25+Funny Among us Memes That’ll Blow Your Mind


Calling all Among Us fans. You know that feeling when you’re playing and everyone seems kinda sus? Well, that feeling is what makes Among Us memes so funny. This humor encapsulates the madness of the game, from attempting to deduce the identity of the impostor to the comical instances when an innocent player is accused of wrongdoing. Prepare to chuckle as we delve into the realm of Among Us meme.

Top 20+ Among us Memes

Among Us is a game full of funny moments, and those moments have turned into tons of jokes online called “memes”. These Among us memes capture all the craziness of the game, like:

Sus Alert

Among us Meme

In Among Us, acting even a tiny bit weird can make people think you’re the imposter. This can lead to everyone accusing each other and having crazy emergency meetings all the time.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Among us Meme

Beware of a crew member simply loitering with a task light on – impostors are able to mimic tasks as well. This meme pokes fun at that unreliability.

Vent Hide-and-Seek

Among us Meme

Impostors adore utilizing the vents to move around undetected. This amusing image encapsulates the aggravation of team members who simply cannot apprehend the impostors in the act (or should we mention, red-vented?).

Tasks for All to See

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone could see who’s completing tasks for real? This meme highlights the struggle of convincing everyone you’re not the imposter.

Why the Runaround? 

Among us Meme

Sometimes in Among Us, you gotta chase someone down who seems suspicious. This meme is funny because it reflects the paranoia that sets in during a game, making even normal actions seem suspect.

Red Herring

Among us Meme

New players often jump to accusing the red crewmate first. This meme playfully teases those who rely on stereotypes instead of actual evidence.

Rainbow of Confusion

Among us Meme

Playing with random players can be tough, especially when you’re trying to explain your innocence during a meeting. This meme captures the struggle of clear communication amidst the Among Us chaos.

Meeting Madness

Among us Meme

Calling emergency meetings for silly reasons disrupts the flow of the game. This meme pokes fun at those players who can’t resist the button.

Close Call

Among us Meme

A victory for the imposter by a single vote is both nerve-wracking and hilarious. This meme portrays the imposter’s glee and the crewmates’ despair in those situations.

Musical Among Us 

Among us Meme

Catchy remixes using sound effects and popular songs from the game have become a hilarious trend, adding a musical twist to the meme madness.

Big Chungus in Space

Remember that hilarious Big Chungus rabbit meme? Well, it’s invaded Among Us too.

Sacrifice for the Squad

Among us Meme

This sneaky move involves getting killed by the imposter near a camera, revealing their identity to your teammates.

Be Your Own Best Witness

When “confirm ejects” are on (showing if you voted out the imposter), remember your alibi and tasks to defend yourself during discussions. Like having a strong password.

Blending In

Among us Meme

As an imposter, acting natural and avoiding suspicion is key. Don’t blow your cover.

Trust Nobody

Among us Meme

Crewmates gotta be super observant and question everything to weed out the imposter.

Don’t Be a Space-Slacker

Among us Meme

Going AFK (away from keyboard) can make you look super sus (suspicious).

Teamplay FTW

Among us Meme

Building trust and working together with your crewmates is the best way to win.

Matchy-Matchy is Mandatory

It’s kind of rude not to wear the same hat or accessory as everyone else in the waiting room.

Ugh, So Annoying

Among us Meme

Ever get killed by an imposter who then pretends to be a crewmate? So frustrating.

Power Trip Fail

Feeling powerful as an imposter only to get caught red-handed? Yep, that stings.

Danger Zone

Among us Meme

Entering the electrical area can be risky – it’s a popular spot for imposter ambushes.

Just a Joke (Probably)

Don’t worry, your crewmates probably won’t actually help you fix the wires… yet.

Panic Button? 

Among us Meme

When things get intense, it might feel like you need to call for help.

Out with the Trash

Among us Meme

Sometimes, you just gotta vote out that super annoying teammate.

