Mobile Gambling is Taking the World on the Storm


Mobile gambling has been on the rise for years, and as of December 2013, over 100 mobile casinos were operating. Major casino operators offer their player base access to various games through this remote device platform.

Many people turned to online gaming when land-based casinos were closed or operating under restrictions in 2020 and 2021.

Now that things have returned to normal with a new bill passed by Ontario legislators, allowing them an opportunity for some gambling revenue at home while still providing alternatives abroad— exacerbated by Nova Scotia following suit shortly afterward.

While mobile gambling websites and apps have become the most popular way to access online gambling, some still prefer a desktop experience.

We take an in-depth look at both endings below:

What is Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling is the new trend in land-based casinos.

Instead of playing with chips, you use your phone or tablet to make bets on video poker, Baccarat and blackjack games that are available worldwide through an app store like iTunes Store for iOS devices (i Pod Touch), Android Market Place Google Play store).

There are even multiplayer versions where players can compete against each other while they wait at their own homes.

This lessens waiting time between rounds, too, because many people want results as soon as possible, so this gives them the option to enjoy not only single-player modes but also multiplayer ones, all from one place 24/7, 365 days per year, just by logging onto any connected internet device whether computer laptop netbook, etc.

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Mobile Gambling Market

The Mobile Lottery was the first mobile gambling venture in 2003. After wireless casino groundings were legalized, it developed an innovative way of offering games through phones and other devices.

The European Union was once the largest market for mobile gambling. Still, with Asia quickly catching up, it’s no longer an obstacle to growth.

At this point, there are only two countries in all of Southeast Asia that allow legal phone-based gaming: Hong Kong and China (though analysts predict Macau will follow suit soon). For most parts of APAC, though, you’re limited.

The global mobile gambling industry was forecasted to generate more than $19 billion in 2009. Still, the unexpected 2006 U.S. prohibition of all internet-based gaming raised just over half that amount – or about 11%.

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This data shows how quickly mobile gambling can change when policy changes are made.

In 2011, the European Union was still without a single mobile gambling legislative framework.

Because each country has its own set of widely different laws which regulate it, ranging from Finland, where they operate internet casinos under government monopoly, to Norway, which prefers complete prohibition on online mobile gambling.

Both countries can be seen as examples of what could happen if there were no regard less regulatory system in place.

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Mobile Gambling Market predication

The report estimates that by 2015 there will be over $48 billion wagered on mobile casino games. This prediction hinges largely upon two factors:

  • The high growth rates are seen in emerging markets like India, China, and other selected countries.
  • Europe’s liberalization towards internet mobile gambling legislation was passed earlier this year after decades where it had been illegal altogether.

The United States also legalized online mobile gambling again after repealing the Unlawful internet gambling enforcement act 2006.

This law prohibited people from accessing unauthorized sites where they could legally play cards or dice based mostly off.

The growth of mobile gambling is undeniable. A 2010 Gartner forecast 2014 global revenues reaching $11 billion, with final numbers proving to be in excess or even higher than projects within the year.

It’s only logical that this formatted market would cause Apple problems when they allowed real money apps for the first time onto its store during 2011-2012 seasons due an increase from £19 million U.K. players per month up until June 2012.

And then there was Betfair, who reported 300% more users thanks entirely to their newly adopted app strategies which have effectively converted spare time bettors into paying customers by making them.

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Legalization of the Online Casinos

The Department Of Justice slowed the growth of mobile gambling in America, but successful services had already been launched.

In 2012 there was a push for south Jersey to allow gamblers to use their phones or tablets at casinos which will compete with Las Vegas because they have been adopting these devices long before it became law here too.

When the Supreme Court ruled that Americans have a right to bet on sports, Rhode Island was ready.

In March 2019, they became the only state in America with permission for mobile gambling and an app that allows you to place small wagers at Twin River Casino remotely through your phone or tablet.

On 19 February 2020, it was reported that New Jersey had collected $837 million from general sports gamblers from as far away as N.Y. and Pennsylvania.

The money is bringing in more than ever thanks to a 12-and-half% tax on each bet placed, which has helped push politicians towards legalizing mobile gambling with this new law going into effect next month.

The Wall Street Journal reported in September 2019 that 80% of all legal wagers on games come from online mobile gambling players.

This surpassed Nevada for the first time and is now at 61%. The number had increased fivefold since last year when only one state had allowed it: New Jersey.

Mobile gamblers wagered $3 billion within this single year with 2/4ths (80%) happening via mobile devices or websites like Google Chrome browser,” says Dr. Scott Robeson, Sports Betting expert & Chairperson.

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Mobile Sports Betting

With mobile gambling on the rise, Reuters noted that there were increasing corruption concerns about using phone hacking to game these systems.

However, sports betting is not just limited to placing wagers from your home country.

It’s also common for people all over the world – regardless of whether they’re American or British-to place their bets through an online site like bet365, where you can find out what odds are currently being offered by different bookmakers before making any decisions.

Mobile casino games

Mobile gambling is on the rise, and there are many different types to choose from.

