The Best Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2


Easter eggs are common in video games, and Dying Light 2 is filled with many. Dying Light 2 is filled with various Easter eggs, including references to other games, humorous moments, and hidden items. We will highlight the top ones for you. Relax and have fun searching for Easter eggs in Dying Light 2.

Best Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2 – Top 5

5. Force choke

The force chokes Easter eggs in Dying Light 2 are a reference to the Star Wars franchise and are hidden within another Easter egg. It is an effective weapon that allows the player character, Aiden, to choke his enemies to defeat.

To access the force choke Easter egg in Dying Light 2, players must first find the blueprint hidden in the secret doom level.

To reach the secret doom level, players must place black ducks on the five pedestals in the center of the room and connect the cables to the opposite wall. They will unlock the ‘Ka DOOM Shotgun’ and initiate a mission requiring the collection of five items.

Remember that time is limited for collecting these items, so be quick. Once the challenge is completed, players find a secret door leading to the powerful force choke weapon in Dying Light 2.

This weapon allows players to force-choke enemies and dominate battles. It’s worth checking out and trying it out for yourself.

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4. Dev’s Room

The developer’s room Easter egg in Dying Light 2 is an intriguing find for players. This secret room offers a plethora of powerful weapons and advantages that can provide a significant boost in gameplay.

Not only does it provide access to powerful weapons, but it also gives players the ability to repair their weapons infinitely.

However, accessing the developer’s room is a challenging task. Players must complete the Broadcast challenge to access the VNC building, the tallest building in the game.

From there, players must navigate to the southern part of the rooftop and look for a small skyscraper with large antennas. Only then will players gain access to the developer’s room Easter egg.

To gain access to the developer’s room, players must connect wires to each floor of the skyscraper building. This task requires high stamina to climb and route the cables to their outlets.

Once the wires are connected, players can use Aiden’s GRE key to unlock the door, but they need to be prepared to face an exploding zombie that will attack them once they enter the room.

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3. Mistress Sword

In the Dying Light 2 series, new weapons have been introduced, including swords, machetes, and hammers. One of these new weapons is the Mistress sword, an impressive secret Easter egg and a reference to Zelda’s sword in Legends of Zelda.

Despite its name, the Mistress Sword is a lightweight machete that can quickly defeat enemies. However, players need help to acquire this weapon. They need to gather at least 370 scraps from various resources in the game to unlock the Mistress Sword.

While the Mistress sword is a common-level machete and may not be the best choice for dominating the game, it can be a fun addition to the player’s arsenal, especially at the beginning. It’s a luxury weapon that can add some excitement to the gameplay experience.

2. Flying Broom

Flying in a game can be a relaxing and satisfying experience, and Dying Light 2 offers that through the secretive flying broomstick.

The broomstick is only available for use in the “Baba Yaga Challenge,” but with a simple method, players can keep it and use it to fly around Villedor whenever they want.

Additionally, players can use the flying broom to find more Easter eggs and airdrops hidden throughout the map.

To unlock the flying broomstick, players must first complete the story task “Broadcast.” Once completed, they can take the elevator in the lobby to the roof of the VNC Tower.

On the eastern side of the roof, players will find a yellow crane located just underneath. The safest way to access this Crane is by paragliding down to the room where the flying broomstick is located.

The flying broom Easter eggs in Dying Light 2 are a unique and exciting way to explore the game’s world and a permanent addition to the player’s arsenal.

With this Easter egg, players can fly and discover hidden Easter eggs and airdrops scattered throughout the map. It’s a must-have for any player looking to experience and explore the game’s terrains and secrets fully.

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1. Kyle Crane’s Clone

Are you curious about the fate of Kyle Crane from the original Dying Light in the sequel? Look no further. Dying Light 2 offers a secret path to reveal Kyle Crane’s disguise.

In contrast to the first game, Kyle Crane has new abilities and powers to battle zombies in Dying Light 2. Techland keeps Kyle Crane’s survival a mystery; however, they introduce a new character, Kevin Daniels, who shares similar characteristics and skills as Crane after encountering the main protagonist, Aiden.

Although Kyle Crane from the first series of Dying Light 2 is not present in the second installment, the developers have included Easter eggs in the form of a character named Kevin Daniels, who bears resemblance and similarities to Crane, including his love for baseball caps.

This Easter egg allows players to experience a blend of abilities from the main heroes of Dying Light 1 and Dying Light 2. It is a nostalgic and exciting experience for fans of the original game.

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Conclusion on Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is filled with various Easter eggs that offer players an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience. The game has something for everyone, from references to other games to funny moments and hidden items.

The force choke, developer’s room, Mistress sword, flying broom, and Kyle Crane are some of the best Easter eggs in the game that players can enjoy. Each Easter egg offers a unique experience, and the hunt for them adds to the overall excitement of the game. Overall, the Easter eggs in Dying Light 2 are a great addition to the game, and they provide players with an extra layer of fun and enjoyment.

How did you find our list of top five best Easter eggs in Dying LIGHT2? Which are your fav. Easter eggs in Dying Light 2? Comment below!