Does Wordle Use Plurals or the Past Tense?


If you want to do well in Wordle, you need to know which words are okay to use as answers.

For example, can you use words with ‘s’ at the end? What about words that happened in the past?

Wordle has rules about what words are allowed as answers. You can’t use words that have ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end, and words that happened in the past and end in ‘ed’ are not allowed either.

Keep reading to find out more about the words you can use in Wordle, so you can guess better.

Can You Use More Than One in Wordle?

Yes, you can guess words that talk about more than one thing in Wordle, but if they end with S or ES, they won’t be accepted.

To know why, let’s talk about the rules of this game where you guess words.

Wordle has two groups of words: one has around 2,000 five-letter words that might be the word for the day, and another is a bigger bunch of about 10,000 words you can use to guess.

More Than One in Wordle It might be a bit strange that Wordle has two sets of words, but there’s a reason if you think about how the game goes.

Sometimes, guessing rare or really old words like SOARE can help because they might have the letters you need. But it wouldn’t be fun if the answer was a really old word you don’t even know.

That’s why Wordle has two lists: a small one for regular answers and a big one for words you might guess to help you play better.

For guessing, you can try words that mean more than one thing. But the list of answers doesn’t include the words that mean more than one thing and end in S or ES.

So, words like FUNGI, GEESE, and WOMEN can be the right answers even if they talk about more than one thing. But words like RINGS, BIKES, and SHOES won’t work because they end with S or ES.

Does Wordle Let You Use Past Actions?

Wordle handles words for actions that happened in the past in a way that’s kind of like how it deals with words about more than one thing.

You can try guessing any word for an action that happened in the past, but there are stricter rules for the right answers compared to just guessing. Specifically, words for actions in the past that end with ED are not allowed as the right answers.

In the past, Wordle has said that some words for past actions that don’t end with ED are the right answers. For example, words like LEAPT, FOUND, DWELT, WRUNG, and BROKE have all been the right answers in Wordle before.

Is Wordle Only About Nouns?

Wordle doesn’t always require the answer to be a noun, except when it’s a specific name.

Nouns, prepositions, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and conjunctions—all these types of words can be used as answers in Wordle, as long as they have five letters.

Can Wordle Use Action Words?

Many times, the answers in Wordle are words that describe actions. Some examples of these action words that have been answers in Wordle before are SQUAT, DEBUG, HURRY, UNTIE, and SMASH.

To sum up the rules we’ve talked about:

  • Wordle answers can involve words that stand for more than one thing, but not if they end in S or ES.
  • Wordle answers can involve words for actions that happened in the past, but not if they end in ED.
  • You’re free to guess words representing more than one thing and action words in Wordle, even if they might not be the exact answers.

Wishing you the best of luck and happy playing!


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Q: Is it possible for plurals to be used in Wordle?

A: Last week, it was announced that Wordle, the popular word-guessing game by the New York Times, will not accept plural words. During the past year, millions of individuals were challenged to guess the daily five-letter word. The game was originally crafted by Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, as a heartfelt gift for his partner.

Q: What types of words are utilized in Wordle?

A: Wordle incorporates a range of five-letter words that many individuals often identify as proper nouns. These words encompass a mixture of names for nations, cities, and individuals, both real and fictional. Consequently, the notion that Wordle exclusively permits common nouns while prohibiting proper nouns is an inaccurate assumption.

Q: Which words are excluded from Wordle?

A: Presently, Wordle employs a list of answers curated by the Times, which has reduced potential answers. Plural forms of three or four-letter words ending with “ES” or “S” have been eliminated. As a result, words such as “MOLES” or “PANTS” will never serve as correct solutions, whereas “WOMEN” or “CACTI” could still potentially be accurate answers.

Q: Is it advisable to always begin Wordle with the same word?

A: While there is no guaranteed success rate, commencing each game with the same word can establish a foundational strategy. Eventually, stumbling upon the correct word on the initial attempt is possible.