Where to Find The Oil Pot Elden Ring


OIL POT ELDEN RING: Not sure where to get an Oil Pot Elden Ring? This special item lets you use fire for your benefit. If you’re looking for it, you’re in the right spot! This article’ll show you where to find the Oil Pot Elden Ring.

where to Find the Oil Pot Elden Ring

Looking for the Oil Pot Elden Ring? Well, here’s how to get it! Your journey will lead you to the Siofra Well, where you’ll have a little adventure.

First, find a wooden platform in the middle of an underground lake in the Siofra Well. Be careful because there are some unfriendly enemies around. You can either sneak past them or fight them.

Once you’ve climbed up the platform using the stairs and ladder, go to the left, and you’ll see more platforms. Follow these and cross a bridge. Eventually, you’ll reach a bricked entrance.

Go inside, walk through a cave, and keep going until you hear music. You’ll discover a room with bricked pillars.

Here’s the exciting part: Drop down into that room from the cave, and you’ll meet a merchant. This merchant sells a book you need to make Oil Pots. The book is called “The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook,” and it costs 1,000 Runes.

You’ll need a melted mushroom and an oil-cracked pot to make Oil Pots. These Oil Pots are handy because they cover your enemies in oil, making fire attacks much stronger. Good luck on your adventure.

How to Help Alexander Using the Oil Pot Elden Ring

To save Iron Fist Alexander again in Elden Ring, go to where he is near the Artist’s Shack. Do this after you’ve beaten Starscourge Rahdan and finished the tournament part of the game.

To make an Oil Pot:

  1. Visit the Sofia Well.
  2. Leave the shack, go up some scaffolding, come down, and follow the wooden path to a cave-like place.
  3. Keep going past a waterfall, and you’ll find a person selling two books.
  4. Get the more expensive one to learn how to make the Oil Pot.
  5. Make it and then go back to Alexander.

Throw the pot at him, then hit him hard with a big weapon to set him free. Alexander will say thank you by giving you Exalted Flesh. You might need to do this more than once.


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In short, to free Alexander with an Oil Pot Elden Ring, you need to explore carefully and make the Oil Pot. This special item lets you cover enemies in oil, making fire attacks stronger and helping you rescue Alexander.

Remember, it might take a few tries to succeed, so be patient and precise. We hope this guide has been helpful, and we wish you lots of luck in your adventures in Elden Ring.

Some FAQs

Q1: What is the use of pot in Elden Ring?

The Cracked Pot is a unique material for crafting explosive-thrown items. Unlike other crafting materials, the Cracked Pot returns to your inventory after you throw the crafted pot, making them easily reusable.

Q2: Where is the big pot in Elden Ring?

You can locate the Great-Jar in the northern region of Caelid, positioned in front of the semi-circle castle at the top of the map. Attempting to jump down to it from the Minor Erdtree or any other location will result in instant death

Q3: How do you get the rot pot Elden Ring?

To craft a Rot Pot, you’ll need the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [22] and the following crafting materials:

  • Toxic Mushroom x2.
  • Faded Erdleaf Flower x2.
  • Aeonian Butterfly x1.
  • Empty Ritual Pot x1.

Q4: Where to get oil pot for Alexander?

You can acquire an oil pot for use with Alexander in Liurnia. To obtain one, you’ll need to craft it, and this requires owning the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17], which you can purchase from the Merchant in Siofra River.

Crafting an oil pot involves using Melted Mushrooms and a Cracked Pot. Once crafted, throw the oil pot at Alexander and then strike him until he emerges from his location.

Q5: How many oil pots for Alexander?

You will need a minimum of two Oil Jars. Throw these at Alexander and follow up with another attack to free him properly.

Oil Pot Elden Ring