Blooket Codes for April 2024: Stay Tuned for Exciting Updates


Blooket codes in April 2024, Blooket is a super popular game for kids, loved by teachers in classrooms. But it’s not just for school – you can also play live matches with special codes. Here, we’ve gathered all the Blooket codes available for April 2024.

Blooket is different from other games like Wordle because it’s not just about fun – it also helps you learn new things. In the game, someone called the host picks questions and game modes to make sure everyone has a great time playing. Teachers use it in class, but kids can also enjoy it on their own.

Get ready for a super fun game that will make your classroom exciting, As you play and do well, you can collect cool “Blooks,” which are colorful animal blocks that will be your special icons.

And guess what? In April 2024, you can join live matches by using special codes in the game. We have a list of all the available Blooket codes for you to use and have lots of fun. So, get ready to enjoy Blooket to the fullest.

Blooket Codes for April 2024

Looking for active Blooket codes for April 2024? This month, we’ve done the legwork to find codes currently linked to live games.

We regularly update the list to remove expired codes. If you come across a code that’s not working, please let us know so we can remove it from the list.

Active Codes at the Moment

Here are the latest Blooket PINs (updated as of April 29, 2024):

  • 6385599
  • 2908896
  • 5999501
  • 1601167
  • 6497990
  • 8932175
  • 3932138

To join a Blooket game, click on “Join A Match” and enter one of the codes provided above.

Stay Tuned for Updates

Keep an eye out for the latest Blooket codes, New codes are regularly provided within the game. Make sure to check back here often for any new additions.

How to Use Blooket Codes and Join a Match

Here’s an easy guide to using Blooket codes and joining a match:

  1. Go to the official Blooket website.
  2. Click on “Join a Match.”
  3. Enter the Blooket code in the box provided.
  4. Log in with your Google Account to start the game.

Enjoy playing Blooket, and stay excited for future code releases.

Expired Blooket Codes

325202Live Match
5124264Live Match
389738Live Match
843129Live Match
8936019Live Match
860159Live Match
9028310Live Match
768456Live Match
283536Live Match
466877Live Match
899054Live Match
985227Live Match
355555Live Match
584165Live Match
860159Live Match
9028310Live Match
768456Live Match
283536Live Match
497014Live Match
3778473Live Match
7643619Live Match

Here is a table showing all the Blooket Codes that were released in August 2023, but they are not valid anymore.


Blooket Codes for April 2024: Stay Tuned for Exciting Updates

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