Which Bookies Are Paying 5 Places? Tips to win Money


WHICH BOOKIES ARE PAYING 5 PLACESHorse racing has been a popular sports betting event for ages. There was a period when all bookies strictly adhered to the betting guidelines outlined in the racing rules. The maximum number of places bookmakers used to pay out on in any race was four, which was only in handicap races with 16 or more runners.

In recent times bookies are now offering better odds on specific horse races. Some bookies offer to pay out on 5 places in several handicap races. It is the reason punters now ask which bookies are paying 5 places.

Bookmakers such as Sky Bet, William Hill, Betfair Sportbook, Paddy Power, and Betfred offer enhanced terms. Other bookmakers also offer enhanced place terms. So make sure you check which bookmakers are offering the best place terms before you decide to place a bet.

Continue reading the article to know which bookies are paying 5 places.

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How Can I Find Which Bookies are Paying 5 Places?

If you have a bookmaker account, you can check if they are paying 5 places on a race. To check, you must check the race information on the list of odds and runners. If bookies are offering 5 places, then you can notice the each-way terms as 1-2-3-4-5, but if they are only offering 2,3 or 4 places on a race, they will display as 1-2, 1-2-3, and 1-2-3-4.

It can be difficult to check each race on each betting website if you are operating several bookmaker accounts. But to make it easy for you, there are several odds comparison websites, such as Oddschecker, that check on your behalf of you.

You need to click on a race on any odds comparison site to check the odds and the each-way terms that different bookmakers offer. Typically, the first number is the number of positions, such as 4, 5, etc. Then, often, a portion of either 1/4 or 1/5 follows this number. This fraction is significant since it is used to divide the selection’s odds when settling the each-way part of your bet.

Let’s understand it with an example.

Let’s assume you placed a bet of £10 each way (£20) on a horse at 5/1, 4 places, ¼ odds, and it got 2nd place. Then you must divide 5/1 by 4 to know the ¼ of the odds. Here it would be £2.5. To know the total return, we must multiply £10 by 2.25, i.e., £22.5. Here we are getting a profit of £2.50.

To compare, let’s assume that you had placed a bet of £10 each way (£20) on the horse at 5/1 place, 1/5 odds, and it ended in 2nd place. Then we have to divide 5/1 by 5 to get 1/5 of the odds. Here it would be 2. To know the total return, we must multiply £10 by 2, i.e., £20. Here we are getting £20 back.

Which Bookies are Paying 5 Places?

Below is a list of bookies that are paying 5 places.

Betfair1/5 of the odds
888Sport1/5 of the odds
William Hill1/5 of the odds
Paddy Power1/5 of the odds
Sporting Index1/5 of the odds
Ladbrokes1/5 of the odds
Coral1/5 of the odds
Bet3651/5 of the odds
Betvictor1/5 of the odds
10Bet1/5 of the odds
Boylesports1/5 of the odds

Is it Good to Choose Enhanced Placed Terms?

It is debatable if you should always choose enhanced place terms or not. In the example mentioned above, you would earn a profit of £2.50 by placing a bet on the horse at ¼ odds 4 places instead 1/5 odds 5 places.

Suppose you had placed the bet at ¼ odds 4 places, and your horse finished at 5th position. In this case, you would have lost your £20. On the other hand, if you placed a bet at 1/5 odds 5 places and the horse finished at 5th position, you would still have got your £20 back.

No one can answer if you should take enhanced placed terms or not. But first thing is to know which bookies are paying 5 places and do a little research on the offers.

Team Win-Slots suggest giving yourself a lot of time to research where the horse will finish.
If you think that the horse you are planning the bet on has a good chance of winning, only the other 2 horses might finish in front of it. In this case, you must go with ¼ 4 places. Your horse can get you more profit if it finishes in the first four positions.

If you think your horse might finish 5th, you must go with 1/5 odds 5 places. This strategy secures your bet amount to come back.

You cannot always be right when it comes to enhanced odds. You can only try to be taking the right decision and get yourself secured. This way, you can bet and win for the longer term on horse racing.

Which Bookies are Offering More than 5 Places?

Enhanced place terms are reaching new heights in the present time of online racing. Many bookmakers are now offering even 6 places at some biggest handicaps, such as Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, the Yorkshire Ebor Festival, and the Qatar Goodwood Festival. Some bookies have even offered 8 places on the Grand National.

Sometimes you get confused when you check out the enhanced place terms from different bookmakers. Let’s assume one bookmaker offers a horse at 10/1, ¼ odds 4 places, another offers 9/1, 1/5 odds, 5 places, and another offers 8/1, 1/5 odds 6 places. What would you choose?

Don’t stress; you need to consider which offer is best for you. If you would choose a horse with the best chances to win to earn a real profit or a horse that secures your money with a low amount of winnings? It would be best if you were focused on guessing what place a horse will place.

How to Know Which are the Best Enhanced Place Offers?

If you are stressing, what are the best-enhanced place terms? Several premium services offer professional horse racing tipsters services on the internet; you can subscribe to know.

So this was our finding on which bookies are paying 5 places. We are planning to add professionals to get tips on horse racing betting on the website. Please wait for our upcoming articles.


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Betfair, Betvictor, 10Bet, 888Sport, Boylesports, Sporting Index, Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, Ladbrokes

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Betfair, Betvictor, 10Bet, 888Sport, Boylesports, Sporting Index, Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, Ladbrokes

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