What Do Wordle Colors Yellow, Green, And Grey Mean?


If you’re finding the colors in Wordle puzzling and don’t understand what they indicate about the words you’re guessing, don’t worry.

This article is here to assist you. In Wordle, the colors actually matter because they impact your guesses. Here, we’ve created a guide that explains the meanings behind these colors so that you can play the game with a better understanding.

Back in October 2021, a software engineer named Josh Wardle introduced Wordle, swiftly gaining popularity. In just a few months, The New York Times even acquired it. You’ve come to the right place if you haven’t given it a shot yet and are eager to learn more. We’ll unravel the meanings behind the colors yellow and green in Wordle.

In Wordle, you’ll notice the letters enclosed in colorful boxes – grey, green, and yellow. Your mission is to guess the correct word. But what’s the significance of these colors? They serve as clues to gauge how close you are to nailing the right word. This is why comprehending the meanings of these colors is quite valuable.

Meaning of colors in Wordle

When you try to guess a word, the colors that appear will show you if you’re getting close or not. They can also show you how much time you might need to solve the puzzle.

To help you understand why these colors are important, let’s see what each color means:


When a letter turns green, it’s in the right place in the word you’re guessing. To guess better, keep that letter where it is and guess a 5-letter word with it in that same spot. This way, you can find the answer with fewer tries.

Green Wordle Color Meaning

The green Color is the signal of correctness in Wordle.

In Wordle, seeing the color green means you got something right. Green is like a sign that tells you the letter you guessed is part of the correct word.


When a letter is yellow, it’s in the word but not where you guessed. To guess better, put that letter in a different spot next time. Using the same spot again might not work well.

The yellow Color indicates the partially wrong position in Wordle

When you’re playing Wordle, yellow is a clue that things might not be perfect. It’s like a signal telling you that a letter you guessed is in the word, but it’s not sitting in the right spot. To figure out the real word, you’ll need to explore other places and keep trying different positions until you crack the code.


If a letter is grey, it’s not in the answer. So, when you guess again, don’t use that grey letter. This will help you make a smarter guess next time.

The Grey Color indicates a completely wrong alphabet in Wordle

When Wordle shows you the color gray, the letter you guessed is not part of the winning word. It’s like a sign that your guess is wrong. Remember to use the hints as you play and try to guess the right letters.

Remember: In this game, three colors help you know how close you are to find the secret winning word. Green means you’re doing well. Yellow means you have a right letter, but it’s not in the right spot. Gray means the letter you guessed is not in the word at all.

Way to turn the color blind mode on wordle

You have the option to activate color-blind mode in Wordle. This will remove hints given by colors such as yellow and gray.

Here’s how you can enable color-blind mode:

  1. Open the Wordle homepage.
  2. Find the settings button located on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Within the settings, you can switch on the color-blind mode.


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In conclusion, Wordle’s yellow and green boxes may have intrigued you. This article explained their significance and offered insights into the game.

Green signifies correctness, yellow indicates a letter in the word but not in the right spot, while gray means a wrong letter. Color-blind mode caters to everyone. Watch the linked video for further guidance.


Q: What do the different colors of the tiles in Wordle indicate?

A: In Wordle, the colors of the tiles have specific meanings. A yellow tile means you’ve picked the correct letter but are in the wrong position. A green tile signifies that you’ve selected the right letter in the correct place. On the other hand, a gray tile indicates that the letter you guessed isn’t part of the word at all.

Q: What is the significance of the color grey in Wordle?

A: When the tile turns grey, it indicates that the guessed letter is not part of the daily word you’re trying to guess.

Q: What do the different colors of the tiles represent in Wordle?

A: In Wordle, the colors of the tiles hold meaning. A green tile suggests that you’ve guessed a letter correctly and it’s in the correct position in the daily word. If a tile turns yellow, it means the guessed letter is in the word, but its position is incorrect. If the tile turns grey, it signifies that the guessed letter is not present in the daily word.

Q: Explain the yellow green rule in Wordle?

A: The yellow-green rule in Wordle doesn’t differentiate from any other words. When dealing with repeated letters in a word, if one or both are placed correctly, they’ll appear as green tiles. If these repeated letters are present in the word but are currently positioned incorrectly, they’ll be represented as yellow tiles.

Q: What does the grey color code indicate in Wordle?

A: In Wordle, the grey color code indicates that the guessed letter is completely absent from the daily word. This implies that you should avoid using this letter in your future guesses. On the other hand, yellow signifies that the letter is part of the word, but it’s placed differently than your guess.

Q: Why did the colors change in my Wordle game?

A: In the popular word game Wordle, there’s an option called “improved color vision” in the settings. Enabling this option changes the traditional green and yellow color scheme to a more contrasting orange and blue, enhancing visibility for players who might have difficulties with the original colors.

Q: How does Wordle treat a word with the same letter repeated twice?

A: Wordle treats words with repeated letters, the same as any other word. If a word has the same letter appearing twice, you’ll still receive a green tile if either or both letters are in the correct spot.

Q: Why did the colors change in my Wordle game?

A: If you notice a change in the colors during your Wordle game, it might be due to the high contrast mode in the settings. This mode is designed to provide “improved color vision.” As a result, the usual green and yellow color cues are transformed into more contrasting orange and blue.

Q: What’s the most common first word used in Wordle?

A: “STARE” is considered the best word in Wordle. This choice is based on letter frequency in the English language. A and E are frequently used vowels, while T and R are commonly used consonants. Additionally, the most frequently used first letter in Wordle is S.

Q: What’s the meaning of yellow in Wordle?

A: Yellow suggests that the guessed letter is part of the word, but it’s placed in a different spot. To find the correct word, explore other positions until it fits.

Q: How can I activate color-blind mode?

A: To turn on color-blind mode:

  • Visit Wordle’s homepage.
  • Locate the settings button at the top right.
  • Enable color-blind mode from there.