Demon Turf Part Of Female Platforming Heroes Bundle: Now On Sale


Exciting news: There are some cool updates about Demon Turf. Playtonic Friends is working with Maddy Makes Games, Thunderful, Armor Games Studios, Deck13, Top Hat Studios, and PQube to start the holiday season and the Steam Winter Sales with a special announcement. Check out the details below for all the fun info.

Demon Turf is in a cool action- packed called Female Platforming Heroes Bundle on Steam.

This bundle has seven awesome games, and you get a 15% discount immediately. There are even more discounts during the ongoing sale.

Demon Turf is now part of a Female Platforming Heroes Bundle on Steam

If you like games with female main characters, this bundle is a great chance to have fun.

You get to play exciting platforming adventures with different heroines who are unique in their shapes, sizes, and species.

These special indie games celebrate the cool things about female characters.

The bundle has over 60 hours of playtime and has received good reviews, including Very and Overwhelmingly Positive ratings.

It has a variety of platforming experiences, from climbing Celeste Mountain with Madeline to helping Beebz become the Demon Queen.

You can explore spooky 2D puzzle platformers, enjoy old-school adventures like those from the PS1/N64 era, and dive into interesting stories set in pretty French

Here are some cool games in a special bundle:

1. Celeste: Go on an adventure with Madeline as she climbs Celeste Mountain in this fun platformer.

2. Demon Turf: Queen’s Edition: Play the best version of this 3D platformer and help Beebz become the Demon Queen.

3. Evergate: Join Ki’s journey in the afterlife and help her return home in this puzzle game with beautiful drawings and music.

4. Frogun: Explore cool ruins with Renata and Frogun in this old-school adventure inspired by old game consoles.

5. Lunistice: Have fun in a dream world with Hana the Tanuki in this game inspired by older game systems.

6. The Spirit and the Mouse: Visit a cute French village as Lila, a tiny mouse with a big heart, in this story game about kindness.

7. Wavetale: If you like stories, follow Sigrid’s journey through the sea in this adventure game.

You can grab the Female Platforming Heroes bundle on Steam at a big discount during the Winter Sale. Don’t miss the chance to have fun with these awesome platformers.


Now that you know Demon Turf is in a special deal called Female Platforming Heroes Bundle, grab it on Steam.

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