How to Play Plinko in Online Casino?


Plinko is a game that has been around for a long time. It was first known because it was on a TV show called The Price Is Right. Recently, people have been playing it more online in gambling streams. Some of the most popular Twitch casino streamers love Plinko because it is simple but exciting.

Although it has simple visuals and rules, Plinko is a casino game that can offer you some serious wins. Rothstein, one of the biggest fans of this game, has spent hours playing and managed to win $2 million betting on Plinko.

Rothstein Won $2 million by playing plinko in online casino

If you want to join in on the fun and excitement of playing Plinko, this article will give you all the necessary information. You can find out where to play and how to play Plinko.

Where To Play Plinko Online?

There are two popular providers of Plinko games: Spribe and BGaming. You can try out the demo mode on their official websites, but if you want to start playing for real money immediately, many casinos in our network have Plinko games.

People who like to gamble with cryptocurrencies can do the same as those who use fiat currencies in the Plinko game.

How To Play Plinko Game in Online Casinos?

In Plinko, you put money on a triangle-shaped board of pins. A ball is dropped from the top, hitting the pins as it falls. This makes the ball change directions, eventually falling into one of the boxes below the pins board.

Plinko game

Each box has different cash rewards, described by the bet multiplier – 0.2x, 0.5x, 2x, 22x, 1,000x, etc. The smallest prizes are in the middle section, but the bet multipliers get higher as you move toward the triangle’s edges.

Choose The Bet Size to start playing Plinko game in online Casino.

The first step is to choose how much you want to bet. This usually falls between $0.1 and $100, but you can bet more. Remember that Plinko on autoplay goes faster than most casino games, so bet a little more conservatively if you need to get used to playing quickly.

Decide The Number of Pins

Yes, you can choose how big your Plinko board will be. The number of pins on the board affects how often you win prizes. Fewer pins lead to more wins but smaller prizes. More pins lead to bigger wins, but they only happen sometimes.

For example, in the Bgaming version, when you’re playing Plinko with eight lines of pins, the maximum payout is 29x. When you increase the number of lines to 16, the max payout becomes x1000, but now there is a smaller chance of winning.

You can play with fewer pins to make the gambling session last longer if you are on a tight budget.

Set The Plinko Game Risk Level

The Plinko game is simple, but it can be customized to fit the needs of different players. You can choose how risky the Plinko game is, which gives you some control over how much the game varies.

You can choose from three levels of gameplay: low, normal, and high risk. The higher the risk, the higher the rewards will be. However, the lower the frequency of winning. If you plan on dropping only a few balls down the board, it’s best to stick with low or normal risk.

Choose Between Manual or Autoplay Plinko game in Online Casino.

Like in online slots, players can play the game manually or autoplay. However, when Plinko is in autoplay mode, many balls will fall down the board at the same time. This means that the gameplay happens much faster than in slots. Every player should remember this when setting their bets because their budget can melt this way quickly.

There are three different risk levels in Plinko based on the Plinko version, and a different ball color represents each level. You can set how many bets/balls you want, and the autoplay will stop after that number. If you want to stop it earlier, click ‘Stop.’

Provably Fair Game

When you play Plinko, you get a stamp that proves the game is fair. You can check to see if the results were random after you play. Bitcoin casinos will give players information about the Casino and client hash before making any bets. After a bet is made, a different seed will be available, and you can check to see if that seed matches the original hash.

Different casinos have different ways of checking if their games are fair. You can read about the Casino’s specific process on their FAQ or Provably Fair section.

Tips to Play Plinko Online Casino

There is no strategy to win at Plinko. But for beginners, there are things to keep in mind that will improve their experience playing Plinko.

  • If you play Plinko, you are guaranteed to get a prize. But the prize has to be more than what you bet, or it is not considered a win. Because of this effect, most new players think they are winning more than they are.
  • Make sure you play the game in a licensed and regulated online casino. Remember also to check the casino reviews.
  • Remember that Plinko is for entertainment, not to make money. You cannot earn cryptocurrencies by playing this game.
  • Some people play Plinko with different rules. Before you start playing with a lot of money, try it out with a small bet to see how it goes.
  • If the game allows it, always set a specific number of bets in autoplay instead of letting the balls roll down. This way, you can better control how much money you spend. Many players hit ‘Stop’ too late and lose more money than they should.

How to play Plinko in Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions.

Q- Is the Plinko game different from other ball drop casino games?

A – Plinko is a game of chance. In this slot machine, you’ll need quick reflexes and an eye for detail to win – but not in the way one might think. 

The balls are dropped from different chutes with various methods that make them difficult (but not impossible)to predict where they will land when released; it’s all about timing your bet wisely because if incorrect predictions happen repeatedly, then there can be serious financial losses attached.

Q- Is Plinko a ball drop gambling game?

A- Plinko is an online gambling game in which players must predict where a ball will land after it’s dropped from the chute.

Q- How does Plinko differ from Baccarat and Roulette?

A- The object of Plinko is to predict where a ball will land after it’s dropped from an overhead chute. The player has three chances; if they’re correct on all three attempts, their score increases by one point for each successful guess, but anyone who makes no valid predictions gets nothing.

On the other hand, the goal in baccarat, roulette, and ball drop blackjack are to predict where the ball will land after it has been spun around a wheel.

Q- Other than Plinko, what are the other ball drop games you can play online?

A- The ball drop gambling games are endless. If you’re looking for a new way to gamble online, look no further than these great options:

Ball Drop Blackjack: As the name implies, Ball Drop Blackjack is played with balls instead of cards. The game starts like regular blackjack- players must bet whether or not they think an upright card will be closer to achieving 21 points than another one; however, there’s also a bonus round.

If your guess is wrong when picking which way something falls from its chute, then you lose all bets on both sides, but if proven correct – well, happy days because victory has been yours.

Ball Drop Baccarat: Ball Drop Baccarat is like regular baccarat, except that instead of cards being dealt and then played back to you, there will be balls placed on top. It would help if you predicted which ball (or group) has the highest chance of landing closest or over the target area.

Ball Drop Roulette: Ball drop roulette is a game where the wheel has an open chute, and balls are dropped onto it. To start playing, one must pick their target number (1-36) and whether they want white or red winners; if there’s no winner, someone else will get bored with winning all day long.

Now you know how to play Plinko in Online Casino. So share it with your friends, and please let us know if you have found any trick to win at Plinko. We can surely share that with our users, and for you, we will give credit with a photo on our website and its social media channels.

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