How To Play Cutthroat Pool?


How To Play Cutthroat Pool – Cutthroat Pool is an exhilarating variety of exemplary billiards game that intrigues customary ongoing interaction. In this rendition, three players contend with one another; each relegated a gathering of balls to take.

The goal is to be the last player with no less than one ball staying on the table while additionally planning to take out rivals by sinking their appointed balls. This guide will walk you through the standards and methodologies of how to play Cutthroat pool, offering a dynamic and drawing-in experience for players of all expertise levels.

About Cutthroat Pool

If you’re not a specialist at cutthroat pool, the word ‘cutthroat’ can be somewhat obnoxious when related to billiards. Fortunately, the game’s loads of tomfoolery. There’s nothing at all scary about it. In contrast to the customary 8-ball pool, it’s simply one more option that you can play with your companions to zest things up.

The term ‘cutthroat’ concerning gaming isn’t interesting to pool. It alludes to many games where players must fight for themselves in a gathering of multiple individuals. That is how Cutthroat Pool got its name; however, if you would like to see it as tomfoolery, considering testing, we won’t stop you.

To play a round of cutthroat billiards, you’ll require an odd number of individuals north of three. The overall significance of a cutthroat pool is that you, a singular player, will be relegated to your very own gathering billiard balls. The objective is to pocket the balls of every one of your rivals before they pocket yours.

If this is to you, joining a pool association may be really smart. Be that as it may, to turn out to be great at cutthroat pool, you’ll need to rehearse with loved ones before getting serious. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to play cutthroat pool, offering a dynamic and connecting experience for players of all expertise levels.

How To Play Cutthroat Pool

In a cutthroat pool, the aim is to be the last player with at least one of your assigned balls still on the table. Each player gets a set of balls: solids (1-7), stripes (9-15), or the 8-ball. The game starts with the break, where you need to pocket a ball to keep shooting.

Players alternate, attempting to take their allotted balls while trying not to sink opponents’ balls, which gives them focus. If you pocket a rival’s ball, they can return to the game, assuming they have no balls left and you commit a foul.

Fouls include:

  • Scratching (pocketing the cue ball).
  • Missing all balls.
  • Not hitting the lowest-numbered ball first when shooting at a group.

Fouls mean you lose your turn.

The game finishes when just a single player has balls overlooked. To win in a cutthroat pool, you really want to make brilliant shots and watch out for your rivals’ balls.

How about we look at a few fundamental and nitty-gritty principles that cause you to learn all the better how to play cutthroat pool?

How To Play Cutthroat Pool: Rules

Before you begin playing Cutthroat Pool, knowing the principles is essential so you can partake in the game appropriately.

Here are the fundamental guidelines you really want to comprehend:

  1. Your goal is to pocket the balls that belong to your opponents.
  2. At the point when you effectively pocket a ball, you get to continue to shoot until you commit a foul, scratch, or make an unlawful shot.
  3. Assuming your balls are all taken, you’re out of the game.
  4. The last player with any balls left on the table wins the game.

Detail Rules 

Determining Groups

In Cutthroat Pool, each player starts with a group of balls, and there are different ways to decide who gets which group:

Customary Way: You can guarantee a gathering after you’ve stashed no less than one ball from every one of the other two sets. For instance, in a game with three players, in the event that you pocket the 3-ball and the 12-ball, you can guarantee a gathering similar to the 6-10 gathering.

Well-known Way: Another way is to guarantee a gathering when you pocket a ball. This is often utilized in easygoing games. For example, the main player to stash a ball on the break will pick a gathering, and the following player picks their gathering, etc.

Pre-Alloted Gatherings: A few players like relegating bunches before the game begins. This adds an essential component, as you need to ponder your relegated bunch when you begin playing.


Racking in Cutthroat Pool is similar to a regular rack. You use a standard triangle rack, with the 1-ball at the top and the 6 and 11 balls at the corners. The specific place of different balls doesn’t make any difference, yet ensure one ball sits on the footpot once the rack is set up.

