Unlocking the Secrets of Carian Study Hall: Your Elden Ring Guide


Carian Study Hall Unlike the rest of the divine towers, the one located in Liurnia serves a unique purpose.

Instead of being a hub for restoring powerful runes, this tower is all about uncovering the Cursemark of Death, a crucial element needed to progress in Ranni’s questline.

To get inside this specific divine tower, you’ll have to go through the flipped version of Carian Study Hall.

Keep reading to find out how to access both versions of the study hall and eventually reach the divine tower.

Acquiring the Inverted Carian Statue and Inverting the Study Hall

“To get into the reversed Carian Study Hall, you need to complete the first part of Ranni’s quest. First, go to the Eternal City of Nokron and get the Fingerslayer Blade.

Take the blade back to Ranni, and she’ll give you the Carian Inverted Statue as a thank-you gift.

Now, head to the Carian Study Hall in the eastern part of Liurnia. Find a pedestal inside the first room and put the Carian Inverted Statue on it.

This will turn the study hall upside down and let you enter the Divine Tower of Liurnia.”


Please be aware that the route provided below begins with the inverted path and is intended for those who wish to complete Ranni’s questline without any deviations.

Inverted Study Hall

After you’ve flipped the study hall, go up one of the sets of stairs heading south. You’ll come across an empty elevator shaft. Slowly walk into it to land on the ledge below.

Keep moving along the ledge to the south and jump through a nearby window. Be ready because there are three creepy hands waiting for you just beyond.

Try to take them out with Fire Pots or ranged attacks before jumping down. As you move forward, you’ll spot Preceptor Miriam standing on an upside-down arch across from you.

If you have a ranged attack, use it now to lower her health or maybe even defeat her before moving on.

If you can’t defeat her from here, don’t worry. Her ranged attacks should only reach the floor below you if you stay away from the edge.

Unlocking the Secrets of Carian Study Hall: Your Elden Ring Guide

Go to the right (west), then navigate along the southwest ledge until you can’t go any farther. Be careful because the next part is risky, so read ahead before proceeding.

Drop down to the southeast (make sure to defeat the hand down there before or as you drop), then go back west around the corner so that Miriam can’t shoot arrows at you.

There are two more hands in this tight space, and rolling might cause you to fall to your death, so it’s better to use a shield or a quick weapon.

Once you’ve dealt with the hands, go east, hugging the wall to stay out of Miriam’s sight. Then, go up on the arch just enough to get the attention of the spectral soldier with a spear and shield.

Lure him back to where Miriam can’t hit you, and take him out. Afterward, try to eliminate the hands while staying out of Miriam’s view.

If that’s not possible and you can’t lure them down to the safety below the arch, you’ll have to fight them while dodging Miriam’s spells – it’s not easy but doable.

When both hands and the soldier are gone, you can confront Miriam.

Running toward her while moving diagonally will help you avoid her arrows. Once her health drops to about 20%, she will teleport further south.

Jump back down to the north and go back to the ledge heading east. At the end of the ledge, you can jump into the alcove there and grab the Mask of Confidence from a corpse.

Then, return to the inverted arch and jump up. Be cautious as you move south across the arch because Miriam can still hit you with her Greatbow spell from where she teleported.

There should be another soldier nearby – you can either pull him with a projectile or run near him to aggro him, then draw him back to the far side of the arch so you can deal with him without Miriam attacking you.

After you’ve defeated the spectral soldier, drop down from the arch to the ledge below and turn right.

Sprint west until you reach the point where the ledge turns; there, you’ll find a hand lurking in the corner that can be tough to spot.

Take care of the hand and continue down the ramp until you trigger the final spectral soldier and hand. Retreat up the ramp and deal with them away from it to avoid Miriam’s spells.

Once they’re both gone, you can finish off Miriam, who has no more teleportation options. Be on the lookout for the hand hiding in the cobwebs behind Miriam.

When Miriam bites the dust, she’ll drop the Lucidity sorcery. Keep following the ledge going east until you can’t go any farther.

At this point, drop down onto the ledge below to the north, then onto any of the beams running underneath it.

