Where Are The Party Animals Baseball Team From?


Party Animals Baseball: There’s a baseball team called the Party Animals in a pretty place called Savannah, Georgia. They love having fun when they play baseball, especially in something called the Banana Ball Games.

Right now, they’re traveling to different countries for something called the Bananas World Tour, where they play against teams from those countries.

Interestingly, when they play against these teams, they have their own special set of nine rules that are different from regular baseball rules. A lot of people are curious about Party Animals baseball.

Banana Ball is a kind of baseball that was created by a guy named Jesse Cole, who owns the Savannah Bananas team. It’s more fun and faster than regular baseball.

Since it started in 2016, four teams have joined this league. The Savannah Bananas used to play regular baseball, but they switched to Banana Ball and even won three championships in the Coastal Plain League.

Even though some teams, like Gastonia Honey Hunters, play in a different league called the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, and Macon Bacon plays in the Coastal Plain League, they sometimes play against each other during the World Tour.

They also play against teams from different places. So, let’s explore more about Party Animals baseball and what makes it so special.

The Party Animals Baseball Team Roster

When we think of baseball, we often think of regular teams. But there’s another kind of baseball played by teams like the Party Animals, Macon Bacon, and the Gastonia Honey Hunters, just like the Savannah Bananas.

These are the only four groups playing a special type of baseball called Banana Ball. You’re in the right place if you’re curious about Party Animals baseball.

The Party Animals team has familiar players like Bret Helton, Dylan Porter, and Joe Lytle. In 2023, they introduced a team with 22 members. The players who start the games include Sean Fluke, Dalton Cornett, Helton, Porter, and Lytle, and they’re all excited to play Banana Ball.

Many of these players used to play for other professional and college baseball teams. The people in charge of the Party Animals are their coaches, Mike Vavasis and Sam Claycamp. Some players, like Tanner Thomas, Breland Almadova, Garrett Delano, and Dalton Cornett, who did well in the past Party Animals World Tours, are back for another fun season.

Thomas, who’s good at playing in the outfield, comes from Virginia Tech. Delano, who can play in the outfield and pitch with his right hand, went to Brown University.

Almadova, who’s great at playing in the middle of the field, is from the University of Hawaii, while Cornett, who takes care of catching the baseball, is from Alice Lloyd College. These college players can’t stop talking about how much they enjoy playing Banana Ball.

But that’s not all – this is the first season for team members Joe Lytle, Lake Lialios, and Carson Goldsmith on the World Tour.

Lytle used to go to Oklahoma State University and played as a catcher and first baseman. Goldsmith used to be a catcher and a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins in Minor League Baseball, and Lialios is from Pomona. They are now professional athletes and earn money from the team.

What attracted them to the Banana Ball teams is their motto, “We Make Baseball Fun.” They like to have fun during the games, often wearing funny outfits. The rules in Banana Ball are not as strict, so they can have lots of fun while they play.

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Coaches for the Energetic Party Animals

The Party Animals have two important coaches: Mike Vavasis and Sam Claycamp. Vavasis is like the team’s leader, and he used to be a catcher in college at Florida’s Eckerd College. He’s also done bodybuilding, where people show off their muscles. He’s full of energy and leads the fun baseball team in Bananaland.

Claycamp is another coach, and he used to play baseball in college at the University of Dayton. He looks after the players who play in the infield, like the catcher and shortstop. He also teaches the athletes of Bananaland different things about playing baseball.

Upcoming Fun Baseball Games

The Party Animals baseball team is getting ready for their next game on their tour. It’s happening on July 25, 2023, at 7:00 PM in San Jose, California, at Excite Ballpark.

After that, they have another game planned for July 27, 2023, also at 7:00 PM, but this time in Fresno, California, at a stadium called Chukchansi Park. They’ve been traveling and playing games like these for about six months, starting in February 2023.

These games are making the competition more exciting, especially when they play against the Savannah Bananas.

Interestingly, the Party Animals and the Savannah Bananas have the same owner. However, their rivalry has become stronger since they started playing Banana Ball.

