Stardew Valley: How To ‘Feed The Sand Dragon His Last Meal’


Players can start the Mysterious Qi questline whenever they want in Stardew Valley. But once they’ve fixed the Battery Pack near the tunnel by the bus stop, Mr. Qi will give them some strange tasks to do, like feeding to give the sand dragon his last meal.

Players have to “give the sand dragon his last meal in one part of the quest.” Some players might see the sand dragon as an enemy because they usually think of dragons as tough challenges, like those in the Skull Cavern.

But players don’t have to fight the dragon like a boss. To finish this part of the quest, they just need a Solar Essence and a trip to the Calico Desert.

This means it’s time for the sand dragon’s final meal and the end of Mr. Qi’s journey. In this article, you Will Understand the details about give the sand dragon his last meal.

Stardew Valley: Finding the Scary Skull and Getting Solar Essence

To finish this task, players need to get a Solar Essence. Solar Essence comes from different enemies, like ghosts, squid kids, mummies, iridium bats, hotheads, blue squid ghosts, and hard-as-nails. Or players can buy it from Krobus for 80g.

Another way is to have ten Sunfish in the Fish Pond, giving one Solar Essence daily. One easy way to get Solar Essence, especially at the start of the game, is to explore the cold mine levels where ghosts live.

Ghosts are the best way to get Solar Essence for players who haven’t unlocked Skull Cavern, Krobus, or the Sunfish Fish Pond. And if players are exploring Ginger Island and need Solar Essence quickly, they can find it in the volcanic dungeon there.

Stardew Valley Features

  • Create Your Dream Farm: Make your messy fields into a lively and fruitful farm!
  • Live Off the Land: Learn to take care of animals, go fishing, grow crops, make things, or try them all; you get to decide.
  • Be Part of the Town: Pelican Town has more than 30 people you can be friends with.
  • Find Someone Special: There are 12 people in town you can go on dates with and maybe even start a family.
  • Explore Big Caves: Go into big, mysterious caves, meet scary monsters, and find valuable treasures underground.
  • Make It Yours: Choose from lots of ways to make your character and home look unique.

How to Reach Calico Desert? 

Calico Desert, where you can find the sand dragon, is outside Stardew Valley. To go there, you have to finish the vault bundle at the Community Centre.

Prize: You’ll get three Chocolate Cakes when you complete a 2,500 Bundle. 

Once you finish a 5,000 Bundle, you’ll receive 30 High-Quality Plant Food.

Also, for every ten thousand Bundles, you’ll get a Lightning Rod, and for every twenty-five thousand Bundles, you’ll get a Crystalarium.

You’ll need 42,500 gold to fix the bus and buy Desert bus tickets. If you want to take the Joja Route, just select “Bus” on the Development Form; it costs 40,000 gold.

Tips for Getting to the Calico Desert

Once you’ve gathered everything you need to give the sand dragon his last meal, remember to bring the Solar Essence with you to the desert.

In Stardew Valley, the bus service starts around 10:10 a.m. You can only buy tickets when Pam is driving. Pam leaves her post at 5 p.m., so if you’re still in the desert after that time, you’ll automatically go back home.

You can use Warp Totems to go to and from the desert to save money on bus fare. You can also use a Desert Warp Totem and then catch the bus back to the Valley whenever you need to without spending any money.

Where to Find the Sand Dragon for His Last Meal 

When you arrive in the desert, walk west along the road until you see a big animal skeleton on the south side. That’s where you need to bring something to give the sand dragon his final meal.

Approach the skeleton and use the Solar Essence on the sand dragon’s skull’s mouth. This will unlock the last task in the Mysterious Qi questline, asking you to check the timber pile near your farmhouse. Once you finish, you’ll get a Club Card, which lets you go to Calico Desert’s Casino anytime.

Decoding the Enigma of Mysterious Qi, Lumber Pile, and Step 1

To locate the Casino, go south from the sand dragon’s bones near the Oasis shop. You’ll find the Casino hidden in a back area that you can only enter with a Club Card. Inside, you can play different games.

Stardew Valley 2024 Update

Energizing news for Stardew Valley fans. As of late, the game’s maker, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, shared on Twitter that the hotly anticipated 1.6 update is practically done and set to be sent off in 2024.

Initially wanted to be a more modest update, it has extended to incorporate significant highlights like another ranch type, a critical celebration, late-game substance, and backing for 8-player multiplayer on PC.

Barone consoles fans that the update is in the last bug-fixing and cleaning stage, offering thanks for their understanding. Remain tuned for more fun in Stardew Valley with the impending delivery.


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In conclusion, Stardew Valley’s Mysterious Qi questline unfolds as players engage in tasks like feeding the sand dragon its last meal. Navigating through challenges such as obtaining Solar Essence and accessing Calico Desert enriches the gaming experience.

The ultimate reward, the Club Card, unlocks the Casino, adding a layer of excitement and exploration to the Stardew Valley universe.

Embark on this quest and elevate your gaming adventure in the charming world of Stardew Valley. Remember these details to ensure you correctly give the sand dragon his last meal.


Q: How do you give the sand dragon his final meal?

A: Find the sand dragon near its skeleton. Go close and use the Solar Essence on its skull’s mouth. That’s it! You’ve give the sand dragon his final meal.

Q: What level is Mr Qi on?

A: Mr. Qi is on Level 25. After you go into the Skull Cavern, you’ll get a letter from Mr. Qi challenging you to reach level 25, and you’ll earn 10,000g as a reward.

Q: How do I get to Mr Qi?

A: Mr. Qi is in the casino when it’s open. On Ginger Island, in his walnut room, find him after getting 100 Golden Walnuts. He gives special challenges there. Finish them to get Qi Gems as rewards.

Q: What do I feed the sand dragon?

A: Give the sand dragon its final meal by offering a Solar Essence.

Q: How long is it to be 100% Stardew Valley?

A: For those committed to exploring every facet of the game, completing Stardew Valley usually takes around 150 to 200 hours. Players can check their current perfection score using the “Perfection Tracker” statue in Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island.