The cue ball ought to be put behind the head string, which is a nonexistent line on the table. You can break provided that the prompt ball is underneath the jewel nearest to the table’s focal point.

All things considered, you ought to really look at the rack to ensure it’s tight, as a decent rack keeps the balls near one another for a superior break.


Breaking the rack is significant while playing pool since it sets up how the game will go. In Cutthroat Pool, doing an “open break” is no joking matter. That implies you want to fan out four balls from the rack and ensure they hit the table’s edges to prevent them from clustering up in the centre.

If you don’t figure out how to do this, the other player can request a second chance. What’s more, picking the right sign stick is also key – there are loads of choices, so pick one that accommodates your ability level and spending plan.

Legal Shot

Presently, regarding carrying on reasonably, you must focus on legitimate shots, fouls, and punishments. In Cutthroat Pool, a legitimate shot implies you need to hit one of your rival’s balls first and afterwards, either the cue ball or another ball needs to hit a cushion.

This prevents players from attempting to wreck their rival’s possibilities. In the event that you miss a legitimate shot yet at the same time figure out how to sink a ball, your rival’s ball returns to where it was, and you lose your turn. These standards ensure everybody follows the rules and the game stays fun and competitive.


In Cutthroat Pool, fouls happen when you break the rules. Here are some ways you can foul:

  1. Knocking the cue ball off the table.
  2. Hitting the cue ball twice.
  3. Pushing the balls instead of hitting them.
  4. Use the end of the cue stick or your hands to move the balls.
  5. Trying a fancy jump shot that’s not allowed.

If you foul during your turn, you lose your turn and the ball returns to where it was. On the off chance that you coincidentally pocket your own ball, it stays in the pocket; however, you lose your turn.


A scratch is when you accidentally pocket the cue ball. In Cutthroat Pool, if you scratch, the other players can each take one of their balls out of the pocket and back into play. If no one has balls in their pocket, they just wait for their turn. Then, you place the cue ball below the head string wherever you want and take your turn.

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In conclusion, Cutthroat Pool adds a thrilling turn to conventional billiards, offering a dynamic and connecting experience for players of all expertise levels. With three players contending with one another, each doled out a gathering of balls to stash; the game moves players to be key and capable.

Understanding the principles and techniques of how to play Cutthroat Pool can upgrade your interactivity and make for an agreeable involvement with loved ones. Thus, assemble your signal sticks and plunge into the universe of Cutthroat Pool for an undeniably exhilarating and competitive game.


Q: What are the rules of a cutthroat pool?

A: Cutthroat is an easygoing pool game ideal for three players. In this game, every player is accountable for safeguarding five balls (either 1 through 5, 6 through 10, or 11 through 15). The objective is to stash the wads of your adversaries. The player who keeps something like one ball on the table until the end dominates the match.

Q: How do you pick balls in the cutthroat pool?

A: To pick balls in the cutthroat pool, Set up the 8-ball triangle rack by putting one ball from each gathering of five (1-5, 6-10, 11-15) in the corners and one ball from each gathering on the sides of the triangle. The player who breaks initially will pick which set of five balls they need to play with if they make a ball.

Q: Who breaks in cutthroat?

A: In Cutthroat Pool, the first player must make an “open break.” This means they need to hit the balls in a way that at least four of them spread out and hit the sides of the table. This helps keep the balls from getting too crowded in the middle.

Q: Can we play cutthroat pool with more than three people?

A: Yes, you can play cutthroat pool with multiple individuals. Thus, cutthroat Pool is often called a three-player game since that is how the vast majority play it. But guess what? You can actually play with more than three players, too. See, since there are 15 balls in total, you can divide them up evenly among however many players you have.

That means if you’ve got just two players, each of you gets seven balls. And if you have a bigger group, like up to seven players, then each person gets two balls. Pretty cool, right? It’s an easy game to adapt to different group sizes, so you can play with all your friends.