Best Genshin Impact DPS Characters


Genshin Impact has lots of different characters that keep growing. That gives players many options when picking their main damage dealers. But which characters are good at dealing big damage?

This guide breaks down the Best Genshin Impact DPS characters in the current version of the game.

Best Genshin Impact DPS Characters: God Tier – Hu Tao and Eula

Hu Tao and Eula are the best Genshin Impact DPS characters for dealing a lot of damage. Hu Tao uses her health to make powerful pyro attacks that quickly defeat bosses.

Eula is great at causing a lot of physical damage, and her special move can hit for millions. These two characters are the best at dealing damage in the game.

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Best Genshin Impact DPS Characters: Exceptional Burst Damage

Although not as powerful as the top two, the following characters are good at dealing a lot of damage:

Kamisato Ayaka – A user of a freezing sword who can quickly take down groups with her fancy and deadly special move.

Raiden Shogun – The Electro Archon, who uses a long polearm and her Eye of Stormy Judgment for powerful coordinated attacks.

Ganyu – A bow-wielding character who shoots Frostflake Arrows and uses Celestial Shower, making a deadly combo effective at any distance.

Xiao – A fearless character with a long stick who jumps and dives to defeat groups of enemies.

Tartaglia – This water archer destroys anyone unlucky enough to face him using hydro blades and riptides.

Best Genshin Impact DPS Characters: Steady Damage Providers

Ensuring to deal damage consistently is as important as hitting enemies hard all at once. The characters below are good at giving a steady stream of damage:

Klee – She’s an expert at using explosives, and her special attacks keep causing strong fire damage in an area.

Yoimiya – With her fire bow shooting fast, like a machine gun, Yoimiya can quickly defeat enemies.

Keqing – Her electro-sword attacks are improving because of some new abilities.

Nahida – She’s the Dendro Archon, and her special moves keep her damage strong, making her the queen of steady damage.

Alhaitham – His new sword skills make him stick to targets and attack them quickly with rapid slashes.

Best Genshin Impact DPS Characters: More Top Choices

Check out some more characters that are good at dealing a lot of damage:

Diluc always uses a fiery big sword to hit enemies hard with scorching attacks.

Yelan can shoot two watery arrows to accurately hit enemies far away.

Itto – He uses a strong rock sword to break through any defenses enemies might have.

Scaramouche – He can create powerful storms that tear through groups of enemies.

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Conclusion On Best Genshin Impact DPS Characters

Genshin Impact has lots of characters that can deal big damage. You can choose the ones you like the most based on their elements and the weapons they use. Just be ready to spend time getting better gear and making them stronger to unlock their full potential.