How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit


How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit: The Tushita sword is an essential weapon in Blox Fruits because it’s known for being quick in battles and damaging your enemies.

It’s one of the best swords in Blox Fruits, but the main point is How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit. You need to reach level 2,000 in Blox Fruits before getting it.

If you’ve been struggling to find this special sword and want to know how to Get Tushita Blox Fruit, don’t worry. This article will explain everything you need about the Tushita sword and how to get it in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Tushita

To get the Tushita sword and become a “Celestial Swordsman,” you need to follow some steps. Let’s start with the first one:

How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit: Step 1 – Find the God’s Chalice

The God’s Chalice is a very important thing you need to summon a tough boss called Rip_Indra in the later part of the game. There are different ways to find God’s Chalice, and each has challenges, places to look, and chances of success.

Here’s how you can try to find the God’s Chalice:

Taking on the Tough Pirate:

  1. Start by going to the Castle on the Sea.
  2. Look for the Elite Hunter and talk to him.
  3. Begin the “Eliminate the Elite Pirate” quest.
  4. After you beat the Elite Pirate, you’ll get the God’s Chalice.

Remember, the Elite Hunter is a character in the game who gives you the job of defeating the Elite Pirate. But it’s not guaranteed; there’s only a 2% chance that the Elite Pirate will drop the God’s Chalice when you defeat them.

Pray at the Haunted Castle Gravestone

Here’s Another Way:

  • You can do something else: Find the Haunted Castle and say a prayer at its gravestone.
  • To start, go to the Third Sea.
  • Look around for the Haunted Castle in that area.
  • When you get to the Haunted Castle, find the stone near the Death King character.
  • Say your prayer at the stone, and you might get lucky and get different rewards, including the God’s Chalice.

But remember, there’s only a tiny 1% chance of getting the chalice this way.

Hunt for the God’s Chalice in Chests

You might find the God’s Chalice in chests, but looking for it this way can be hard work and take a long time. It’s not very likely that you’ll find it using this method.

How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit: Step 2 – Complete the Auro Color Quest

Your next task is to finish the Auro Color Quest. You need to find three special colors for the God’s Chalice to do that.

These special colors are Snow White, Winter Sky, and Pure Red. You can meet the Color Specialist NPC in different places: near the Titles specialist in the second sea, at the Café, in the Frozen Village, or inside a cave in the First Sea, right next to the Ability Teacher.

Completing this quest is important because it lets you use the God’s Chalice with all three special colors. That’s the only way you can summon Indra.

Here’s a guide that explains how to finish this quest:

  • First, find the Color Specialist NPC. They have the special colors you need.
  • Then, go to the Second Sea and look for buttons to put these colors on your God’s Chalice.
  • Do this process for each color, one at a time, until all the colors are on your God’s Chalice.

You’re ready to go once your God’s Chalice has all the colors and you finish the Aura Color Quest.

Here are the directions to find the buttons for each color:

  • Snow White Button: For the Snow White Button, go right after leaving the Castle on the Sea.
  • Red Button: To find the Red Button, start outside the Castle on the Sea, go right, and turn left when you see the white button.
  • Winter Sky Button: You’ll need to go to the top of the Castle to get to the Winter Sky Button, which you can do with an Air Jump or Angel Wings.

How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit: Step 3 – Summoning Rip_Indra

Indra is a tough boss in Blox Fruits, and here’s how you can bring out Rip_Indra:

  1. Go to the Third Sea.
  2. Get inside the Castle on the Sea.
  3. Put the God’s Chalice on the right side of the door.
  4. Rip_Indra will show up soon after you do this.
  5. Don’t fight Indra when he appears. He mustn’t be hurt when you go to Hydra Island.

How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit: Step 4 – Go to Hydra Island

This island is in the Third Sea, where the Secret Temple hides the Tushita sword everyone wants. But getting the sword isn’t simple. You need to find a secret entrance. To find it, do these things:

  1. Go down the waterfall on Hydra Island.
  2. Under the waterfall, there’s a secret door.
  3. Use Fruit Bombs and Spike Fruits to open the door.
  4. Inside, you’ll have to fight ghosts.
  5. After beating the ghosts, use the Air Jump to get to the secret door.
  6. Step through the door, and you’ll end up on the Floating Turtle.

You can only enter the door if it’s glowing green, which means Indra is still alive. If Indra is dead, the door will be gray, and you can’t use it.

