Is Elden Ring Available on Xbox Game Pass


Is Elden Ring on game pass, you ask. Yes Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, has appeared on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a free-to-play option.

Xbox Game Pass, known for its selection of top games, recently added the highly-anticipated game Elden Ring to its library by mistake. If you came across it in the last 24 hours, please note that it is not a permanent addition and was uploaded in error.

Game Pass Counter first noticed the addition of Elden Ring to Xbox Game Pass, which was expected to be a major addition to the platform.

However, Microsoft later released a statement confirming that it was a mistake and that a patch was released to remove it from the storefront. That means those hoping to play the top-selling game of 2022 on Game Pass will have to look for alternative options.

Is Elden Ring Available on Xbox Game Pass?

Whether Elden Ring will eventually come to Xbox Game Pass remains uncertain. Despite being six months after its official release, the game continues to sell well, which means neither FromSoftware nor Bandai Namco has a pressing need to release it on Game Pass. However, Xbox has a history of acquiring major releases, so that it could happen in the future.

Currently, this incident is just a small setback for Microsoft. Although Elden Ring can be available on Game Pass in the future, it is unlikely to happen soon.


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