5 Best Fortnite Players in 2022


Fortnite Best Players – Are you curious about who the top Fortnite players were in 2022? There are a lot of people who play the game, making it hard to be the best. But we’ve discovered some great players who did it, and we will share their stories with you.

Are you familiar with Fortnite? It’s an amazing game that’s not only super fun to play but also very competitive. That’s why it’s considered one of the greatest games. And did you know that some players have earned millions by playing Epic Games? That’s because there are so many awesome rewards to win. Cool, huh?

Curious about who ruled the Fortnite game in 2022? We have all the info for you! We’ll reveal the number one player and give you a list of the top five players in the world. Isn’t that awesome?

Key Points Covered in the Article

  • Fortnite is a popular and competitive game with high earnings for top players.
  • Aqua David “Aqua” Wang is the current top player globally, with total earnings of $1.5 million from a single tournament in 2019.
  • Veno, a British Fortnite player, earned $158,000 from two tournaments in 2022.
  • Aleksa Cvetkovic, also known as “Queasy,” won $170,000 at the FNCS Grand Finals and is ranked as the 3rd best Fortnite player of 2022.
  • Henrik “Hen” Mclean is the most successful Fortnite player in Lithuania’s history, earning over $500,000 in winnings.
  • Tai “TaySon” Starcic, a Slovenian player, earned over half a million dollars playing Fortnite in 2021 and is predicted to be the top Fortnite player of 2022.
  • The article concludes with FAQs about Fortnite gameplay and strategies to improve one’s gameplay.

Top 5 Fortnite Best Players

1. Aqua

Fortnite player

Aqua David “Aqua” Wang is a well-known Fortnite Battle Royale gamer. In 2019, he and his partner claimed victory in the Fortnite World Cup Duos tournament.

At 17 years old, Aqua won a massive amount, $1.5 million, from a single tournament. He has continued to perform well this year and is currently ranked 5th globally for total earnings.

In May, Aqua won $150,000 for his performance at the Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 3 Season 2 European Grand Finals. Although it was his first tournament win with prize money, his consistently outstanding performance suggests he will likely continue to excel in the future.

2. Veno

Fortnite player

If you’re wondering who the best Fortnite player from Britain is, it’s Veno. In 2020, Harry “Veno” Pearson was the top player in the competitive scene.

Veno, a competitive Fortnite player, has earned $158,000 this year from two tournaments. He has had great success in the current version of the game, Chapter 3.


3. Queasy

Fortnite player

Aleksa Cvetkovic, a 20-year-old Serbian gamer named “Queasy,” won a big prize of $170,000 at the FNCS Grand Finals. He’s so good that he’s the 3rd best Fortnite player of 2022!

Queasy and his friend did well and won the first Chapter 3 tournament. But in the next season, they didn’t win and only got 7th place.

-Queasy is a great video game player from Serbia who has won lots of money in the past two years. He’ll keep playing well and winning even more money. Last year, Queasy got $225,865 for playing, and he might even do better this year.

4. Hen

Fortnite player

In Lithuania, the top Fortnite player is Hen Henrik “Hen” Mclean. He earned $170,000 from contests in 2022, the same amount the previous best player won.

Henrik and Queasy form a Fortnite duo, and Henrik’s performance is equal to Queasy’s, a talented Fortnite player from Serbia.

Henrik started playing Fortnite in 2019 and has taken first place in 3 tournaments. With over $500,000 in winnings, he’s the most successful Fortnite player in Lithuania’s history.

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5. TaySon

Fortnite player

Tai “TaySon” Starcic is set to be the top Fortnite player in 2022. This Slovenian player is already considered the greatest in the world and earned over half a million dollars playing Fortnite last year. In 2021, Tai and his teammates Chapix and Hen claimed victory at the prestigious FNCS Grand Royale tournament.

In 2022, Tai “TaySon” Starcic earned $175,000 from playing Fortnite, putting him at the top of the highest earnings list.

TaySon is an amazing player who is almost ready to win a big $150,000 competition. He’s the only one who hasn’t won a tournament yet, but he’s been doing super well in his games and is one of the top players. All the other competitors have won at least one tournament already.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the best Fortnite players of 2022?

A: Aqua, Veno, Queasy, Hen, TaySon

are among the top players of Fortnite in 2022.

Q: Why are they considered the best?

A: These players stand out for their exceptional gameplay skills, consistently performing well in tournaments and overall expertise in Fortnite.

Q: How can I become better at Fortnite?

A: To improve at Fortnite, you can practice regularly, watch tutorials and gameplays of top players, join online communities, and participate in matches and tournaments.

Q: What gear do the best Fortnite players use?

A: Top Fortnite players use high-end gaming laptops or computers, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, and monitors with high refresh rates for a better gaming experience.

Q: What are the most effective weapons in Fortnite?

A: The best weapons in Fortnite change with the meta and personal preferences. Pump Shotguns, Tactical shotguns, and Sniper rifles are commonly used weapons.

Q: What is the key aspect of Fortnite gameplay?

A: Building skills and strategy are the most crucial aspects of Fortnite gameplay, as the ability to construct structures quickly can greatly impact the outcome of a game.


Fortnite Best Players Summary

  • 2022’s Top 5 Fortnite Players:
    1. Aqua (ranked 5th globally for total earnings)
    2. Veno (top player in Britain)
    3. Queasy (3rd best Fortnite player of 2022, won $225,865 in 2021)
    4. Hen (most successful Fortnite player in Lithuania, with over $500,000 in winnings)
    5. TaySon (considered the greatest Fortnite player in the world, earned $175,000 in 2022)
  • Fortnite is a popular and competitive game
  • Some players have earned millions by playing it
  • Rewards can be won by performing well in the game