Monopoly Slot Machines Odds | Everything You Need to Know


We have collected info on Monopoly slot machines odds, bonuses and everything you need to know. Monopoly slot games are one of the most popular board games and one of the longest-running games. There are several Monopoly slot games out there that are quite addictive and enjoyable.

Today we will be talking about two unique and engaging Monopoly slot games from TwinSpires Casino, i.e., Monopoly Utility Trails and Monopoly Big Spin. The amazing thing about these games is that you can win so easily and quickly.

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Monopoly Big Spin Casino Game

Monopoly Big Spin is an amazing fusion of a slot machine and roulette, developed by SG Digital. The game has a big spin wheel with usual Monopoly icons on the segments. The multicolored segments represent the group of properties, Utilities, Railroad, Free Parking, Go, and Chance.

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The segments have different wheel sizes. And this gives the random and different probability that these segments land under the arrow.

Monopoly Big Spin game

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You have to put a bet on the place where you think the wheel will stop, as in roulette. You can choose the betting amount to bet on different choices.

  • Now spin the wheel and hope it stops at the point where you wanted it to be.
  • The prizes are different for every segment on the wheel, and it differs in the size of the segments.
  • It has the payouts from 40/1 for hitting Go to 5/1 for the dark property, so it is the lowest award, as you might have seen in a real Monopoly game.
  • If the wheel stops at the segment, you place your bet, and you will win your bet amount multiplied by the given odds. Let’s understand it with an example. 
  • You can win $24 if you bet $2 on the Railroad segment. 
  • Chance and Community Chest awards you for spinning free again on the bonus wheel.
  • If you win a bet on Free Parking, it awards 30/1 and 2 free spins. 
  • Betting on GO can let you win 40/1 and a free spin.

Free spins are the free chances to try your luck again, and you can win if the wheel stops on the segment you placed a bet.

A bonus wheel guarantee you win a segment, and it can multiply the bet amount from 5x to 200x. The game got so popular among the users that it has a 95.8% RTP for this Monopoly slot machine.

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Monopoly Utility Trails Slot Game 

Developed by SG Digital, Monopoly Utility Trails is one of the popular Monopoly slot games from TwinSpires Casino. It is a different game from Big Spin and is full of pieces like a bowler hat, dog, racing car, and ship.

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monopoly utility trails slot
  • This game has a seven-row slot and eight-reel. It features the higher-paying Monopoly game playing token signs and lower-paying jewels of multicolor. 
  • You must get at least five of the same symbols in a straight line to win (across or connected up but not diagonally).
  • The last winning symbols washed out, and more symbols appear from above, meaning you can win more than once on a single spin.
  • There are two gauges on the side of the game, i.e., electricity and a water gauge, representing the two utility companies in the Monopoly board game. 
  • If a water/electricity symbol lands on the reels, it slightly pushes the appropriate gauge level. These gauges only reduce once you reach the top. You can get one of the two bonus rounds if you reach the top.
  • The electricity Company feature awards you with three special spins, where the grid fills with Prosperity Card. If it happens, you might win a hotel or a house ( not the real ones, haha but a big pile of cash).
  • The Waterworks bonus feature free spins that can lock the winning clusters. They just fill the screen, and the taps on each reel open up, i.e., making your symbols the next highest paying symbols. You can repeat it lots of times to earn a big payout.

The final bonus feature unlocks if you manage to land four railway stations in each corner of the screen. If it happens, it triggers the Wild Rail feature, making the train car wild, which can make you win.

This Monopoly casino slot game has an RTP of 96.72%.

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Monopoly Slot Games Bonuses

You are awarded a special sign-up bonus if you register your account with TwinSpires Casino. 

Here it is everything you needed to know about Monopoly slot machine odds, bonus and description. So what are you waiting for Christmas? Haha, sign-up for these exciting Monopoly Casino Slot Games. Cheerzzzzz