Once inside the secret door, you’ll get a message telling you to light five torches in five minutes. That’s when the Tushita Torch Puzzle begins.

The Tushita Torch Puzzle Solution

To light all five torches, use the special torch from your inventory. Just follow the numbers, and don’t worry; the torches have numbers on them. Here’s where you’ll find them:

  1. Torch One: Under a bridge near the Fishman Captains’ walls. You need to use the Air Jump to get there.
  2. Torch Two: Behind a tree near the entrance to the Beautiful Pirate Domain, on the right side of the wall next to the broken bridge.
  3. Torch Three: It’s hanging on a wall inside a pineapple house.
  4. Torch Four: You’ll find it inside a wrecked ship near the Mythical Pirates.
  5. Torch Five: Look for it inside a building next to the Forest Pirates.

How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit: Step 5 – Fight Longma

In Blox Fruits, Longma is a tough boss when you reach level 2,000. You can find Longma behind the door near the Previous Hero NPC. But keep in mind many other players are trying to get the Tushita sword, too.

When you defeat Longma, you will always get the Tushita Sword as a reward, with a 100% chance. Plus, once you use the Tushita sword, you’ll earn the special title of “Celestial Swordsman.”

The Tushita Abilities

When you get the Tushita in Blox Fruits, you can use two new abilities: Heavenly Lunges and Celestial Ravager. Here’s how these abilities work:

Heavenly Lunges

To use the “Heavenly Lunges” ability in Blox Fruits, just press the “Z” key. You can only use this ability if your Mastery Level is 150 or higher. When you activate it, you’ll repeatedly stab in front of your enemy, creating big red circles that can stun them. You can use this ability for a maximum of 1.5 seconds.

Celestial Ravager

Now, let’s talk about the “Celestial Ravager” ability. When you use this power, it sends out fast red slashes that greatly damage your enemy. You must be really skilled to use this ability, with a Mastery Level of 300 or more. To activate it, just press the “X” key.

Stay Battle Ready

Getting ready for battles is very important in Blox Fruits. But getting the Tushita Sword takes a lot of time and effort. Still, it’s worth it because it gives you an advantage in the end-game title competition. If you want to show off your skills in Blox Fruits, try to get the Tushita Sword.


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In conclusion, the Tushita sword is a prized weapon in Blox Fruits, valued for its speed and damage-dealing prowess.

To understand how to get Tushita sword fruit, players must embark on a challenging quest involving acquiring the rare God’s Chalice, completing the Auro Color Quest, and conquering Hydra Island’s trials.

This endeavour culminates in unlocking the Tushita sword’s unique abilities, marking a player as a “Celestial Swordsman.” While the journey demands dedication, the rewards and the competitive edge it provides in battles make it a coveted achievement in Blox Fruits.


Q: What is the Tushita sword in Blox Fruits?

A: The Tushita sword is a highly coveted weapon in Blox Fruits known for its speed and damage-dealing abilities.

Q: How to get the Tushita sword Blox in Fruits?

A: To obtain the Tushita sword in Blox Fruits, follow a series of steps. First, acquire the rare God’s Chalice, complete the Auro Color Quest, summon the boss Rip_Indra, and finally, go to Hydra Island to face Longma and claim the sword.

Q: Can I get the Tushita sword without being at level 2000 in Blox Fruits?

A: No, you must reach at least level 2000 in Blox Fruits to have the opportunity to obtain the Tushita sword.

Q: Do I need to defeat Indra to get the Tushita sword?

A: You don’t need to defeat Indra to get the Tushita sword. You only need to summon him using the God’s Chalice, and he must remain alive for you to proceed with the quest.

Q: Is obtaining the Tushita sword an easy task in Blox Fruits?

A: No, obtaining the Tushita sword is not easy. It requires dedication and completing challenging quests, making it a coveted achievement among Blox Fruits players.

Q: What abilities does the Tushita sword offer in Blox Fruits?

A: The Tushita sword in Blox Fruits provides two unique abilities: Heavenly Lunges (activated with the “Z” key) and Celestial Ravager (started with the “X” key), which greatly enhance your combat capabilities.

Q: What is the significance of being a “Celestial Swordsman” in Blox Fruits?

A: Being a “Celestial Swordsman” in Blox Fruits signifies that you have successfully obtained the Tushita sword and have mastered its abilities, showcasing your dedication and skill in the game.

How to Get Tushita Blox Fruit