Elden Ring Astrologer Gear -Best Astrologer Armor In Elden Ring


Elden Ring Astrologer Gear – Elden Ring: Best Astrologer Armor

Elden ring astrologer gear – Elden Ring offers players a vast array of powerful armor, weapons, and gear to take on the formidable deities and semi-divine beings of the Lands Between.

The Astrologer Armor in Elden Ring, is a popular choice among players specializing in magic and is one of the ten initial classes in the game.

The Astrologer Armor in Elden Ring offers high Intelligence and Mind, as well as strong Dexterity.

Players may consider specific equipment options to make the most of these stats. This guide explores the best armor for Astrologers in Elden Ring.

Best Armor for the Astrologer in Elden Ring

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The Black Flame Monk armor is considered the best armor for the Astrologer class in Elden Ring, as it can be obtained early in the game and used throughout the entire game.

The Black Flame Monk armor set is lightweight and allows for agility while providing decent damage mitigation and resistance. Despite its thin appearance, it has a total weight of 27.

Here are the statistics for the Black Flame Monk armor set:

Damage NegationResistance
Vs Strike24.1Robustness127
Vs Pierce27.7Vitality74
Vs Slash31.2Focus46

In addition to its useful stats, the Black Flame Monk armor set also boasts an attractive design, making it one of the game’s most visually appealing armor sets.

If you want to enhance your stats while maintaining decent defenses, you can swap out the Black Flame Monk hood for the Imp Head (Cat). This headgear is twice as heavy as the hood but provides a +2 Intelligence bonus.

To acquire it, you need to farm Imps and hope it drops. The best location for farming Imp Heads is at the Impaler’s Catacomb site of grace. It could take some time to get as there are many different imp heads in the game.

Process to Get The Black Flame Monk Armor in Elden Ring?

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To acquire the Black Flame Monk Armor, players must make their way to the basement of the Divine Tower in Northern Caelid. One efficient way to reach the location is by riding from the Dragonbarrow West site of grace and jumping from the large tree root onto the tower.

To reach the location of the Black Flame Monk Armor’s location, players must follow the ledges and ladders to a site of grace on the upper levels of the Divine Tower. After resting, players will continue down the stairs to reach the basement, where the armor can be found.

The final leg of the journey to obtain the Black Flame Monk Armor is likely to be the most difficult and confusing. Players will need to jump on a stone bridge that will collapse, but they will not take any damage from it.

Upon reaching the other side of the collapsed bridge, players must navigate through the area, making their way to a soldier that guards a pressure plate.

Activating the plate will summon an iron elevator to take you to the next level.

Once you have used it, take a right and proceed until you reach a dead end. Then, carefully walk around the edge until you find another stone bridge to jump on.

Elden Ring Astrologer Gear

As depicted in the accompanying image, players must jump on the bridge, which will break again. The fall will be much longer this time, but players will not sustain any damage.

An elevator will be waiting at the bottom to transport players to the Divine Tower of Caelid: The basement site of grace.

Upon arrival at the site of grace, players should follow the path and encounter an aggressive Black Flame Monk. His HP can be relatively high for a low-level character, but he is alone.

Defeat the Monk, rest at the site of grace, and repeat the process until you have obtained the entire armor set. With luck, acquiring the entire set takes 10-20 minutes at most.

What armor should Astrologer wear?

If you’re an Astrologer who prioritizes upgrading your intelligence and mind attributes, the best armor set for you would be the headpieces from the Raya Lucarian Sorcer set, as they provide the most boosts for those stats.

Final Words

You have now acquired one of the best armor sets in Elden Ring for the Astrologer class, which is also one of the game’s most visually appealing armor sets. When showing off your gear in multiplayer, your friends will likely ask about how to obtain this armor set. Be sure to share this guide with them so that they can get their hands on the best Astrologer armor available. Now use these Elden Ring astrologer gear to enhance your gaming experience.

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