Best GTA RP Servers To Play In 2023


GTA RP Servers – Grand Theft Auto Online has been a go-to spot for role-playing enthusiasts for almost a decade, with fan-made RP servers that go as far back as 2013. The platform offers various joinable networks, granting players numerous prospects to actualize their dream scenarios.

Despite its ten-year existence, Grand Theft Auto Online’s RP community thrives in 2023, with servers brimming with novice and seasoned players who log in daily to create new scenarios. However, with such an extensive selection of servers available, which ones are the most sought-after and worth checking out in the new year?

With a rich history that dates back to 2013, Grand Theft Auto Online’s RP scene attracts players looking to bring their fantasy scenarios to life. The platform now boasts thousands of joinable networks, offering limitless possibilities for players to indulge in the game.

In 2023, the popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online’s RP scene shows no signs of dwindling, with servers that are jam-packed with both newcomers and veterans who join each day to enact new scenarios. But with an extensive selection of servers, which ones stand out as the most popular and are worth joining in the new year?

Top GTA RP Servers to Try Out: Our List


With its remarkable capacity of 200 players, Eclipse RP has emerged as a top pick for those who love role-playing, surpassing most other RP alternatives. Players can engage in a citywide takeover in Eclipse, where gangs battle for supremacy over a crime-ridden monopoly.

In a city overtaken by an uprising, players must navigate the criminal underworld and its population of deceitful entrepreneurs to survive.

Be it with The Irish Mob or The Clowns; players must establish a reputation for themselves and earn a place among Los Santos’ elite gangsters. However, can you ascend to the top among 199 other power-hungry players?


NoPixel is a strict RP server that has become a haven for some of the most prominent names in Twitch streaming. However, joining the server is exceedingly difficult as only 32 players can participate at a time, and any violation of the server’s regulations can lead to a ban.

NoPixel is an exclusive sanctuary for top-notch GTA players, where role-playing takes on the most innovative forms imaginable. As a member, you’ll have access to many scenarios, all of which can leave you yearning for more and potentially pave the way for creating your criminal empire, assuming you can secure a spot on the server.

Despite the seemingly daunting nature of servers like Eclipse and NoPixel, alternatives are available to players interested in the RP scene. Mafia City, for instance, is a smaller server where players can take on a range of roles in the storyline. Whether you prefer the role of a firefighter or a criminal mastermind, everyone has a part to play, and it’s up to you to find your place among the crowd.


Mafia City is an excellent choice for newcomers to the world of role-playing, as it features a welcoming community and a forum created by individuals with similar interests.

It provides a sturdy foundation for those who wish to explore the RP scene before delving into more demanding role-playing experiences.


As its name implies, Twitch RP is an RP server that caters exclusively to Twitch streamers. It’s an ideal choice for streamers seeking to interact with other streamers and work together on RP scenarios.

With an emphasis on streaming, Twitch RP provides a distinctive and captivating experience for players wanting to elevate their RP game.


For those seeking entry into the RP world, “The Family RP” server is another alternative providing a distinct and immersive experience.

Players can join one of several families and progress up the ranks to eventually lead their group. The server offers various roles and activities, from operating lawful businesses to participating in illicit deeds.


If you yearn for an RP experience that is more authentic and genuine, then “Los Santos Life RP” may be the ideal choice for you.

This server provides a realistic RP environment where players can opt to lead a life of crime or engage in lawful occupations while interacting with others believably and authentically.


For players seeking a more genuine RP experience, “The City RP” is an excellent alternative. This server provides a range of roles, such as law enforcement officials, paramedics, felons, and politicians, for players to choose from.

The server allows players to engage with each other realistically and dynamically, allowing them to submerge themselves in the game’s universe completely.

Some FAQs On GTA RP Servers

Which GTA RP server is the best to join?

Best GTA RP Servers To Play In 2023

  • Eclipse RP: This one is popular because it can fit up to 200 players simultaneously, which is more than most other RP servers.
  •  NoPixel RP Server: NoPixel is well-known, and many people like it.
  •  Mafia City: This server has a Mafia theme and can be fun if you like that kind of thing.
  •  Twitch RP: Twitch RP is a good option to stream your gameplay on Twitch.
  •  Family RP Server: This server has a family theme and can be a fun place to roleplay.
  •  Los Santos Life: Los Santos Life is another good server to check out.
  •  City RP: City RP is popular for people who like a more realistic roleplay experience.

What’s the best GTA RP server in India? 

It’s NoPixel India, If you’re looking for a cool GTA RP server for Indians, you should check out NoPixel India. It’s super popular, and a lot of people love it.

Which GTA RP server has the most players? 

It’s NoPixel, It’s the most popular and well-known GTA RP server, which many people play on. But it’s not easy to get in. You have to apply and donate to be accepted.

Can we play Grand Theft Auto V with roleplay mode? 

Roleplay is a mod you can play with other people on the PC version of GTA V. When you join a roleplay server, you can become an NPC character and customize it differently.

The roleplay experience will depend on which server you join.

Conclusion On GTA RP Servers 

Grand Theft Auto Online’s RP scene provides many servers and opportunities for players of all kinds, streamers, novices, or experts. Each server has distinct and fascinating features, and it’s entirely up to the players to find the one that aligns with their tastes and inclinations.

Whether it’s the renowned and strict NoPixel or the amiable and less overwhelming Mafia City, there’s something to satisfy every player in Grand Theft Auto Online’s RP world.