Bad Time Simulator: The Ultimate Guide


If you’re new to Bad Time Simulator, you might find it challenging. Many gamers quit because of its difficulty. However, if you enjoy a challenge, you’ll love this reskin of Jcw87’s game.

You can choose different modes in the game, like normal, endless, custom attack, or single attack. You can also use JCW87’s Reskin, which includes elements from GotoandDie’s Sans hard battle mode.

Bad Time Simulator has a high rating of 4.8 stars, showing how much users love it. You can change the game’s difficulty level while playing or before starting the simulation.

The Creator of Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator was created by a user named pokemaster2005. It was inspired by UNDERTALE, a game developed by indie developer TobyFox.

UNDERTALE is available on platforms like PS4, PC, and Vita, and Bad Time Simulator is a kind of reskin of Jcw87’s game.

Gameplay and Popularity

The game’s UI (User Interface) might look simple, but the gameplay is very challenging. The levels are hard, and that’s why players like the game. Have you never done it before? Do not worry; try it. You will love it.

Understanding the Game Concept

This game is a story-based adventure where a child falls into an underworld full of monsters. As a player, your goal is to survive by fighting against Sans, a key character in the game.

Surviving the Fight with Sans

To fight Sans, you need to trigger the genocide route. Without following this route, the player cannot engage in the Sans fight simulator.

How to Defeat Monsters in Bad Time Simulator

In this level, you need to defeat 26 monsters. Once you defeat them, you face the Papyrus monster.

You need to follow a specific sequence to defeat monsters in Bad Time Simulator.

First, defeat all the monsters in the ruins. Once you’ve defeated everyone there, focus on defeating the Toriel monster, the boss of level 1. After defeating Toriel, you’ll progress to level

2.In this level, you need to defeat 26 monsters. Once you defeat them, you face the Papyrus monster. Defeat Papyrus to move on to level 3.

In level 3, you must defeat 18 monsters before facing Undyne. This is the general strategy for defeating monsters in Bad Time Simulator.

Evil Characters in Bad Time Simulator

In the game, there are several evil characters, with the most powerful listed last and the weakest listed first, according to game reviews:

  1. Toriel Simulator
  2. Papyrus Simulator
  3. Undyne Simulator
  4. Mettaton Simulator
  5. Bad Time Simulator Custom Attacks

Custom Attacks in the Game

Players can use custom attacks in the game to defeat monsters. These attacks differ from those against monsters like Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne, and Mettaton.

Custom attacks add a unique new twist to the gameplay, allowing players to think and strategize to defeat them.

Various Modes in Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator offers different modes to enhance gameplay and provide a more challenging experience for players.

Switching between modes during gameplay increases the difficulty level and introduces new challenges. These modes also enhance the gameplay, ensuring players do not get bored quickly.

Various Game Modes in Bad Time Simulator

1. Multiplayer: Players can team up with others to defeat monsters in this mode. Multiplayer can be two 2x2s or four 4x4s with your friends.

2. Team Mode: Team up with other players to enjoy a more fun and cooperative gameplay experience. Working together, players can defeat monsters more effectively.

3. Vehicle/Equipment: This mode adds vehicles and equipment to the game, making it more exciting and challenging.

4. Map/Level: Explore different maps or levels and adjust the game’s difficulty level to suit your preferences.

5. Tutorial Mode: This mode is helpful for new players, providing a tutorial to help them understand the game and learn how to play Bad Time Simulator.

Bad Time Simulator – Papyrus Fight

Papyrus is a major battle in the underworld located in the game’s Sweden area. Before facing Papyrus, the player must defeat 26 monsters. Trying to defeat Papyrus without first defeating these monsters can make the battle challenging.

Bad Time Simulator – Undyne Fight

Undyne is an anamorphic monster in the game, with scales covering her body and a red ponytail. To defeat Undyne, the player must first defeat all 18 monsters. Only then can you challenge and defeat Undyne.


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Conclusion on Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator is a fun and exciting game to play. However, it can be challenging due to its difficult levels and reliance on cheat codes.

The game offers various modes like tutorial and multiplayer, adding to its appeal.

To progress in the game, you need to defeat monsters like Papyrus and Undyne. If you really enjoy simulation games, you should try the top simulation games for Android.

If you found this information helpful, please leave a comment below.