Smoke – Free Casino in Las Vegas


Smoke free casino in las vegas – Las Vegas is fun, but smoky casinos can ruin the trip for some folks. Unlike other places, Nevada lets casinos decide if smoking is allowed. But don’t worry, fresh air fans; this guide helps you find casinos with less smoke or places with no smoke.

Initially, let’s examine the current situation. There are not numerous entirely smoke-free establishments in Las Vegas. However, we will discover the top ones. Additionally, we will explore casinos with designated sections for individuals who do not smoke and those who are typically less polluted with smoke.

With more smoke-free casinos, Las Vegas might get cleaner, as people want cleaner air. This guide will help you find the perfect place to play games in Vegas without all the smoke.

Important Points

Park MGMLas Vegas StripYesCompletely smoke-free throughout the casino
PlazaDowntownSmall areaSmall, separate area with 80 slot machines is smoke-free
Aria, Circa, FontainebleauLas Vegas StripNo, but…These casinos allow smoking but have good ventilation to reduce the smoke smell

Smoke-Free Casinos in Vegas

Park MGM

Do you hate smoky casinos that bring down the fun in Las Vegas? Great news! Park MGM (used to be called Monte Carlo) became the first casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip with completely fresh air in 2020. Now you can gamble and breathe easy.

This means no more cigarette smoke anywhere – your room, fancy dinners, and even the whole casino floor are all crystal clear.

Park MGM is the only breath of fresh air in Las Vegas casinos. Let’s hope this is a lucky trend and that more casinos follow suit.


Exciting update! Plaza has undergone a major transformation by enlarging its gaming floor to incorporate a fully smoke-free zone, a pioneering move for Fremont Street. This fresh area spans 2,500 square feet and showcases 80 slot machines.

What’s fantastic is that the smoke-free zone is distinctly divided from the smoking section, eliminating any chance of smoke wafting over.

The newly added smoke-free part of the casino is named after Brian Christopher Slots. For those who might not know, Brian Christopher is a popular YouTuber and slot machine enthusiast who has been vocal about wanting casinos to ban smoking indoors.

Although smoking will still be allowed in other parts of Plaza, it will be restricted outside this designated non-smoking casino area.

Harry Reid International Airport isn’t exactly a traditional casino, but it does have a variety of slot machines spread throughout the airport in a smoke-free environment.

If you prefer gambling without smoke, maybe allocate time before or after flying to test your luck on the slot machines.

It is important to mention that slot machines at the airport are thought to have stricter odds than regular Las Vegas casinos. While playing at the airport may not be as thrilling, you can enjoy smoke-free gaming.

More Las Vegas Strip Casinos Now Offering Non-Smoking Areas

I understand the comparison. Having a non-smoking section in a Las Vegas casino can seem ineffective, like having a designated area for peeing in a swimming pool. Since the air mixes, it might not make much difference.

But if you’re trying to avoid smoking, a non-smoking section is usually your best bet. Several Las Vegas casinos like Mirage, Planet Hollywood, and MGM Grand have started providing these sections on their gaming floors.

However, non-smokers who want to use these areas often struggle to find the games they want to play.

Instead of relying on a non-smoking section, I suggest visiting Park MGM, where smoking isn’t allowed, or simply navigating around smokers in the casino. Non-smoking sections may not be very effective.

In short, these sections may not be the solution.

Options for Casinos with Reduced Smoke in Las Vegas

Consider Improved Airflow

Even though many Las Vegas casinos allow smoking, there are some choices where you’ll encounter less smoke.

One strategy is to check out newer venues like Circa on Fremont Street. Circa has a modern ventilation system that efficiently moves air from vents on the casino floor to outlets in the ceiling.

Among the newer casinos along the Strip that prioritize better airflow and less smoke are Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, Bellagio, and Caesars Palace.

In a recent assessment by Wynd, indoor air quality was found to be highest at Aria, followed by Park MGM and Wynn. These options are your best bet if you’re seeking to avoid smoke. However, the study didn’t disclose which casinos had the poorest air quality.

Steering Clear of Crowded Casinos

Choosing less populated casinos often means encountering less smoke.

Fontainebleau, situated on the northern end of the Strip, is frequently less crowded.

Similarly, Downtown Grand, located near Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, tends to be quieter.

It’s essential to note that unless you visit Park MGM, you may still encounter some smoke while gaming.

Although there’s talk of eventually banning indoor smoking at Las Vegas casinos, for now, it’s wise to remain adaptable and explore alternative options.


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FAQs About Smoke-Free Casinos in Las Vegas

Q1: Are there any smoke-free casinos in Las Vegas?

A1: Park MGM is a completely smoke-free casino in Las Vegas.

Q2: What exactly is the definition of a smoke-free casino?

A: A smoke-free casino bans smoking on its grounds, encompassing betting zones, pubs, diners, and other amenities.

Q3: Why might someone prefer a smoke-free casino experience?

A: People might choose areas without smoke because of health issues, breathing problems, allergies, or personal tastes.

Q4: What luxuries should I anticipate at a non-smoking casino like Park MGM?

A: Despite possible differences, smoke-free gambling establishments usually provide a diverse selection of gambling options, dining experiences, entertainment venues, and lodging similar to those seen in regular casinos.

Q5: What are the future intentions for additional smoke-free casino in Vegas City?

A: The landscape of betting establishments in Las Vegas is continuously evolving, with potential plans for additional smoke-free locations on the horizon. It’s wise to keep updated via news outlets or casino notifications for any changes in this matter.

Q6: Are there designated smoking areas available near smoke-free casinos?

A: Generally, casinos that prohibit smoking indoors offer specific outdoor zones for guests who desire to smoke. These designated areas are commonly situated far from entryways and busy sections to reduce non-smokers’ exposure.