Blox Fruits Value List 2024


Blox Fruits Value List – In the world of Roblox, the game Blox Fruit immerses players in a hazard inspired by the common anime One Piece. Here, gamers enter quests, draft in battles, and discover occult fruits that grant unequalled powers.

These fruits, known as Blox Fruits, are not just items—they are the key to gaining exceptional abilities and rewards in the game.

The value of Blox Fruits is not fixed, it changes based on factors such as oddment and demand. To canvass this energizing economy and players, use a Blox Fruits Value List.

This list is more than just a reference—it is a strategic tool that helps players make smart trades and seize opportunities. With each update, the list provides a brainstorm into the ever-changing world of Blox Fruit economics, adding depth and turmoil to the game.

Best Blox Fruits Value List

Mythical Fruits

In the world of Blox Fruits, players can see exceptional fruits known as Mythical Fruits. These fruits are exceedingly right and are the most wanted by players. Currently, there are 11 Mythical Fruits that players can find and collect.

Each of these fruits possesses its own set of abilities and powers, making them quantitative in the game.

Here are the modern-day values for each of the Mythical Fruits:

  • Venom: Physical – 9M, Permanent – 245M, Demand – 7
  • Dragon: Physical – 80M, Permanent – N/A, Demand – 10
  • Spirit: Physical – 10M, Permanent – 270M, Demand – 8
  • Control: Physical – 8M, Permanent – 250M, Demand – 8
  • Dough: Physical – 20M, Permanent – 225M, Demand – 10
  • Shadow: Physical – 6M, Permanent – 225M, Demand – 7
  • T-Rex: Physical – 25M, Permanent – 245M, Demand – 8
  • Mammoth: Physical – 15M, Permanent – 210M, Demand – 8
  • Gravity: Physical – 2M, Permanent – 180M, Demand – 2
  • Kitsune: Physical – 115M, Permanent – 460M, Demand – 10
  • Leopard: Physical – 40M, Permanent – 335M, Demand – 10

Legendary Fruits

In the world of Box Fruits, players can see particular, fruits known as Legendary Fruits.. These fruits are exceedingly prized, and there are ten clear-cut types in the game.

Watching the Blox Fruits Value List can help you make smart choices when trading or collecting Legendary Fruits. Each of these special fruits has unique powers, which make them very important in the game.

Here is the modern-day blox fruits value list for each of the Legendary Fruits:

  • Rumble: Physical – 5M, Permanent – 205M, Demand – 8
  • Blizzard: Physical – 5M, Permanent – 200M, Demand – 6
  • Pain: Physical – 2M, Permanent – 195M, Demand – 5
  • Portal: Physical – 5M, Permanent – 190M, Demand – 9
  • Phoenix: Physical – 2.25M, Permanent – 130M, Demand – 6
  • Sound: Physical – 4M, Permanent – 150M, Demand – 5
  • Spider: Physical – 1.15M, Permanent – 160M, Demand – 5
  • Love: Physical – 1.15M, Permanent – 145M, Demand – 6
  • Buddha: Physical – 7M, Permanent – 160M, Demand – 10
  • Quake: Physical – 1M, Permanent – 140M, Demand – 7

These values can change based on the rarity and demand for each fruit. Players need to stay updated on these values by referring to the Blox Fruits Value List to make wise decisions when trading or collecting Legendary Fruits.

Rare Fruits

In Blox Fruits, exceptional fruits are known as Rare Fruits, each with its own unequalled value and demand. There are five clear-cut types of Rare Fruits that players can see and gather in the game.

Here is a box fruits value list of the Rare Fruits along with their modern-day values;

  • Magma: Physical – 1.15M, Permanent – 135M, Demand – 8
  • Barrier: Physical – 800K, Permanent – 50M, Demand – 1
  • Ghost: Physical – 800K, Permanent – 90M, Demand – 2
  • Rubber: Physical – 700K, Permanent – 100M, Demand – 5
  • Light: Physical – 800K, Permanent – 115M, Demand – 6

These values can vary based on the oddment and regard for each fruit. Staying informed about the Blox Fruits value list could help players make strategic decisions when trading or collecting Rare Fruits in Blox Fruits.

Uncommon Fruits

In Box Fruits, there are exceptional fruits known as Uncommon Fruits. Currently, players can gather six clear-cut types of Uncommon Fruits in the game.

Here is a blox fruits value list of the Uncommon Fruits along with their current values:

  • Diamond: Physical – 600K, Permanent – 60M, Demand – 1
  • Dark: Physical – 400K, Permanent – 80M, Demand – 6
  • Sand: Physical – 420K, Permanent – 70M, Demand – 1
  • Ice: Physical – 550K, Permanent – 75M, Demand – 7
  • Falcon: Physical – 300K, Permanent – 25M, Demand – 1
  • Flame: Physical – 250K, Permanent – 43M, Demand – 1

Common Fruits

In Blox Fruits, there are fruits categorized as Common Fruits. Currently, players can collect seven different types of Common Fruits in the game.

