What Is Wordle? Everything You Need to Know


What is Wordle?: Over the last few years, the online game Wordle became super famous on the internet, spreading all over. By 2022, about 3 million people from different parts of the world were playing it.

So, what’s Wordle all about, and why did so many people on the internet start loving it?

This article will explain how Wordle works and why it became a big deal everyone wanted to play.

What Is Wordle?

Wordle is a game where you guess a hidden five-letter word every day.

You guess different five-letter words to see how close they are to the secret one. After you guess, the game shows you if your letters are right by using colors.

A new secret word comes up every day, so you can only play once daily. And here’s a cool thing: everyone gets the same secret word worldwide. That means you can talk about the same puzzle with friends, family, or people online.

Back in 2013, a person named Josh Wardle made this game for fun. He designed it as a guessing game for his partner, who liked word games. Then, in October 2021, he let everyone play. People started sharing their game progress with colorful emoji pictures.

Quickly, lots of people from around the world started playing. Josh didn’t plan to run a game business, but when the game got super popular, he sold it to The New York Times in January 2022. They have other word games, too, like Spelling Bee and the NYT Crossword.

Now, many people still enjoy Wordle and play it every day. It’s become a favorite habit for millions of players.

Where to Play Wordle

Before, you could play Wordle on its special website. You can have fun with Wordle on The New York Times’ game site.

Where Can You Enjoy Wordle

Unlike other games with apps, you can put them on your computer or phone. Instead, you can only play it on a web browser like Chrome or Safari.

Do I Have to Pay for Wordle?

No, you can play Wordle without spending any money and don’t need to subscribe to The New York Times to use it. And guess what? There won’t be any ads to bother you while you play.

It’s cool that The New York Times let people play Wordle for free after they got it from Josh Wardle. Usually, they make people pay for their other word games, like the NYT crossword.

How Does Wordle Game Work?

Wordle might seem a little confusing when you’re new, but after a few tries, it gets easier. Let’s break down how to play this guessing game.

Playing Wordle Online

The instructions for Wordle are quite straightforward.

The objective is to uncover a concealed five-letter word with minimal attempts.

To make a guess, input any five-letter word and then hit the enter key.

Your guesses must come from Wordle’s designated list of actual words with five letters. You can’t invent a word like “AEIOU”, which isn’t valid.

Once you’ve made a guess, the game employs colors to indicate the accuracy of your letters in relation to the secret word.

  • Gray or black means the letter isn’t in the secret word.
  • Yellow means it’s in the word but not in the right spot.
  • Green means it’s in the word and the correct spot.

Getting green or yellow means you guessed a right letter and are getting closer to finding the secret word.

Consider this scenario: if you select the word “WRITE” and witness two green squares on the letters W and R, with gray squares on I, T, and E, your subsequent guesses could involve words like “WRONG,” “WRACK,” or “WRUNG.” This is because these words share the “WR” beginning and don’t contain the letters I, T, or E.

Alternatively, suppose you pick “WRITE” and identify two green squares on the letters T and E, while seeing gray squares on W, R, and I. In such a case, your subsequent choices might include words like “BASTE,” “ELATE,” or “LATTE.” This is because these words finish with “TE” and lack the letters W, R, or I.

Keep in mind that a letter can be present multiple times in the secret word, and there’s no distinct color to denote repeated letters. For instance, if the secret word is “BELLE” and you guess a word containing one L and one E, Wordle won’t indicate that both letters appear twice.

You have a maximum of six attempts to deduce the secret word. Depending on your guesses, the game will provide different messages:

  • 1 attempt: “Genius”
  • 2 attempts: “Magnificent”
  • 3 attempts: “Impressive”
  • 4 attempts: “Splendid”
  • 5 attempts: “Great”
  • 6 attempts: “Phew”

Once you find the word, you can use emojis to “Share” your result. Show friends or post online. Many players like sharing their results this way.

Best Wordle Strategy

Try a strategy that tests common letters in common spots in real five-letter words for fewer tries and quicker wins.

Starting with words having common letters like A, E, S, T, R, and N is smart. Words like SLATE or CRANE work.

Or begin with words having lots of vowels, like ADIEU or AUDIO. This makes it more likely to get green or yellow on the first guess, showing which vowels are in the word.

Some people even use computers to help find better words.

But remember, you can guess any five-letter word you want. Wordle is fun, so play the way you enjoy most.

Why We Really Like Wordle

Wordle is a fast and free game that’s easy to enjoy. It won’t take much of your time, just a few minutes to have fun.

Playing with friends who also like Wordle makes it even better. You can compare scores, talk about the puzzles, and have a good time together.

There are also other games similar to Wordle that people like. They’ve changed the game a bit to make new versions.

Here are a few examples:

  • Dordle: You play two Wordle games at the same time, using the same guesses for both words.
  • Quordle: This one is tougher. You play four Wordle games together, guessing four hidden words with the same guesses.
  • Octordle: It’s even more challenging. You handle eight Wordle games at once, using the same guesses for eight secret words.
  • Sedecordle: This is the hardest version. You try to solve 16 Wordle games all at once, guessing 16 hidden words with the same guesses.
  • Heardle: This one is about music. You listen to the start of a song and guess its title and singer as quickly as you can.
  • Factle: This is a trivia game. You try to put five trivia answers in the right order based on the question of the day.
  • Globle: This game is about countries. You guess which country is shown each day.
  • Nerdle: This game uses math. You solve a daily math problem.
  • Remember, you can also play Wordle in French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Hindi, and more.

Feel free to tell us which game you like the best in the comments.


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Recently, Wordle, a fun word game, became super popular online. Many people worldwide got hooked on it. The game is about guessing a hidden five-letter word each day. People loved it because it’s free, easy to access on the internet, and doesn’t have annoying ads.

The game’s creator, Josh Wardle, made it for fun, and The New York Times later bought it. People enjoy guessing words, using clues, and sharing their results with emojis. It’s a simple game that brings people together from all over the world.

Variations of the game and different languages also make it exciting for everyone. In short, Wordle is an excellent and easy way to have fun with words.


Q1: Is Wordle available for free?

A1: Currently, Wordle is free to play, but it may become a paid service. If you’re interested in playing Wordle offline without an internet connection and without cost, you can follow these easy steps on iPhone and Android devices.

Q2: What is Wordle, and why is it generating so much buzz?

A2: Wordle is a word guessing game that you can play directly in your browser; there’s no need to download an app. To play, you simply visit the Wordle website. In the game, you have six attempts to correctly guess a five-letter word and a new word is provided daily. The word remains the same for all players globally, contributing to its popularity and the discussions surrounding it.

Q3: What’s the objective of playing Wordle?

A3: The main goal of Wordle is to deduce a hidden five-letter word using as few guesses as possible. You input your guesses by typing a five-letter word and hitting the enter key. Remember that your guesses must be valid words according to the five-letter word dictionary that Wordle accepts.

Q4: What strategies are essential for succeeding in Wordle?

A4: One effective strategy involves using a consistent starting word for your guesses. Additionally, opting for words with two to three vowels and commonly used consonants, such as ‘sauce,’ ‘saute,’ and ‘dance,’ can be a productive approach to uncovering the Wordle of the day.

What Is Wordle?