Top 5 Biggest Online Jackpot Winners of All Times


The following list of biggest online jackpot winners is a testament to the power that gambling has over people. Whether you are winning big on slots, table games, or video poker, there will always be another player who wants their share. The best part? You can go home with your jackpot after losing just as many times – if not more than once- so don’t give up hope when things get tough during gameplay because every little bit helps in this competitive world

isn’t it great how much fun we’re having here?

The casino industry has seen many people come and go, but these five individuals were able to turn a bad bet into something great. They each won millions in an online game that changed their lives forever. Take note: if you want your shot at success like them, start playing today with our top picks for the best casinos available.

We Have Collected a List of The Biggest Online Jackpot Winners Worldwide.

1. Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah $23.6 Million 

The Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah slot has a five-reel, 243 ways to win game from Microgaming. Available for play on all devices starting at 20p per spin and coming with Rolling Reels that can give you 5x multipliers when consecutive wins are made in this popular gambling niche market.

The most recent $23.6 million payout for a slot game at Napoleon Sports & Casino in April 2021 was won by an unlucky Belgium player who lost one spot to his rival after being champion earlier that year, sending him values over €19 430 723 60.

A new name is now renowned worldwide thanks to this incredible upset – Alice In Wonderland Triple Edge Studios’ adaptation which became popular with its release two years ago.

2. Mega Moolah Biggest Online Jackpot is $23.5 Million 

The Mega Moolah is well known for having the most wins in history, and it ranks number 2 at a staggering value of 23.5 million euros or €18 915 721 dollars.

It seems that there was once an even wealthier player who surpassed this distinction; they bet big on blackjack before being defeated by our current champion.

A couple of years ago, I discovered one very interesting fact: Every time you win money playing cards in any game/ participated as a partscaster (such as scrabble), your opponents also earn.

Some say he lost his fortune due to poor gambling habits, while others believe she became wealthy through other means, like working hard.

On September 28, 2018–the day that Mega Moolah became an international phenomenon, a player from around the world won himself a spot in history.

The details and identity of this person remain unclear, but we know that they beat out other winners by becoming the highest online jackpot ever.

The guy who won the big bucks at Grand Mondial Casino was not an ordinary player. He bet $0 .75 per spin, and after getting his name in history as well, now everyone wants to be just like him.

3. Mega Fortune $21 Million 

The man from Finland won the eight-figure jackpot in 2013, which all happened at Casino PAF. He wagered 25% on a progressive slot game called “Mega Fortune.

He had never felt such intense joy and sorrow in his life.

He wept with emotion, not realizing that he was laughing until it became clear what caused the waterworks.

Among other things are feeling funny inside or being overcome by some spiritual power, before finally coming to conclusions on an emotional confusion between happiness and sadness.

Trevor Church is a psychology grad student who has always loved playing casino games but never thought it would lead him to an amazing discovery.

When the dust settled, his sorrow was over in one fell swoop from confusion after winning big on poker all at once without understanding how or why-a feat which no other player had accomplished before then nor since, for that matter-Trevor, realized just what kind of opportunity this could be seen as A chance not only give himself some much needed mental relief through gaming itself.

4. Mega Moolah Highest Jackpot was $19.9 Million 

When you think a $1.50 bet leads to 8 figures for a winner, shouldn’t it change your perspective on gambling? Mega Moolah has returned and proven that the jackpot is still worth winning.

The best part is that the guy who won didn’t even play his own winnings – he only Stole funds from another player’s account, which means there will be more excitement in future games, too.

Jonathan Heywood is a British soldier with an amazing history of luck. He was able to win big time, even at the age of 26.

His name has now been carved into stones all over England as one who knows how to do things right when it comes down to gambling on horses or football matches- Jonathan’s skills will likely never be forgotten by any quarter.

In addition, he only has two more years left until retirement, so there isn’t anything slowing him down either way.

But I bet you can already guess what my favorite part about this story would have had me feeling. Despite being such young indoors, he still managed to commit crimes against nature outside.

The 26-year-old served his country and was rewarded when he discovered that the Betway Casino had given him a jackpot. He promised to take care of a sick father.

The latter has been looking after himself since his mother died five years ago but wasn’t sure if this would ever happen again in their lifetime because dreams can sometimes feel like reality until they see them come true with your own eyes.

When Heywood got up there on stage receiving congratulations from Roger Raatgever(Micro Gaming CEO), all those worries went away quickly; suddenly, everything made sense again, especially why everyone kept calling.

5. Arabian Knights $17.3 Million 

In 2011, a Norwegian player was lucky enough to win $30K playing an online slot game. His story isn’t unique – it’s common for people from across Europe and Scandinavia to frequent these types of casinos.

The last on our top 5 list goes back to when gambling wasn’t just about money.

Still, entertainment as well: legend has it that medieval betting occurred during downtime between battles or long journeys where warriors would bet whether their side would win certain events. It may sound crazy nowadays due.

The jackpot winning in this game was so big that nobody expected it. The online slot machine, “Arabi Nights,” is a 2010s classic.

Unfortunately, this game is not available for players in the United States. It’s produced by Net Entertainment, which owns some online casinos across America, but it can be accessible to Americans outside of their country, safe from legal troubles with gambling laws.

The input has informed us about what they know- there are other countries where you could play safely if your home turf isn’t friendly towards these activities (or maybe you don’t want another language on top).

Other Biggest Online Jackpot Wins in History

Norway has a lot of online casino players who are successful when it comes to gambling. One player from Norway won $8 million at the Folkeautomaten Casino.

At the same time, another one increased his winnings by over ten times that amount, winning an impressive 14 billion Norwegian kroner (about 873 thousand USD) in just two months.

Georgios M., a humble man from Greece, showed us all that you can achieve your dreams in cash. He won $8 million and made it clear to everyone playing the game how they should be doing things if they want something bad enough.

This biggest online jackpot winners list is a message of hope for all players, so they can never lose faith in themselves.


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These are stories about people who won a ton of money by playing casino games online. They got really lucky and won millions. The message is that anyone can have a chance to win big while having fun playing these games, but it’s important to be careful and not spend more money than you can afford. So, enjoy playing, celebrate if you win, but be responsible.