What Is Jack-O Pose? Meme Explained


In the vast landscape of internet memes, the Jack o Pose, also known as Jack-O Crouch, has emerged as a delightful and amusing phenomenon with global popularity. Originating from the character Jack-O Valentine in the game Guilty Gear, this unique pose quickly went viral after its introduction in 2019 and continues to be a beloved meme today.

Genesis of the Jack o Pose: A Memorable Introduction in Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR”

The origin story of the Jacko Pose can be traced back to the release of Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR in May 2016. Jack-O Valentine, armed with a distinctive ball and chain and featuring gameplay inspired by Guilty Gear II, left a lasting impact on the gaming community.

Absolute Queen: The Memetic Masterpiece of October 8, 2019

On October 8, 2019, the Jacko Pose gained significant traction when Guilty Gear content creator @munchyjr_ shared the “Absolute Queen” video on Twitter and YouTube. This bait-and-switch masterpiece featured Potemkin hilariously mimicking Jack-O’s iconic pose, accompanied by the catchy tune “Ordinary Days V2” by Klaus Veen.

Resurgence in Strive: Jack-O’s Return and Memetic Revival

The Jacko Pose experienced a resurgence on August 15, 2021, with the announcement that Jack-O would join Guilty Gear Strive as a DLC character. Shared on YouTube by the ArcSystemsWork channel, this news not only brought Jack-O back into the spotlight but also injected new life into the Jack o Pose meme.

Twitter Frenzy: @luulubuu’s GIF and the Viral ‘She is so normal’ Caption

The recovery was unmistakable on August 15, 2021, when @luulubuu posted a GIF of Jack-O’s hunker on Twitter, joined by the inscription “She is so typical.” The tweet immediately built up some decent forward momentum, collecting 7,700 preferences and 1,000 retweets in only four days.


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In summary, the Jack o Pose has become an enduring and ever-evolving meme within the vibrant Guilty Gear community. This article documents the captivating journey of a meme that continues to captivate and entertain enthusiasts worldwide, from its inception in 2016 to its resurgence in 2021.


Q: What is a jack-o-pose?

A: The Jack-O Pose meme captures the crouching stance of Guilty Gear’s character, Jack-O Valentine. Its rise to popularity occurred in August 2021 and is notably alluded to in both “Liar Liar Pants On Fire” and “Hello Color.”

Q: What anime is Jacko from?

A: Jack-O’ Valentine is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. She plays a significant role as one of That Man’s three associates, alongside Raven and I-No. Her past is shrouded in mystery, and her memories are not entirely clear. Due to an incomplete awakening, she relies on her mask and candy for proper functioning.

Q: Is the jack-pose physically possible?

A: Participating in the Jack O Challenge in real life demands a certain level of flexibility and agility that may surpass the abilities of many individuals. It is strongly advised against attempting this pose at home due to the potential for actual physical injuries and the risk of spraining various body parts.

Q: Is Jack O difficult?

A: Jack-O’ Valentine proves to be a captivating character in Guilty Gear Strive, offering a unique learning experience. While her normals are decent, her primary focus and damage potential lie in her capacity to summon and control a small group of Minions.