Top 10 Best Weapons/Guns in PUBG Mobile in 2023


Top 10 Best guns in PUBG Mobile – PUBG has changed a lot since it first started with the Erangel map. But being good in the past doesn’t mean you’ll be great now. The game’s weapons have been updated and changed regularly.

Knowing the best guns in PUBG Mobile for 2023 is important whether you’re new or coming back. PUBG Mobile, also known as BGMI in India, is loved by many gamers for its cool features and guns. Picking the right gun can make a big difference in winning battles.

There are so many guns and attachments it can be confusing to know the best. But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll rank the top 10 best guns, excluding airdrop weapons, to keep it fair. Let’s find out which guns can help you win.

PUBG Mobile – Top 10 Best Guns/Weapons List

Before discussing the best weapons, let’s learn about the different types of weapons in the game and what they do.

A shotgun might be better than a big light-machine gun if you like fast and close combat.

PUBG Mobile has nine weapon categories, but we’ll only consider pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, designated marksman rifles, and sniper rifles for our list of the best guns.

Regardless of their class, we’ll tell you about the top 10 guns in the game. Let’s find out which guns are the most powerful.

10) Micro Uzi

Coming in at number 10, we have the Micro Uzi. This submachine gun is well-liked for its speed and deadly performance. It can fire around 25 rounds per second, making it the fastest gun in the game.

However, the Micro Uzi has the lowest damage output among SMGs. You need to aim accurately and shoot multiple times to use it effectively.

The fast firing rate has a downside; it quickly runs out of ammo due to the small magazine size. Using an extended magazine can help with this issue.

Despite its limitations, the Micro Uzi is still a powerful weapon for close and mid-range combat. With the right attachments, you can customize it to fit your playstyle. It’s available on all maps in the game and can be useful in the early stages of a match.

In PUBG Mobile, the Micro Uzi is great for close-quarters battles and can be a deadly choice with its rapid fire. Attach the Micro Uzi stock for improved performance, and you’ll have an advantage in the game.

UziLevel 118Level 131
UziLevel 215Level 226
UziLevel 311Level 320

9) Mini 14

Moving on to the number eight spot, we have the Mini 14, a semi-automatic sniper rifle also known as a DMR, which stands for Designated Marksman Rifle. In my opinion, DMRs are often overlooked in Pubg Mobile because they can be challenging to use and control. However, if you master them, they become extremely powerful in mid to long-range situations.

The Mini 14 is the best DMR because it is a lightweight rifle that uses 5.56 ammo, resulting in slightly easier recoil management than DMRs with 7.62 ammunition.

Let’s look at the damage information:-

Mini 14Level 132Level 173
Mini 14Level 227Level 263
Mini 14Level 320Level 347

The main drawback of the Mini 14 is its low damage output, which is the weakest among all DMRs. This means you may need to land more shots to eliminate opponents. Nonetheless, this is not a significant issue due to its reliability and accuracy. The Mini 14 boasts the highest bullet velocity of any weapon, making it easier to hit moving targets. While other DMRs are also potent and, in some cases, even more powerful than the Mini 14, I find the Mini 14 to be the most effective and dependable DMR.

A quick note: In Sanhok, the QBU replaces the Mini 14, and I must say that the QBU is superior in almost all aspects. So, the QBU will also occupy the same spot as the Mini 14 on the list.

8) M249

Let’s talk about the M249, which is number nine on our list. It’s a cool machine gun that used to be powerful and rare, but now you can find it more easily in the game. The best thing about the M249 is that it has a super big magazine that can shoot many bullets without stopping.

Let’s look at the damage information:-

M249Level 128Level 164.4
M249Level 224Level 255.2
M249Level 318Level 341

But even though it can shoot a lot, it’s not the strongest gun in terms of power. It’s still special because of its big magazine, and that’s why it’s number nine on our list.

7) DP-28

Let’s talk about the DP-28, which is number seven on our list. Many players like this gun because it’s easy to use, has low recoil, and deals good damage, similar to the AKM. Recently, PUBG made some changes to the DP-28, making it slightly less powerful, but it’s still a strong choice.

The DP-28 is best for shooting enemies who are not moving, from medium to long distances. It’s not as effective for close-range combat when compared to other guns. However, it can be very powerful if used in the right situations.

Even though it may not look fancy, the DP-28’s low recoil and high damage make it great for clearing rooms and taking down enemies at different distances. You can attach a scope and use its bipod to make it more versatile in battles.

Here is the damage information and stats for this weapon.

DP-28Level 133Level 173
DP-28Level 228Level 263
DP-28Level 321Level 347

With a big magazine with 47 bullets, the DP-28 is flexible and deadly if used skillfully. It may not allow additional accessories, but its recoil is easy to handle and consistent, making it easier to hit your target.

So, whether you need to clear a room or shoot enemies from afar, the DP-28 is a reliable and strong choice in the game.

6) M1014

let’s talk about the M1014, which is a type of shotgun. A strong gun can shoot long distances and take down enemies with just two shots. The M1014 is better than the similar S12K shotgun in many ways, like how fast the bullets travel and how quickly it can shoot.

About all the shotguns, and I’ll rank them from best to worst:

  1. The M1014 shotgun on the Livik map is the most powerful with the highest damage.
  2.  The DBS shotgun is at number two.
  3.  The S12K shotgun takes the third spot.
  4.  The Double Pump Shotgun S686 is ranked fourth.
  5.  The S1897 shotgun is at number five.

The Sawed-off shotgun is not ranked because it’s not as good as the others.

