Where To Get Bloodhound Fang


Get ready for an awesome adventure with the latest game from FromSoftware, You’ll find all sorts of cool weapons to use as you battle tough bosses and enemies. There are classic weapons like swords and big hammers, plus some new ones too.

In Elden Ring, each weapon has special abilities and bonuses that can help you explore the big world called the Lands Between. One cool weapon is the Bloodhound Fang, a curved blade you can get by beating a boss early in the game.

Try out different weapons to see which one suits your style. Whether you like old-school weapons or want to try something new and powerful, Elden Ring has lots of options. Keep an eye out for hidden treasures and enjoy your journey through the Lands Between.

Locating The Bloodhound Fang: Where and How to Find This Powerful Game Weapon

If you’re trying to get The Bloodhound Fang in the game, follow these steps:

1. Explore Limgrave: This is the starting area in the south of the game.

2. Head North: Go north from the Bridge Of Sacrifice to get to the Weeping Peninsula.

3. Find the Forlorn Hound Evergaol: The weapon is in this location.

4. Battle a Trapped Enemy: You need to fight an enemy trapped inside the Forlorn Hound Evergaol to get the Bloodhound Fang.

5. Start the Fight: Go to the centre of Evergaol and interact to start the battle.

6. Defeat the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil: This will be in a different part of the Lands Between.

7. Claim Your Weapon: Once you defeat Darriwil, you’ll get The Bloodhound Fang.

Mastering the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil Battle: Tips for Success in Elden Ring

Taking on Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Limgrave’s Evergaols early in Elden Ring can be tough, but no worries—I’ve got some tips to help you out and snag one of the best greatswords in the game.

1. Time Your Attacks: When the fight begins, the Bloodhound Knight takes a moment to show up. Use that time to lock onto him and land a couple of quick hits before he can counter.

2. Play it Safe: Because the knight is pretty nimble, it’s crucial to focus on defence. Instead of just attacking, work on avoiding his quick moves. Get the hang of when to roll through his attacks to stay one step ahead.

By following these tips, you’ll not only figure out the Bloodhound Knight’s moves but also boost your chances of winning this tough battle. So, gear up, stay alert, and may your Elden Ring adventure be a triumphant one.

Unleashing The Bloodhound Fang Power

As you dive into Elden Ring, The Bloodhound Fang stands out as a potent weapon for the early game. To wield it right away, make sure your character has a dexterity of 17 and a strength of 18.

While The Bloodhound Fang packs a punch, it’s important to know that its scaling isn’t the best. With a C in dexterity and a D in strength, it performs well in New Game Plus but might not outshine other weapons after multiple playthroughs.

What makes this weapon special is its unique move, Bloodhound’s Finesse. Activate this skill, and your character unleashes a powerful mid-air cut, capable of staggering both regular enemies and tough bosses.

However, The Bloodhound Fang’s true strength lies in its significant bleed damage. Bleed accumulates with each hit, dealing substantial damage when the enemy’s bleed meter is full.

Since many enemies in Elden Ring are vulnerable to bleed, The Bloodhound Fang becomes a valuable asset.

Lastly, as an unconventional weapon, The Bloodhound Fang requires Somber Smithing Stones for upgrades, following the pattern of other special weapons in the Elden Ring.

So, armed with this knowledge, master The Bloodhound Fang art and let it be your key to triumph in the challenging lands ahead.


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Elden Ring is an exciting adventure in the Lands Between, featuring cool weapons like the powerful Bloodhound Fang.

To get this weapon, explore strategically and defeat the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. With special moves and strong bleed damage, the Bloodhound Fang is a valuable asset.

The game encourages trying different weapons for a personalized and triumphant journey through challenging landscapes.

Some FAQs

Q1: Is the Bloodhound Fang any good?

A1: Yes, the Bloodhound Fang is considered one of the best Curved Greatswords in the Elden Ring. It boasts significant power, making it a formidable choice for players. However, its strength can be a double-edged sword, as some players may find themselves less motivated to explore other weapons due to the dominance of the Bloodhound’s Fang in the early game.

Q2: Is the Bloodhound Fang a good late game?

A2: Yes, the Bloodhound Fang proves to be a formidable choice even in the late game. Despite its classification as an early-game bleed weapon, this great sword maintains its viability later on. Notably, it offers a unique experience by feeling like a light weapon despite its great sword category. Its substantial damage output and one of the highest bleed status build-ups in the game contribute to its effectiveness throughout the entire Elden Ring experience.

Q3: Can you get 2 bloodhound fangs?

A3: No, it is not possible to acquire two Bloodhound’s Fangs in a single playthrough. Players are limited to obtaining only one Bloodhound’s Fang during their gameplay in Elden Ring.

Q4: What is the Bloodhound Fang special?

A4: The Bloodhound Fang features a special default weapon skill called “Bloodhound’s Finesse.” This skill involves slashing upwards with the Bloodhound’s Fang, leveraging the momentum of the strike to execute a backwards somersault, creating distance from foes. Subsequently, players can follow up with a strong attack to perform the “Bloodhound’s Step” attack.

Q5: Should I use Bloodhound Fang or Rivers of Blood?

A5: It is recommended to use Bloodhound Fang over Rivers of Blood, especially for PvE. Bloodhound’s Fang is considered unironically stronger than Rivers of Blood in player versus environment scenarios. Many players attest to its effectiveness, with some attempting to use alternative weapons in subsequent playthroughs but finding that Bloodhound’s Fang remains one of the best weapons in the game.

Q6: Why is Bloodhound Fang so good?

A6: Bloodhound Fang is highly praised for several reasons. Firstly, its scaling primarily with Strength and Dexterity makes it a potent weapon, allowing for powerful melee attacks against enemies. Additionally, its unique capability to perform brutal airborne attacks sets it apart, providing players with a versatile and fearsome blade. The combination of these attributes makes Bloodhound’s Fang an exceptional choice for engaging enemies in Elden Ring, particularly against formidable foes like Bloodhound Knights.

Q7: Is Bloodhound Fang a sombre weapon?

A7: Yes, the Bloodhound Fang is indeed a unique weapon, and like all unique weapons in Elden Ring, it requires Somber Smithing Stones for upgrading. Players need to use Somber Smithing Stones to enhance and strengthen the Bloodhound’s Fang throughout their gameplay.

Q8: Why is Bloodhound Fang so strong?

A8: The Bloodhound Fang is renowned for its exceptional strength in the Elden Ring, thanks to its high damage output, versatility, and unique abilities. One standout feature is its bleed effect, a rare and powerful ability that distinguishes it from other weapons in the game. The combination of these factors makes the Bloodhound Fang a favorite among players seeking a formidable and distinctive weapon in their gameplay.

Q9: Can Bloodhound Fang be upgraded?

A9: Yes, the Bloodhound Fang can be upgraded in the Elden Ring. However, it requires Sombre Smithing Stones for enhancement. It’s important to note that the Bloodhound’s Fang cannot be buffed or infused, and applying Ash of War to it is not possible. The upgrading process is specifically done using Sombre Smithing Stones to enhance the weapon’s capabilities.