A Comprehensive Guide to Best Grip in PUBG Mobile and BGMI


Best Grip in PUBG Mobile and BGMI: Grips play a crucial role in improving weapon stability and recoil control in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

As every experienced player knows, managing recoil is vital for accurate shooting and increasing your chances of survival.

In this article, we will delve into the world of grips, exploring the different options available, their unique qualities, and their applications in controlling recoil and spraying.

Best Grip in Pubg Mobile and BGMI

1. Vertical Grip: Taming the Vertical Recoil

The vertical grip is widely regarded as the most popular grip option in the game. Its primary function is to reduce vertical recoil, making it easier to keep your shots on target.

Equipping a vertical grip can result in a reduction of approximately 15% in vertical recoil. While it doesn’t directly affect horizontal recoil, it slightly reduces about three to four percent.

This grip is suitable for players of all skill levels, offering versatility in recoil control and spraying in various ranges.

2. Angled Grip: Mastering Horizontal Recoil

The angled grip is another favored choice among players. It is specifically designed to reduce horizontal recoil, making it ideal for players who excel at controlling recoil.

Equipping an angled grip can result in a reduction of around 15% in horizontal recoil. However, it doesn’t impact vertical recoil.

The angled grip enhances weapon stability, allowing for better accuracy during mid to long-range spraying. Additionally, it provides a 10% increase in scope opening speed, giving players an advantage in certain situations.

3. Half Grip: Balancing Vertical and Horizontal Recoil

The half grip aims to strike a balance between vertical and horizontal recoil reduction. It offers an approximate reduction of 8% in both vertical and horizontal recoil.

Additionally, it improves the weapon’s recoil recovery, resulting in an average total recoil reduction of 10%.

While the half grip introduces a slight increase in weapon shakiness, it remains a viable option for players of all levels. It performs well in close combat fights and long-range spraying, making it a versatile choice.

4. Thumb Grip: Optimal for Close-Range Engagements

The thumb grip is primarily intended for close-range engagements. It offers a 30% increase in scope opening speed, allowing for quick target acquisition.

Additionally, it provides a 5% reduction in vertical recoil. Moreover, it enhances overall weapon steadiness, resulting in around 7% vertical recoil reduction and a three to four percent reduction in horizontal recoil.

While the thumb grip is most effective at close range, it can also be used for mid-range spraying.

However, it does not improve hip-firing accuracy and is only effective when scoped in. It is recommended for weapons such as the M762, UMP, and Vector.

5. Light Grip: Steadiness for Single-Tapping

The light grip offers a different approach to recoil control. Instead of reducing recoil, it focuses on increasing weapon steadiness and stability after each shot.

This grip doesn’t provide any recoil reduction but is well-suited for single-tapping with designated marksman rifles (DMRs) like the SKS. The increased stability allows for precise aiming and controlled shots.

6. Laser Sight: Enhancing Hip Fire Accuracy

While not technically a grip, the laser sight occupies the same slot as grips. It doesn’t reduce recoil but significantly improves hip fire accuracy.

When equipped on an assault rifle, it provides a 30% improvement in hip fire accuracy, while pistols offer a substantial 70% improvement.

However, compared to other grips, it is less effective in reducing recoil and should be chosen based on your preferred playstyle.

7. Ergonomic Grip

Let’s delve into the highly coveted Ergonomic grip, an exclusive item found only in Market shops.

This grip undeniably stands as the ultimate choice among all available grips in the game, earning its reputation through its exceptional features.

Boasting an impressive 15% reduction in vertical recoil and a 10% reduction in horizontal recoil, it outperforms all other grips in recoil reduction.

The Ergonomic grip is a true game-changer, suitable for players of all skill levels.

Its remarkable versatility makes it the preferred grip for any combat scenario, providing unparalleled performance.

Whether you engage in intense close-quarters battles or take precise shots at long ranges, this grip ensures optimal recoil control and stability.

Now, let’s address a burning question: How effective are attachments such as the Flash Hider and Compensator in reducing recoil?


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Conclusion On Best Grip in Pubg Mobile and BGMI

Grips are essential to recoil control and spraying in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Each grip option caters to different playstyles and situations, allowing players to fine-tune their shooting experience.

From the vertical grip’s recoil reduction to the angled grip’s stability enhancement, understanding the unique qualities and applications of grips can significantly impact your gameplay.

Experimenting with different grips is key to finding your preference and maximizing your performance on the battlefield.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, mastering the use of grips can elevate your gameplay and give you a competitive edge.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so get out there, equip the right grip, and aim for that chicken dinner! Good luck, and may your shots always find their mark!

FAQs On Best Grip in Pubg Mobile & BGMI

Q1 What is the recommended grip for BGMI? 

A1 If you are struggling with vertical and horizontal recoil, the half grip is the ideal choice as it provides a balanced solution for reducing both types of recoil.

Q2 Which grip is the most suitable for the M416? 

A2 The vertical grip is highly recommended for the M416. It reduces vertical recoil by approximately 15%, as demonstrated in a side-by-side comparison.

Q3 Who can benefit from using the vertical grip? 

A3 The vertical grip is suitable for players of all experience levels, whether you are a new player, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between. This grip reliably enhances your control over recoil.

Q4 Who should consider using the angled grip? 

A4 The angled grip is not recommended for new players due to its challenging recoil control. However, for experienced players who have mastered recoil management, the angled grip can significantly improve spraying accuracy.

Q5 Who should opt for the half-grip? 

A5 The half grip is suitable for all players, regardless of their experience level.

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned player, the half grip will be a reliable choice for various combat scenarios, offering versatility from close-range fights to long-range spraying.

Q6 Who should use the thumb grip? 

A6 The thumb grip primarily serves as a close-range grip, but it also provides some recoil reduction, making it viable for mid-range spraying.

It is commonly used with close combat weapons like the M762, UMP, and Vector.

Q7 What does the Light grip do? 

A7 The Light grip enhances weapon stability and steadiness after each shot. It is particularly useful for single-tap firing, making it a preferred grip for DMRs. However, it is the least powerful grip available in Pubg Mobile.

Q8 What are the practical uses of a Laser Sight? 

A8 The Laser Sight is generally considered to have limited utility. However, it is specifically designed for pistols and proves more effective when used with them.

Q9 What is meant by hip firing? 

A9 Hip firing refers to shooting without aiming down the scope. Equipping a Laser Sight can provide a 30% increase accuracy when hip firing. It is important to note that the Laser Sight is not as powerful as some may assume.

Q10 Where can the Ergonomic grip be found? 

A10 The exclusive Ergonomic grip can only be obtained from Market shops.

Q11 Which grip is considered the best in Pubg Mobile? 

A11 The best grip in the entire game is the one that offers a 15% reduction in vertical recoil and a 10% reduction in horizontal recoil. This grip provides the highest level of recoil reduction compared to any other grip.

Q12 How many grips are available in Pubg Mobile? 

A12 Currently, there are six grips available in Pubg Mobile. If we count the Ergonomic grip, which can only be obtained from shops, there are seven grips.