9 Best Wordle Tips and Tricks to Win This Word Game


Wordle Tips And TricksWordle is a game that’s easy to understand but can also be frustrating. In the game, you have to guess a five-letter word each day, and lots of people play it every day.

However, almost everyone finds it hard to guess the right word at some point. Even though Wordle is tough, there are things you can do to get better at it.

We’ve put together some helpful tips and tricks for Wordle that you can use. So, next time you play this word game, remember to try out these ideas to improve your chances of winning.

9 Best Wordle Tips and Tricks

1. Start with a Strong Word

When you play Wordle, beginning with a strong word is smart. Picking the right first word can help you guess the main word faster. The best starting word should have both vowels and consonants.

Also, choose a word that’s common and okay for the game. We’ve made this easier for you by listing some good starting words for Wordle. So, use our list to make sure your first word sets you up for a good game.

2. Remember: Wordle Uses US English

Here’s something important to know. Wordle was first made in the United States and is now owned by the New York Times, so it works in American English. This wasn’t clear at the start, and that caused some trouble for British players.

But you can avoid that by remembering that Wordle uses American English. Although American and British English are pretty similar, there are some spelling differences.

For instance, “FAVOR” in American English is written as “FAVOUR” in British English. So, before you lock in your answer, take a quick look to make sure you’ve got the spelling right.

3. Pick Words with Many Vowels

Here’s a trick you’ll hear a lot. Some might not think it always works, but it’s actually helped me solve many Wordle puzzles and do better in the game.

The key is to start with words that have lots of vowels in them. To do this, use words with plenty of vowels at least once while you play.

But you don’t have to use this trick every single time. Once you’re good with vowels, try using regular words you think might be the answer.

You can follow the guide we’ve mentioned or come up with your plan. This is one of the top Wordle tips that can help you.

4. Try Using the Same First Word Every Time

Here’s a trick that can work well in Wordle, depending on how you like to play. Many Wordle players have a word they always start with.

They pick this word because it’s a good choice or they like it. For example, someone I know always begins with the word “BAKER.”

If you always use the same starting word because it helps you find the right letters, keep doing that. But if you usually pick different words randomly, it’s a good idea to find one word that works for you and use it every time you play. This can help you find the answer more quickly.

5. Repeating Letters Can Help You

Don’t worry about changing the letters even if you use the same word. Sometimes, the right answer in Wordle has letters that are used more than once.

But many people don’t think of this and think it’s a waste to repeat letters. But here’s a good tip: sometimes, you need to use the same letter again to get the right answer.

For example, if we look at old Wordle answers, we see words like ‘Bleed,’ ‘Bluff,’ ‘Beefy,’ ‘Folly,’ with letters repeated. This shows that repeating letters can work. To make sure you don’t miss an easy answer, try using repeated letters if you feel sure about the word. If you’re unsure, you can try it with just one guess to see if you’re right.

6. Take Your Time When Guessing

Even though it’s obvious, lots of people rush through all six tries and then have to wait until the next day to play again.

This can be annoying, especially if you have an official New York Times account and must wait a whole day. We suggest slowing down and thinking carefully before you make each guess to avoid this.

This way, you can enjoy playing Wordle more relaxedly and have a better chance of getting the right answer. This simple tip is one of the best things you can do in Wordle.

7. Boost Your Skills with Different Word Games

We know that practicing can improve us. There are many other games similar to Wordle that you can play as much as you want. Also, fun word games on Android and iPhone can help you learn new words.

Even though it might not help you guess faster right away, knowing more five-letter words can give you more ideas when you’re trying to find the right answer.

Besides trying other games like Wordle, playing Wordle every day is also a good idea. The more you play, the more comfortable you’ll become with five-letter words, and you might even figure out your own ways to do better.

8. Check Your Game Stats

Even though it won’t solve your current Wordle puzzle right away, it can help you do better next time. The New York Times has Wordlebot, which looks at Wordle games. It can look at the games you’ve finished or the ones you’ve shared.

This Wordlebot looks closely at your game results and gives you advice. It thinks about how good you are, how many words you still need, and even your luck. The Wordlebot can guess what you might guess next and then see if it matches what you guessed.