Look for a beam beneath the one you’re on, and then carefully move across them to reach two corpses holding x8 Glinstone Firefly and x2 Holyproof Dried Liver.

Finally, continue following the beams until you can descend onto the elevator, and then ride it “down” to the top of the tower. When the elevator stops, head east and open the doors to step out onto the bridge.

Don’t forget to activate the Liurnia Tower Bridge Site of Grace on your left as you exit the study hall.

Hop on Torrent (your trusty steed) and ride eastward. You’ll come across a Godskin Noble standing in the middle of the bridge.

You can choose to ride past him, but if you defeat him, he’ll drop his armor set – so if you’re into that look, it might be worth taking him down.

However, keep in mind that he only drops rune v2 Elden Ring currency (4810), so don’t go after him just for the runes.

How to Beat the Godskin Noble

If you decide to fight him, here’s a smart way to do it: Get close enough to make him attack, then ride away to avoid getting hit. After he finishes his attack, ride back in and hit him a few times.

Unlocking the Secrets of Carian Study Hall: Your Elden Ring Guide

Another way is to ride towards him, press the sprint button as you get near, and hit him as you pass by (then come back after he finishes his attack to hit him again).

But be careful, he has some fast attacks that can hit you as you ride by. That’s why it’s safer to make him attack first, dodge it, and then attack him.

During the fight, stay close to one of the platforms. When he’s about to do his rolling attack (you’ll see him puff up and turn sideways), use the platform as a shield between you and him, so he rolls into the wall instead of hitting you.

The Divine Tower

Once you’ve dealt with the Godskin Noble, head east across the bridge. Open the door and take the elevator up the tower.

When you step off the elevator, you’ll find a site of grace, so make sure to use it. Then, climb up several flights of stairs until you reach the top of the tower.

At the summit, you’ll discover what is most likely Ranni’s actual body. Loot the Cursemark of Death and the Stargazer Heirloom from her remains.

Now, you can choose to continue Ranni’s quest. To do this, either teleport to Ranni’s Rise or use the nearest site of grace close to the Three Sisters in Liurnia.

From there, enter the newly-accessible Renna’s Rise and activate the waygate. However, for this guide, we’ll focus on clearing the regular version of the Carian Study Hall.

Study Hall

After dealing with or avoiding the Godskin Noble, head east across the bridge and open the door.

Take the elevator up the tower, and when you exit, activate the site of grace. It’s a good idea to equip the Carian Knight Shield if you haven’t already.

Through the doorway, turn right, and head southwest to find a corpse with a Golden Rune. Pay no attention to the hands lurking on the ceiling; they won’t drop down.

However, be ready to fight two spectral nobles that will appear next to you when you loot the corpse. After defeating them, retrace your steps and climb the stairs to the east.

While ascending the stairs, start running partway up and continue to the top. Then, turn right and take cover just around the corner from the stairs.

Here, Miriam’s ranged attacks won’t reach you, and the two nobles that appear will slowly approach you.

Defeat the two spectral foes while staying in cover, making sure to stand a bit away from the railing to avoid Miriam’s splash damage.

Once the first two spectral nobles are defeated, turn around and proceed westward across the bridge.

Numerous spectral foes will spawn as you progress, so eliminate them as they appear. Continue across the bridge, dealing with enemies along the way, then turn left and ascend the stairs.

Similar to before, enemies will spawn on this upper platform, so be prepared for a fight as you reach the far side.

By clearing all these enemies, you’ve removed potential obstacles for your battle with Miriam on the stairs. If you happen to die during the fight with her, you’ll need to repeat this process.

Occasionally, Miriam may not behave as expected and follow you up the stairs.

In that case, stand as indicated in the image provided and wait for her to position herself partway down the stairs, where she should remain until you engage her.

Now, return to where Miriam is likely still shooting arrows into the handrail of the stairs and engage her. Ideally, approach her diagonally or roll to avoid her arrows.

If you’re not comfortable dodging her bow attack, you can use the Carian Knight shield to block most of the damage, although you may still get staggered.

Beware of her Magic Downpour spell, which hovers above her head and fires projectiles. Back off when she casts this spell and prepare to dodge her arrows.