These rankings help us understand which shotguns perform the best in the game.

The only downside is that you can’t add many extra things to it, like scopes or other accessories. But even without those extras, the M1014 is still a powerful weapon, especially for close combat.

Shotguns, in general, can be very useful in short-range fights because they can kill enemies with one shot. But you have to aim carefully because the first shot is the most important. The M1014 is only available on one map called Livik, so if you find it, use it wisely to win battles.

5) Kar98 & Mosin Nagant

The Mosin Nagant and the Kar98 sniper rifles are number five on our list. These rifles are very similar, almost like twins. The Mosin Nagant is just a slightly better version of the Kar98.

Both rifles are bolt-action and have almost the same features and performance. The only noticeable differences are in their looks and sound when fired. They can deal much damage with a headshot, making them powerful weapons. They use the same type of ammunition and can be customized with similar attachments.

Since they are bolt-action rifles, they shoot a bit slower, but that’s not a big problem if you like to shoot from a distance. You can use a good scope like the 8x CQBSS for accurate shots to make them even better.

4) M24 & AWM

The M24, a strong sniper rifle, holds the fourth spot on our list. It used to be available only in airdrops during the early days of PUBG mobile, but now it can be found as a rare weapon in the game world.

The M24 is powerful, but it can’t instantly knock out an enemy wearing a level three helmet, unlike the AWM sniper rifle, which has that ability. However, overall, the M24 is still better than the Kar98 sniper rifle.

M24Level 176Level 1147
M24Level 265Level 2126
M24Level 349Level 394

Moving on to the AWM, it’s ranked second (or third, depending on how you count) on our list. The AWM is considered the best sniper rifle in the game, but you can only find it in airdrops. It’s an impressive bolt-action sniper rifle known as the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum.

Firing accurately with the AWM is essential because it reloads and rechambers slowly. If you’re good at aiming, the AWM can be a game-changer.

To make the most of this rifle, equip a good scope and consider adding an Extended Mag and Suppressor. With the AWM, one headshot is enough to knock out or eliminate an opponent. However, remember that the AWM is not as common as other guns in the game, and you’ll need to find it in airdrops or use a flare to request a supply drop.

Despite its rarity, the AWM’s immense damage makes it a formidable weapon in the game. The sound of an AWM being fired can also psychologically impact other players, making it even more powerful.

3) Ump 45

The UMP45, is in the third spot on our list. It’s a powerful weapon and has become very popular in the game since Pubg made it stronger. People now think it’s even better than the old UMP9.

New and experienced players like using the UMP45, especially for close combat fights. It deals much damage and is easy to handle with manageable recoil. It’s also very accurate when shooting from the hip.

Many players consider the UMP45 the best SMG in the game, and some say it’s almost like a high-tier airdrop weapon. If you find the UMP45, try it, and you’ll see why it’s so loved.

Ump 45Level 130Level 151
Ump 45Level 225.6Level 244
Ump 45Level 319.2Level 333

The UMP45 has the highest damage among SMGs and can hurt the arms and legs of opponents even if they have level-three armour. Just four shots can take down someone wearing that armour.

It’s a versatile weapon that can be customized with different attachments to suit your style of play. The recoil is lower than other SMGs, making it stable and powerful.

Many players add a silencer or compensator to make it even better. With the UMP45, you’ll have a great advantage and a better chance of winning in PUBG Mobile.

2) AKM & Beryl M762

Next on our list at number two are the AKM and Beryl M762. The AKM is a powerful gun with the highest damage among all assault rifles. Skilled players can use it well because they can control its kickback. It’s like a strong friend in the game. You can use a special scope and attachment called a Compensator to make it even better. Many players like to have the AKM as their backup gun because it’s easy to find and works well in battles.

1) M416

At the top spot, we have the M416, a widely known and commonly used weapon in Pubg Mobile. It excels in various situations due to its excellent stability and reliability. Other guns like Scar-L, G36C, Aug A3, and QBU share the same damage and rate of fire as the M416, but the M416 stands out as the best due to some small differences. Although the Aug A3 is also good, the M416 is preferred.

Weapon Helmet Damage Vest Damage

M416Level 165.80Level 128.63
M416Level 256.40Level 224.54
M416Level 342.30Level 318.41

The M416 is a trustworthy gun for all ranges, and it delivers different levels of damage depending on where you hit your opponent and what armour they are wearing.


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Q: What is the best gun in PUBG Mobile?

A: The M416 is considered one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile due to its excellent stability and reliability.

Q: What are the top 7 best guns in PUBG Mobile?

A: The top 7 best guns in PUBG Mobile are: M416, AWM, DP-28, AKM, Kar98, UZI, and Micro Uzi.

Q: Which gun kills the fastest in PUBG Mobile?

A: The DP-28 is the fastest killing weapon in the game for all ranges, even faster than Groza and M249 if all bullets hit the upper vest.

Q: Is M416 better than AKM in PUBG Mobile?

A: In PUBG Mobile, the AKM has higher damage per hit than the M416. The AKM fires 7.62 mm bullets with a damage of 49 hit points, while the M416 has a damage per hit of 41 hit points.

Q: Which gun is the easiest to use in PUBG Mobile?

A: The M416 is known for its ease of use in PUBG Mobile, especially when equipped with the right attachments, allowing beginners to take down opponents with stable sprays.

Q: Which firearm has the fastest rate of fire in PUBG?

A: The Micro Uzi boasts the highest rate of fire of any weapon in PUBG, but it has lower damage than other guns. It is best for close-quarters combat during the early and mid-game.