In addition to the Party Animals and the Savannah Bananas, there are two other teams on this tour, the Macon Bacon and the Gastonia Honey Hunters.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Party Animals and Savannah Bananas use the money they make from their games to help different charities in Georgia.

Here’s a table summarizing The Party Animals Baseball Schedule for their upcoming World Tour games:

July 25, 202307:00 PMSan Jose, CaliforniaExcite Ballpark
July 27, 202307:00 PMFresno, CaliforniaChukchansi Park
July 29, 202307:00 PMSacramento, CaliforniaSutter Health Park
August 3-5, 202307:00 PMSavannah, GeorgiaHistoric Grayson Stadium
August 9, 202307:00 PMTrenton, New JerseyTrenton Thunder Ballpark
August 11-12, 202307:00 PMStaten Island, New YorkSIUH Community Park

Baseball Tickets for the Wild Party People

All the super fun Party Animals baseball game tickets are already sold out until the end of 2023. These tickets used to cost between $189 and $400 when you could buy them on Vivid Seats.

You can find the game schedule on the Savannah Bananas website, and it’s clear that all the games until the end of the tournament are fully booked. These games will be held in cities like Savannah, Trenton, Staten Island, and more. The very last game of the season will be in Cooperstown, New York, at Doubleday Field, and it will start at 1:00 p.m. Before that, they’ll be playing at Syracuse’s NBT Bank Stadium.

Even if you can’t get tickets for the September 14th game at NBT Bank Stadium right now because they’re all sold out, if you want to go, you can put your name on a waiting list. This way, if any tickets become available before the game, you might still get a chance to attend.

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Savannah Bananas Vs Party Animals

Here’s a table summarizing the recent matchups between the Savannah Bananas and the Party Animals:

July 21, 2023WinSavannah Bananas 5 – 2 Party AnimalsTBA
July 22, 2023WinSavannah Bananas 6 – 4 Party AnimalsTBA
July 23, 2023WinSavannah Bananas 7 – 5 Party AnimalsTBA
July 24, 2023LossSavannah Bananas 4 – 3 Party AnimalsTBA
July 25, 2023UpcomingSan Jose, California

The table includes the date of each game, the result (Win or Loss), the final score, and the location where the game took place.

Please note that the game on July 25, 2023, is upcoming, and the location is San Jose, California.


Q: What is the Party Animals baseball team?

A: The Party Animals baseball team is from Savannah, Georgia. They are an exhibition baseball team that competes in the Banana Ball Games.

Q: Are the Party Animals a real team?

A: Yes, the Party Animals are a real team. They are part of the Banana Ball, which was created to make baseball more fast-paced and entertaining. The Banana Ball includes two independent professional teams: The Savannah Bananas and The Party Animals.

Q: Are the Savannah Bananas a minor league team?

A: No, the Savannah Bananas are not a minor league team. They are independent professional teams and have never been part of the minor league system. They previously competed in the Coastal Plains League (CPL), a competitive collegiate summer league.

Q: Do the Savannah Bananas only play against the Party Animals?

A: While many Banana Ball games feature the Bananas facing off against their rival, the Party Animals, they also introduced a “Challenger Series” where they compete against different opponents.

Q: Where can I watch Party Animals baseball?

A: For free, you can watch the Banana Ball: Party Animals at Savannah Bananas on ESPN2 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. The game will be played at Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Georgia. You can also watch it through streaming services like FuboTV, DirecTV Stream, or take advantage of promotional offers on Sling.


On July 24, 2023, the Party Animals lost to the Savannah Bananas in a close game. The score was tied at 3-3 until the Bananas scored their fourth point in the ninth inning.

It Wrapped up a series of three games played from July 21 to July 23, and sadly, the Party Animals didn’t win any of them against the Bananas.

Even though both teams are part of the same league and have the same owner, they don’t like each other when they play against each other. They have a strong rivalry.

The Bananas have been doing well, winning three games from July 21 to July 23. On July 25, they will be playing in San Jose and want to keep their winning streak going. Both teams are tough opponents, but the Bananas have been especially good in the ninth inning.

Party Animals Baseball