Benefits of Among us Meme

Among Us memes are like funny secret codes that make the game even more awesome. Here’s why:

They make it funnier:

  • Like a secret handshake: Memes are like inside jokes that only Among Us players understand. They make the game feel more fun and relatable because everyone gets the reference.
  • Laughter is the best medicine: Funny memes lighten the mood during those super intense imposter hunts, making things less stressful and more enjoyable.

They can help you play better:

  • Sneaky tips hidden in jokes: Sometimes memes talk about strategies in a funny way. They possibly refer to “sacrificing for the group” (offering oneself to uncover the impostor) or “being non-sus” (steering clear of actions that raise suspicion).
  • Spotting the patterns: Memes can poke fun at things that happen a lot in the game, like the electrical area being a death trap for crewmates. This can help you be more aware of things to watch out for.

They make the Among Us community stronger:

  • Feeling like you belong: Memes are like a shared experience that makes Among Us players feel like they’re part of a big club.
  • Bringing in new players: Funny memes can catch the eye of people who haven’t played Among Us yet, making them want to join the fun.

Next time you encounter an Among Us meme, keep in mind – it’s not just amusing, it’s aiding in improving your gameplay and fostering connections with fellow players.

When I Shared Among us Meme With My Friend Ben

So I was chilling on the couch, phone in hand, dying laughing at this Among Us meme. It was about trying to explain you’re innocent in a game where everyone’s wearing totally random hats and stuff. You know how confusing that can be?

Anyway, Ben’s in the middle of his own game, but I just gotta show him this meme. Halting his game, he glances over, and suddenly, WHAM. He bursts into laughter just as intensely as I am.

“Dude,” he says, “that’s me every time. I just grab whatever looks cool, and then everyone thinks I’m sus.”

We both know the struggle is real. Matching accessories are, like, the Among Us fashion law.

Then Ben, this sneaky little imposter, goes, “Speaking of sus, did you see the one about the imposter venting with the ‘Don’t Go AFK’ backpack?”

How can you be AFK and venting at the same time? That meme cracked us both up. We spent the next few minutes just sharing all our favorite Among Us memes. From the electrical area being a death trap for crewmates to the glory of winning as an imposter by just one vote, the memes had it all.

Finally, Ben had to wipe a tear from his eye. “Alright, alright,” he exclaimed, “no more memes at this moment. My belly is aching from all the laughter. I attempted to share one more, but he insisted we return to the actual game. No worries though, the memes just made us even more excited to play Among Us and create some hilarious moments of our own.


In Conclusion, Among Us memes are like funny codes that make the game even better. They make us laugh during those super serious imposter hunts, and they can even help you play smarter. Plus, they make the entire Among Us community feel like a big club. So next time you see a funny Among Us meme, remember – it’s not just a joke, it’s part of what makes this game so awesome.


Q: Why is among us becoming a meme?

A: It all started with gamers making funny references to the game, kind of like a secret code only they understood. But then, those jokes exploded on social media. Pictures of the red crewmate and phrases like “I saw them vent” were everywhere. It transformed from a private jest to a topic of widespread discussion amongst all.

Q: Is Among Us inappropriate for kids?

A: In the midst of things, Among Us can provide a thrilling adventure for teens and adults, but it may not be as appealing to the junior audience. Therefore, here is the essential information you should be aware of:

  • A bit too spooky: The game has some cartoon violence, and while it’s not super realistic, it could still be scary for younger children.
  • Chatting with strangers: Among Us lets players talk to each other during the game, but you never know who you might be talking to online. It’s more secure for young children to steer clear of conversing with unfamiliar individuals.
  • Age rating matters: Experts who rate video games (ESRB) gave Among Us a 10+ rating. This means they think it’s best for kids 10 years old and up.

Q: Why am i banned from Among Us?

A: Among Us is all about teamwork and having a good time. Here are some ways to keep it fun for everyone:

  • Play fair: No using tricks or special programs to win. Let your skills shine.
  • Focus on the game: Among Us is about finding the imposter, not finding a date. Keep the romance out of it.
  • Be a good crewmate: Don’t try to get other players in trouble unless they’re actually cheating.
  • Spread positivity: Don’t use the rules to be mean. Be a good teammate and have fun together.