It even tells you if your guess was wrong. In short, the Wordlebot is a helpful tool that can teach you from your mistakes and help you get better at the game.

9. Try the Game Again

If you didn’t guess the word right on your first try, you might have to wait a whole day to play again. This is especially true if you’re using your connected account. But if you’re not logged in, there’s a way to play the same puzzle again.

Open the Wordle website in your web browser’s private browsing tab (also called incognito). This lets you start a new round of Wordle, even if you’ve played before.

Just remember not to sign in to your New York Times account. Your recent progress will stay, and you won’t get a fresh start if you do. This trick is great for practicing the same puzzle.


Best Wordle Tips and Tricks to Win This Word Game

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To sum up, Wordle is a game that mixes challenge with fun as you try to guess a five-letter word each day. Despite its difficulty, these tips can improve your chances:

  1. Start with a strong word: Balanced with vowels and consonants.
  2. Remember American English: Watch out for spelling differences.
  3. Vowel-rich words: Begin with words having many vowels.
  4. Consistent starting word: Stick to one word that works for you.
  5. Repeating letters: Don’t hesitate to reuse letters.
  6. Take your time: Think carefully with each guess.
  7. Broaden skills: Play similar word games for more words.
  8. Analyze with Wordlebot: Learn from game stats for improvement.
  9. Try again with care: Use private browsing for practice.

Applying these strategies can enhance your Wordle experience and increase your chances of guessing the right word.

Wordle Tips and Tricks – FAQs

Q1: What is Wordle?

A1: Wordle is a word-guessing game where players attempt to figure out a five-letter word each day.

Q2: Why is Wordle challenging?

A2: The challenge lies in deducing the correct word with limited attempts and considering various letter combinations.

Q3: How can I improve my Wordle skills?

A3: Employ these strategies:

  • Start with a balanced word of vowels and consonants.
  • Be mindful of American English spelling.
  • Choose words with multiple vowels.
  • Experiment with using the same starting word consistently.
  • Don’t shy away from repeating letters.
  • Take your time and think through guesses.
  • Play similar word games to expand your vocabulary.
  • Utilize the Wordlebot to analyze your gameplay and learn from mistakes.
  • Practice the same puzzle again using private browsing.

Q4: What’s the significance of a balanced starting word?

A4: A balanced word increases your chances of hitting the correct letters early on, helping you narrow down possibilities faster.

Q5: How does Wordlebot help?

A5: Wordlebot analyzes your gameplay, offering insights into your progress, potential guesses, and errors. It aids learning from mistakes for future rounds.

Q6: Why is repeating letters important?

A6: Repeating letters can lead to uncovering the correct word, as demonstrated by past Wordle answers containing repeated letters.

Q7: Can I play Wordle with British English spelling?

A7: No, Wordle uses American English spelling, so make sure your guesses align with this format.

Q8: How can playing other word games improve my Wordle skills?

A8: Engaging in similar word games enhances your vocabulary and word-solving capabilities, contributing to better performance in Wordle.

Q9: Why is taking time to guess crucial?

A9: Rushing through guesses often leads to errors. Taking your time to analyze possibilities increases your chances of making accurate guesses.

Q10: How does the private browsing trick work?

A10: Opening the Wordle website in a private browsing tab allows you to replay the same puzzle. Avoid signing in to maintain progress.

Q11: Are there specific words that work better as starting points?

A11: While some players choose consistent starting words, finding one that suits your strategy is essential. It should help you identify potential letters effectively.

Q12: Can using Wordlebot guarantee success?

A12: Wordlebot provides insights and guidance based on past gameplay but doesn’t guarantee solving every puzzle. It’s a tool for improvement.

Q13: How often can I play Wordle?

A13: You can play Wordle once per day, and the game resets daily.

Q14: Is Wordle available on all platforms?

A14: Yes, Wordle is available for play on various platforms, including web browsers, Android, and iOS devices.

Q15: Is there a winning strategy for Wordle?

A15: Wordle involves an element of chance, but employing the mentioned tips and tricks can significantly enhance your chances of guessing the word correctly.