Illegal Gambling Den Heist in Thailand Results in Shootout


A recent shootout at an underground gambling den in Thailand did not raise any alarms for a while. It wasn’t until a Facebook post about the incident that police realized what happened, and there are continuing claims of corruption within their force.

The armed heist on May 28th left many people dead or injured after they could not fire back while being overwhelmed by numbers attacking them from all angles.

The story of the shootout between eight men and police has been spreading like wildfire on Facebook. The Sai Mai Tong Rod Community posted about it on their community page, according to The Thaiger News.”

The post saying that a thief killed and injured someone as they stole THB400,000 (US$11k) from an elderly couple has been denied by the police.

The cop Explained the Whole Story

The guard, who had been watching over the place for two nights before this incident, said that on November 9th, seven men arrived in three motorcycles.

They parked their bikes right in front of the building, and two entered. The five others stood guard outside, brandishing their firearms.

The two men in black started yelling for everyone to get on the ground.

They then robbed all of their victims and even threats one woman with an assault rifle if she didn’t give them her gold necklace.

The men left the scene before firing two shots into the air.

The guard responded by shooting back at them- hitting no one, unfortunately enough for him to be arrested on charges of illegal possession and discharging a rifle or shotgun within city limits.
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The police are yet to determine who was responsible for shooting at each other during the incident. However, it has been revealed that no one died or got injured in this shootout, and all parties involved have since left the hospital after treatment due to their injuries being minor enough.

The Assistant National Police Chief General Surachate Hakparn launched an investigation into what happened when news broke out about shots ringing across Bangkok’s streets late last night.

However, the revelation resulted in four top officers from the local police station transferring away. Initially claiming not to know about it, they eventually admitted that an incident happened and said everyone was sorry for what happened.

The police visited a local restaurant where they allegedly found gambling equipment. They questioned the owner, but no evidence of any kind was discovered and even removed some security cameras from inside before leaving – raising suspicion about what might happen next.

Thai Cops On A Mission to end illegal Gambling

Thailand is a country that has been making strides in recent years. The latest news about Thai cops potentially assisting illegal gambling operators only proves how far they’ve come and what responsibilities lie ahead for this patiently growing nation.

The recent raid on an illegal casino is a great start to our new campaign. We’ll be taking this forward with all possible speed and force.

The police have taken action against 14 gambling websites. All of them are currently down, and the crime suppression division is working hard to find more evidence before they re-launch this operation tomorrow at 8 AM.

The coordinated raids by the Thai police and military have effectively combated organized crime. Last month, they destroyed ten gambling sites across Thailand connected to Fat Fast – a group worth 460 million dollars ($12 million).

Officers from the Central surveillance department arrested several people, including one individual wanted by police for questioning in connection with an ongoing investigation.

That man is believed to be part of a larger network that operates illegal gambling operations across Thailand – with residential and commercial premises used as fronts for their operation.

The CSD expanded upon its findings during this week’s raid, which led them directly toward those responsible, ultimately resulting in multiple arrests.

According to the CSD, Fat Fast has been in business for over a decade. The network operates like any business, with marketing, customer service, and finance departments.

The Fat Fast empire is massive and impacts the lives of many people. It’s not just about weight loss, but also Wayne Alugas’ CSD continues to unravel this organization which means more raids are coming soon.
The Thai police chief has tried to play down illegal gambling in his country.

Despite evidence to suggest otherwise, Damrongsak Kittiprapas maintains that there’s no such thing as an “active” or ‘strides into this booming business here.