Some examples include slot machines, table games like craps or Blackjack, new game modes such as poker tournaments that you can access through your phone’s browser platform (which will allow you to play them anywhere), live dealer versions streamed directly by casinos using real dealers standing in front of cameras just like at an actual casino floor.

This type has been gaining traction lately because it takes some aspects out.

A comScore study done last year found 7% more smartphone users playing mobile slots than those who don’t own smartphones.

What do these statistics mean? It seems clear: More people today enjoy Mobile Casinos than ever before.

You can find the first type of slot machine, sports-betting, and random number-generated gambling to take place legally off the licensed gaming floor while still inside a U.S. casino in America – it’s online, at least.

Google does not allow any real-money mobile gambling apps on its Play Store. This means that users must play social casinos where they can purchase in-game coins or buy a card for credit to use them.

Still, these can be redeemed only at specific vendors and cannot easily transfer between devices, as other cryptocurrencies may do without third-party involvement.

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Benefits of Mobile Casino Gambling

Mobile casinos have become a popular way to gamble due, in large part, to convenience. You can play wherever you’re connected, whenever it is easy for your schedule – even if that means right now.

The mobile gambling industry has thrived in recent years, and it’s not surprising why.

They have superior payouts compared to land-based casinos and offer benefits like Freeplay trials or cash-back deals for new players who want an incentive to try out their games on the go.

You can expect faster customer service with mobile platforms. They are often more responsive and offer instant access to help via chat, telephone, or other messenger services if you ever need it.

mobile gambling still

Disadvantages of Mobile Gambling

This might change your mind if you’re a player that’s put off by the small screens on mobile casinos.

You can see what is going on more clearly when using desktop monitors – but it comes at the cost of any Internet activity and viewing photos/streaming movies, etcetera.

While it is true that people need to take security more seriously on their phones as they would on a desktop or laptop, this doesn’t mean the problem of hacking into your phone’s accounts exists solely because you’re using an Android device.

Mobile gambling problem signs
Problem Gambling Signs and Treatment

It also has to do with how easily criminals find ways into our personal information when we leave devices unlocked and unattended at convenience stores near gambling venues like Las Vegas casinos.

The 5G rollout is consigning these issues to history. Mobile gambling has more pros than cons as long as your eyesight isn’t too bad and you take sensible security precautions.

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Is Mobile Gambling Good?

  • Backup Device – Whether it’s your computer or phone, a backup device is essential to success when betting on sports. You never know what could happen, but if you can place and monitor bets remotely with whichever platform suits you better for convenience, then do so.
  • Backup Connection – The broadband goes out? No problem, You can use your mobile device instead to bet while waiting for the repairer. Make sure it’s enabled and connected with betting sites like Betfair, Paddy Power, or William Hill via SMS messaging.
  • No need to step out of the house – There is no need to travel to the far away land-based casinos. Now you can gamble on your mobile sitting on your couch or bed.


Just as much of a future without smartphones is unimaginable, it’s difficult to picture an entire industry ignoring this technology. Mobile gaming apps have been one major reason why the global gambling business has seen unprecedented growth in recent years and continue on this trend today, with more people playing games from their phone than ever before.

In this new and exciting era for mobile gambling, it is now more widely accepted than ever before.

With casinos being released from their Atlantic City constraints as well as Las Vegas’ grip on the industry leader in America’s culture of games played with lucky tokens or currency signed up at an online site designed specifically to bring gamblers together across state lines by providing them access not only through land-based betting casinos but also via mobile apps available on smartphones which allow players instant gratification when choosing their bets right down whatever device they choose.

Where is Sports Betting Legal in the US.

AlabamaNot AllowedNot Allowed
AlaskaNot AllowedNot Allowed
CaliforniaNot AllowedNot Allowed
DelawareNot AllowedAllowed
FloridaNot AllowedNot Allowed
GeorgiaNot AllowedNot Allowed
HawaiiNot AllowedNot Allowed
IdahoNot AllowedNot Allowed
KentuckyNot AllowedNot Allowed
MaineIn ReviewIn Review
MarylandIn ReviewAllowed
MassachusettsIn ReviewIn Review
MinnesotaNot AllowedNot Allowed
MississippiNot AllowedAllowed
MissouriNot AllowedNot Allowed
MontanaNot AllowedAllowed
NebraskaNot AllowedIn Review
New HampshireAllowedAllowed
New JerseyAllowedAllowed
New MexicoNot AllowedAllowed
New YorkAllowedAllowed
North CarolinaNot AllowedAllowed
North DakotaNot AllowedAllowed
OhioIn ReviewIn Review
OklahomaNot AllowedNot Allowed
Rhode IslandAllowedAllowed
South CarolinaNot AllowedNot Allowed
South DakotaNot AllowedAllowed
TennesseeAllowedNot Allowed
TexasNot AllowedNot Allowed
UtahNot AllowedNot Allowed
VermontNot AllowedNot Allowed
WashingtonNot AllowedAllowed
Washington D.C.AllowedAllowed
West VirginiaAllowedAllowed
WisconsinNot AllowedAllowed
WyomingAllowedNot Allowed


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