Police Traffic Unblocked


Want to play a free online game where you drive a police car? Check out Police Traffic Unblocked. Enjoy an exciting racing experience where you manoeuvre around other vehicles and gather shiny coins. The game can be played directly on your personal computer without requiring any downloads. You can access and drive different law enforcement vehicles as you compete to reach the pinnacle of the race.

About Police Traffic Unblocked

Police Traffic Unlocked enables you to unleash your inner speedster behind the wheel of a law enforcement vehicle. It’s not just about apprehending criminals but also about pushing these robust cars to their maximum potential in a thrilling high-speed competition.

But remember, with all that police horsepower comes a responsibility to dodge civilian traffic. Make a single misstep, and your rapid pursuit will become a rapid collision. Thus, secure yourself as an automotive enthusiast, and determine if you possess the skills necessary to become the swiftest officer on the digital roadways.


  • Navigate through busy streets at high speeds.
  • Avoid colliding with other vehicles on the road.
  • Earn points based on distance travelled and maintain high speed.
  • Achieve close calls with other cars for bonus points (without making contact).
  • Use earned cash to upgrade your police car for improved speed and performance.

Key Features

  • Four unique game modes offer varied driving experiences.
  • Selection of unlockable police car models.
  • Fast-paced gameplay with high-octane action.
  • Simple and accessible controls for players of all skill levels.

Who Should Play

  • Fans of car racing games.
  • Anyone who enjoys dodging traffic and pushing their driving skills to the limit.

Police Traffic Unblocked Modes

Police Traffic Unblocked provides a range of game modes to assess your driving abilities and get your heart racing.

One-Way Blast

Just think of being in a thrilling pursuit at top speed where you are the sole individual on the street. Step on the accelerator and manoeuvre through vehicles without a care in the world—apart from avoiding those annoying civilian cars.

Two-Way Tango

Feeling like a driving ace? Challenge your reflexes with the ultimate test of agility in a two-way traffic scenario. Evade oncoming vehicles from opposite directions to earn points and establish your dominance on the streets as the reigning monarch.

Beat the Clock

Time is your enemy in this mode. Drive your police vehicle to its maximum capacity and observe how swiftly you can finish the track before the timer hits zero. Each fraction of a second matters.

Bomb Squad 

Disregard pursuing criminals; now you’re part of the bomb disposal team. Take control of a fast-moving bus and deactivate an explosive device. Stay on the accelerator and sustain rapid velocity – it’s a tense race against the clock to prevent the bomb from detonating.

Winning Tips For Police Traffic Unblocked

Want to rule the streets in Police Traffic Unblocked? Here’s how to win:

  • Play the Modes: One-Way Blast: Practice turns and close calls (don’t crash).
  • Two-Way Traffic: Be patient and wait for safe chances to pass.
  • Beat the Clock: Take tight corners (slow down if needed). Use nitro for short bursts (if available).
  • Bomb Squad: Drive smooth, don’t slow down on straights.
  • Score Big: Get close to other cars for bonus points (but don’t touch them). The faster you go (without crashing), the more points you get.
  • Upgrade Your Car: Spend money wisely. Get upgrades that help in your favourite mode (e.g., better turning for Two-Way Traffic).

Pros And Cons


  • Free and Easy: No need to pay or download anything; just jump in and play on your web browser.
  • Fast and Fun: Get your adrenaline pumping as you race through traffic, dodging cars and racking up points.
  • Variety is the Spice: Keep things interesting with different game modes, like avoiding traffic or beating the clock.
  • Pimp Your Ride: Earn cash to upgrade your police car, making it faster and flashier.
  • Easy to Learn: Simple controls make it perfect for casual gamers who want to have quick racing fun.


  • Same Old, Same Old: The racing can get repetitive after a while.
  • Just for the Ride: There’s no story or anything to work towards; we are just racing for points.
  • Crash and Burn: Crashing and having to restart can be frustrating, especially when you’re first learning.
  • Not Exactly Gran Turismo: It’s a simple game, so hardcore racing fans might find it lacking in depth.
  • Commercials Can Crash Your Party: Free games often have ads that can pop up and disrupt your racing fun.

Police Traffic Unblocked Controls

Here’s how to control your car in police traffic unblocked:

Turn the Wheel: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard (the ones with pictures of arrows) or the WASD keys (W is like “up” to go forward, A is like “left” to turn left, S is like “stop” to slow down, and D is like “right” to turn right).

Go Fast Like a Rocket: Do you need more speed? Look for the big “Shift” key next to the arrow keys. Press that key and your car will get a special nitro boost, making it zoom even faster. But remember, nitro only lasts a little while.

Stop on a Dime (Well, Almost): Need to slow down quickly or make a sharp turn? Look for the Space key, which is usually the big one with a picture of space on it. Press that key and your car will use its super cool handbrake to slow down really fast, just like in the movies.

Take a Break: Racing can be tiring, even for police officers Press the Tab key or the Esc key if you need a little rest. That will pause the game and allow you to catch your breath before returning to the road.


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In conclusion, Police Traffic Unblocked offers a free and exciting online racing experience. Challenge your driving abilities in different game modes, avoid traffic obstacles, and enhance your law enforcement vehicle for maximum velocity. Despite the absence of a narrative and potential repetition, the user-friendly controls and brief bursts of exhilarating races render it an excellent option for casual players spanning all age groups. Strap in and determine whether you possess the necessary skills to reign supreme as the digital roadways’ ruler (or sovereign).