If she charges up her bow attack while you’re close, run behind her and attempt a backstab.

After dealing some damage to her in her initial location, Miriam will teleport to the far end of the bridge. Pursue her and, as she takes more damage, she’ll teleport to the platform at the top of the stairs.

Engage her for the third time on the platform, and she’ll vanish when her health is low. Pick up the Carian Glintstone Staff from the nearby altar and proceed through the doorway on the southeastern side of the platform. Take the elevator up.

After exiting the elevator, step onto the balcony that encircles the room and head left to approach Miriam once more. She may teleport away, but this won’t prevent her from casting spells, so be cautious.

Continue making her teleport until you reach a ladder, and be prepared to face another spectral foe nearby.

Chase Miriam once more until her next teleport (you’ll need to avoid another spectral foe), then return to the ladder and climb it.

You’ll find yourself on wooden beams. Carefully progress across them towards Miriam, ensuring you eliminate the rat on the beam ahead without falling.

Use your shield or ranged attacks if you have them. If you’re a ranged character, you can shoot Miriam from above; otherwise, jump down and finish her off.

Unlocking the Secrets of Carian Study Hall: Your Elden Ring Guide

She shouldn’t teleport anymore, but if she does, return to the ladder and locate her via the beams again.

Miriam will drop her Magic Downpour sorcery upon her death, and you can proceed to the balcony to find a Golden Rune on a corpse. Be prepared for several mobs to appear as you approach the corpse.

Next, go back up the ladder one final time and follow the beam eastward. After reaching the third perpendicular beam, look to your right to find another ladder.

Climb up and face southwest, where you’ll discover a corpse holding the Cerulean Seed Talisman. Be cautious as you approach, as there are a few rats between you and the item. Use ranged attacks if possible.

Now, you can teleport to Ranni’s Rise (or the nearest site of grace to the Three Sisters in Liurnia) and enter Renna’s Rise. This area became accessible after obtaining the Cursemark.

Climb the ladder and spot a chest across the tower containing Renna’s outfit. At the tower’s peak, you’ll find a waygate leading to Ainsel River (Main). Head through the waygate to continue Ranni’s quest.


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Q1: How do you get on top of the Carian Study Hall?

A1: To reach the top of the Carian Study Hall, you need to acquire the Inverted Statue from the NPC Ranni, located in Ranni’s Rise, Caria Manor.

Q2: What is the secret of the Carian Study Hall?

A2: The secret of the Carian Study Hall is that it has a hidden area that grants access to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. To unlock this secret, you must progress far enough in Ranni’s questline to obtain the Carian Inverted Statue. Place this statue on the pedestal in front of the Celestial Globe near the entrance of the study hall to trigger a cutscene and reveal the secret.

Q3: Should you do Carian Study Hall twice?

A3: Yes, it’s advisable to do Carian Study Hall twice. Preceptor Miriam, a powerful enemy, appears in both the regular and inverted versions of the tower. Defeating her in the regular tower yields the Magic Downpour sorcery, while defeating her in the inverted tower grants the Lucidity sorcery. It’s worth facing her twice to acquire both powerful sorceries.

Q4: How do you make Alexander slippery?

A4: To make Alexander slippery, approach him as he calls for help. He will request that you make him “slippery.” Use either an Oil Pot or a Roped Oil Pot to free him, fulfilling his request.

Q5: What is there to do in Upside Down Carian Study Hall?

A5: In the Upside Down Carian Study Hall, interact with the desk near the entrance that has a globe behind it. Place the Carian Inverted Statue on the desk, and a cutscene will play. This action will flip the tower upside down, allowing you to access the window above the lift and continue your journey.


In summary, navigating the Inverted Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring is a demanding but rewarding journey, crucial for progressing through Ranni’s quest.

This article provides a step-by-step guide, strategies for defeating tough enemies like the Godskin Noble and Preceptor Miriam, and highlights valuable items to collect along the way.

Mastering this area is a testament to your skills in the game, offering a rich and challenging experience in Elden Ring’s world.

Carian Study Hall