get a special Phillie PEANUTS Peppermint Patty Bobblehead.

Make sure to come to these fun Phillies Theme Nights for a mix of sports, fun, and a chance to help good causes.


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The Philadelphia Phillies have an exciting lineup of theme nights and special events for 2023. These events offer fans unique experiences and a chance to support various causes. From Dollar Dog Night to Bark in the Park, there’s something for everyone.

Other baseball teams also host special nights with unique offers and gifts for fans. These events create a vibrant atmosphere and contribute to increased ticket sales.

While Dollar Dog Night recently concluded, fans can look forward to its return in future seasons. Phillies Theme Nights combine sports, entertainment, and community engagement, promising unforgettable moments.


Q: What MLB teams have Dollar Dog Night?

A: Dollar Dog Night is offered by the following MLB teams:

  • Two teams from the NL West: the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies.
  • Six American League clubs: the Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, and Seattle Mariners.

Q: How many hot dogs were sold at Dollar Dog Night for the Phillies?

A: Fans purchased approximately 58,000 hot dogs at Citizens Bank Park during Dollar Dog Night.

Q: What is Phillies Coca-Cola Photo Night 2023?

A: Phillies Coca-Cola Photo Night 2023 is an event organized by the Philadelphia Phillies. The first photo night after the 2019 season is scheduled for August 5. During this event, fans can meet and take photos with players. Phillies Photo Night is highly anticipated and is significant in Philadelphia’s promotional calendar for the 2023 season.

Q: Why do Phillies fans say “Ring the Bell”?

A: Phillies fans use “Ring the Bell” as a victory motto. It is a reference to the giant Liberty Bell located at Citizens Bank Park. This bell lights up and swings back and forth after every home run and win by the Phillies, symbolizing their success and celebrating their achievements.