God of War Ragnarok – All Lake of Nine Buried Treasure


In the amazing world of God of War: Ragnarok, there’s a thrilling adventure waiting for you, You get to explore a place called the lake of nine buried treasure, and guess what? There are hidden treasures just waiting to be found. But here’s the tricky part – these treasures are sneaky and don’t show up on any map. So, you’ll have to be a brave explorer and look everywhere to discover them.

Remember how you played through most of the main story? Well, now you have an exciting new quest to find these secret treasures. It’s like being a treasure hunter, And not just any treasures, but really special ones.

But don’t worry, there’s help on the way, A guide will be coming soon to show you exactly where to find all lake of nine buried treasure. So, get ready to have a blast hunting for these hidden gems and uncovering awesome surprises along the way.

Hidden Riches in the Lake of Nine

We know you love exploring and finding cool things, but guess what? The treasure spots won’t be shown on any maps this time. It’s a bit tricky because the exact place for this Hidden Treasure is not marked on any maps, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you find it.

In the Lake of Nine, there are two types of Buried Treasure called the Demise of Dagestr and the Viking’s Gift. They are special treasures, but you might have to wait a little bit to find them. After you finish your main goal, make sure to come back to the Lake of Nine buried treasure.

That’s when the fun begins, You’ll go on an exciting treasure hunt, and we’ll be right there with you to show you where to look. So get ready for an awesome adventure and let’s find those hidden gems together.

The Tragic Fate of Dagestr

little explorer, When you go back to the Lake of Nine buried treasure, there’s a special place you need to find called the Raider Fort. It’s located on the western shore of the lake and looks a bit different from the rest, so take your time to figure it out. But before you start looking for treasure, don’t forget to visit the Sverd Sands first.

Once you’ve reached the Raider Fort, it’s time to become a brave treasure hunter, Explore around carefully, and you’ll discover something really cool called the Demise of Dagestr. It’s a hidden treasure, so be on the lookout for something shiny on the ground at the end of a pathway. To get there, just climb up a ledge and follow the path.

Get ready for an exciting adventure as you search for this amazing treasure, Enjoy your exploration and have lots of fun.

Ragnarok: The Demise of Dagestr, A Viking’s Reward

It’s time for the next part of your quest – finding the second destination, Before you go to the King’s grave, let’s head over to the east side of the Lake of Nine.

Keep your eyes wide open because there’s a special treasure waiting for you on the ground between two big doors. And guess what? If you’ve been to the Raider Hideout before, finding the treasure at the cave entrance will be super easy for you.

Get ready for an exciting adventure, and let’s have a blast searching for the treasure, I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome experience exploring the Lake of Nine buried treasure. Have fun, little explorer.

Ragnarok: The Mighty Norse War God and the Fierce Vikings

You’re in for a real treat, Right there in the palm of your hand are the hidden treasures of the Lake of Nine. How exciting is that.

Requirements to Begin

If you ever need some help on your treasure hunt, don’t forget to bring along some useful things that might come in handy. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this exciting journey—we’ll be right there to guide and support you every step of the way, All you have to do is follow the directions below, and you’ll be on your way to discovering Lake of Nine buried treasure and collecting special things that will make you really happy.

To find the Applecore region and uncover the fantastic Treasure Map of the Destruction of Dagestr, head over to the Sverd Sands. Once you’ve reached the top, there’s a super cool lift that will take you down to the basement. How awesome is that.

Get ready to put on your explorer’s hat and get set for a thrilling treasure hunt, You’re going to have an amazing time searching for these special treasures. So, have a blast on your adventurous journey, little one. Enjoy every moment of it.

Unearthing Secrets of Death: A Map to the Lake of Nine’s Treasures

Alright, let’s try something cool, Throw your spear at a noticeable gap in the wall. Look on the right side of the top ledge, and you’ll spot the artifact. To reach it, just ride your spear up to that spot. And guess what? In the Lake of Nine, you’ll also find the Viking’s Gift Treasure Map.

Now, you have two options. You can go straight to the Raider Fort, but be careful because there might be lots of opponents in that area. So, if you want to find anything, make sure to clear them out first. Ready for an exciting treasure hunt? Have a blast.

Viking’s Buried Treasures Across Nine Lakes

Toss your spear towards a noticeable gap in the wall. You’ll find the artifact on the right side of the top ledge, and you can access it by riding your spear up to that spot. On the other hand, in the Lake of Nine buried treasure, you’ll come across the Viking’s Gift Treasure Map.

You have the option to go straight to the Raider Fort, but keep in mind that there might be many opponents in the area. If you want to find anything, make sure to clear them out first. Happy searching.

Discover Nine Hidden Viking Treasures in the Lake of Nine

Step inside the Raider Fort, a big hill surrounded by large rocks. There might be many enemies waiting for you inside, so be prepared. However, if you clear them out, you’ll find a tent in the middle of the area.

Unveiling the Viking’s Gift: One of Four Buried Treasures in the Lake of Nine

To find the loot you see up there, you have to reach the same spot. It will be buried right outside our door in the real world. There are no more clues,

With this map in your hand, we believe you can discover the Lake of Nine buried treasure. Have a great time searching for them on your own. Enjoy the adventure.


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Question: Where can I find the Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine?

Answer: To find the Buried Treasure, head to the Raider Fort and obtain the Treasure Map for the Viking’s Gift. Then, make your way to the eastern portion of the Lake of Nine. You’ll find the treasure near the cave entrance to the Raider Hideout, close to the location of Odin’s Raven.

Question: Where can I locate the 2nd Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine?

Answer: Once you’ve completed the Forging Destiny main objective and obtained the Treasure Map from The Applecore, you can access the Demise of Dagestr Buried Treasure. It can be found northwest of Tyr’s Temple, the circular building in the center of the Lake of Nine. Happy treasure hunting.

Lake of Nine Buried Treasure