Here is a blox fruits value list of the Common Fruits along with their current values:

  • Spike: Physical – 180K, Permanent – 14M, Demand – 0
  • Smoke: Physical – 100K, Permanent – 16M, Demand – 1
  • Bomb: Physical – 80K, Permanent – 1.5M, Demand – 1
  • Spring: Physical – 60K, Permanent – 1.5M, Demand – 1
  • Chop: Physical – 30K, Permanent – 1.5M, Demand – 2
  • Spin: Physical – 7.5K, Permanent – 1.5M, Demand – 1
  • Rocket: Physical – 5K, Permanent – 2M, Demand – 1

Game passes Fruit

In the game Blox Fruits, players have the choice to buy gamepasses, which offer single advantages and enhancements to their gameplay. These game passes could improve the boilersuit gaming experience and help players progress through the game more efficiently.

Here is a list of the game passes available in Blox Fruits:

  • Fruit Notifier: This game notifies players about the presence of nearby fruits. (Value: Physical – 180M, Permanent – 180M, Demand – 9)
  • Dark Blade: Players receive a powerful sword with this game. (Value: Physical – 128M, Permanent – 128M, Demand – 9)
  • +1 Fruit Storage: Increases the storage capacity for fruits. (Value: Physical – 45M, Permanent – 45M, Demand – 9)
  • 2x Money: Doubles the amount of money earned. (Value: Physical – 40M, Permanent – 40M, Demand – 8)
  • 2x Mastery: Doubles the mastery points earned. (Value: Physical – 40M, Permanent – 40M, Demand – 9)
  • 2x Boss Drops: Increases the drop rate of boss items. (Value: Physical – 30M, Permanent – 30M, Demand – 8)
  • Fast Boats: Provides faster boats for travel. (Value: Physical – 30M, Permanent – 30M, Demand – 8)
  • Mythical Scrolls: Grants mythical scrolls for abilities. (Value: Physical – 45M, Permanent – 45M, Demand – 9)
  • Legendary Scrolls: Grants legendary scrolls for abilities. (Value: Physical – 15M, Permanent – 15M, Demand – 6)

Players could buy these game passes using the in-game dates and enjoy the benefits they allow to heighten their Box Fruits experience.

Why Is Knowing the Blox Fruits Value List Important?

The Blox Fruits value list plays an important role in the game, offering fashionable data on the worth of each fruit. This information is invaluable for players engaged in trading or selling fruits, ensuring fair transactions. Moreover, the list helps players identify the rarest and most valuable fruits, guiding their efforts towards acquiring these prized items for a more fulfilling gameplay experience.

How the Values of Blox Fruits Are Determined?

Based on their opinions, experienced players regularly update the values of fruits and gamepasses in Blox Fruits. These values are subjective and can vary depending on how much players are willing to pay.

Discover the Power of Blox Fruits’ Best Devil Fruits

Delve into the world of Blox Fruits and uncover the true might of its devil fruits! Unlike in One Piece, where the strongest devil fruits are fixed, Blox Fruits offers a dynamic experience where fruit rankings shift based on their utility and trading values.

Check out our tier list below to find out which devil fruits reign supreme:

  • S Tier: Kitsune, Leopard, Dragon, Venom, Rumble, Buddha, Spider, Dough, Shadow, Spirit, Dark, Blizzard, T-Rex
  • A Tier: Phoenix, Rumble, Control, Light, Magma, Flame, Quake, Barrier, Ice, Ghost
  • B Tier: Portal, Sand, Gravity, Diamond, Pain
  • C Tier: Love, Rubber, Spring, Smoke, Falcon, Sound
  • D Tier: Spin, Spike, Chop, Bomb, Rocket

Unleash the power of Zoan or Beast fruits for the strongest boosts, or wield Logia or Elemental fruits with finesse. Paramecia or Natural devil fruits offer versatility but choose wisely as their usefulness varies.

Begin your journey to become a pirate king by choosing the right devil fruit from our tier list.


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In conclusion, Blox Fruits offers players a dynamic and engaging experience with its unique devil fruits and game mechanics. The Blox Fruits Value List serves as a quantitative resource, helping players make informed decisions and navigate the game’s economy. By collecting and trading fruits, using game passes, and strategizing with the tier list, players could heighten their gamely and work towards becoming the ultimate pirate king in the world of Blox Fruits.


Q: What is the highest-value fruit in Blox Fruits?

A: Kitsune is known for being the most expensive fruit and is highly sought after due to its excellent grinding and PvP potential.

Q: What is love fruit worth in Blox Fruits trading?

A: The Love Fruit is a Legendary Blox Fruit with a Natural type. It can be acquired for 1,300,000 or 1,700 from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit is renowned for its AOE damage moves and includes a flight move that can transport an ally.

Q: What is 1m fruit in Blox Fruits?

A: 1M means 1,000,000 in blox fruits. Legendary and Mythical fruits are those valued at 1,000,000 or more. These fruits are essential for accessing Don Swan’s boss room, as Trevor will only accept fruits with a value higher than this threshold.

Q: Is 2.5 million the max bounty in Blox Fruits?

A: Players can have a maximum Bounty or Honor of 30,000,000 (30 million). It’s important to remember that Bounty and Honor are separate, and the player’s Marine save will have different Honor values than the player’s Pirate save.