Best Water Balloon Games Ideas For Kids


Do you want to have fun with your kids on a hot summer day? Well, you can play water balloon games. These games are a great way to keep your kids entertained and cool in the heat.

Just get some water balloons, call your kids, and have a great time in the sun. We’ve got best fun water balloon games that kids will really enjoy.

Water Balloon Games for Kids

Are you on the hunt for enjoyable water balloon games to keep the kids entertained on a sizzling summer day? You’re in for a treat.

This collection of water balloon activities will ensure the kids have a blast while staying refreshed.

Make sure you’ve got a good stock of water balloons ready because once the kids dive into the fun, they won’t want to quit.

I always make sure there’s an abundant supply of water balloons on hand so the kids can easily fill and enjoy them.

Even the older kids in my home and their friends take pleasure in filling up water balloons and having a grand time.

The beauty of water balloon games is that they cater to kids of all ages.

Whether you have a mix of younger and older children, these games provide a fantastic opportunity for everyone to share in the summer fun.

Be it a party, a family get-together, or just a gathering with friends. These fantastic water balloon games will ensure everyone’s having a blast and making the most of the sunny days.

For parties or when I expect a group of kids to come over and hang out, I prefer to prepare a bucket brimming with water balloons.

This way, when they’re ready for their favourite water balloon games, the water balloons are good to go.

Many times, they return with an empty bucket, asking for more water balloons to keep the fun rolling.

How Did Water Balloon Games Effect Kids

Water Balloon Games

Water balloon games can be really good for kids in many ways.

Let’s look at how they can help:

  1. Exercise: When kids play water balloon games, they move around a lot. This helps them stay active and get better at balancing and moving.
  2. Friends: Water balloon games are a fun way for kids to make friends and learn how to work together. This means they can be better at being social and cooperating.
  3. Creativity: Some water balloon games need kids to be creative and use their imagination. They can invent new games or come up with fun ideas for using water balloons.
  4. Relaxing: Water balloon games are a great way for kids to have fun and let go of any stress or extra energy. It’s a fun way to relax.
  5. Staying Cool: When it’s really hot outside, playing with water balloons is a great way for kids to cool down and stay hydrated.
  6. Skills: Some games involve throwing and catching water balloons, which helps kids get better at using their hands and eyes together.

So, water balloon games are not just fun but also helpful for kids in different ways.

What are the Best Water Balloons to use?

If you want to have the most fun with water balloons, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

First, it’s best not to use regular balloons because they don’t fill up well and can’t hold water as needed for games.

In our home, we really like Bunch O Balloons. If you’re looking for affordable water balloons that come in big packs, you can go for the 500-count pack of Elitoky water balloons.

These will help make your water balloon games even more enjoyable.

Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your kids on a hot summer day? Well, look no further than water balloon games.

These water balloon games for kids are a great way to keep your kids entertained while also staying cool and refreshed. So, grab some water balloons, gather your kids, and get ready to have some fun in the sun.

A blue plastic tub filled with water bombs made from colourful party balloons filled with water ready for a kid’s game standing outdoors on paving

Water Balloon Games for Kids

If you are looking for fun water balloon games for the kids to play, you are in luck. This list of water balloons will keep the kids having fun while cooling off on hot summer days.

Make sure you have plenty of water balloons on hand because once the kids start playing, they are not going to want to stop.

I stock up on water balloons and make sure there are always a lot of water balloons for the kids to fill up and have fun with.

Even the teenagers in my house and their friends love filling up water balloons and having fun with them. 

The great thing about water balloon games is that they are great for kids of all ages. If you have older children and younger children, they can play these games and have lots of summer fun together.

When you are having a party, a family reunion, or just a get-together with friends, these awesome water balloon games are sure to keep everyone happy and having a ton of fun.

If we are having a party or know a bunch of kids will be over to hang out, I like to fill a bucket with lots of water balloons so when they want to play their favourite water balloon games.

The water balloons are ready for them. They often bring me the empty bucket and ask me for a refill of the bucket of water balloons so they can keep on having fun. 

Benefits of Water Balloon Games for Kids

Water balloon games provide a range of benefits for kids, both physical and emotional.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Physical activity. Water balloon games require kids to move their bodies, helping them to stay active and improve their coordination and balance.
  2. Social interaction. Water balloon games are a fun way for kids to interact and build peer relationships, promoting social skills and teamwork.
  3. Creativity. Many water balloon games involve creativity and imagination, such as creating new games or coming up with unique ways to use water balloons.
  4. Stress relief. Water balloon games can be a great stress reliever for kids, providing a fun and enjoyable way to release pent-up energy and emotions.
  5. Cooling off. Water balloon games are perfect for hot summer days when kids need a way to cool off and stay hydrated.
  6. Hand-eye coordination. Many of the water balloon game ideas involve tossing and catching, which is great for working on hand-eye coordination. 

What are the Best Water Balloons to use?

There are a few things that will make for the best water balloons. First, you do not want to use regular balloons.

They will not fill up well, and they will not hold the water in them like is needed to play the fun games. Personally, in our house, we love Bunch O Balloons.

If you are looking for cheap water balloons that come in large packs, grab the 500-count pack of Elitoky water balloons. 

​Tips for Picking the Best Water Balloons

Water balloons games

Balloon Size

Picking the right-sized balloons is important. Smaller ones are great for little kids, while bigger ones are better for older kids and grown-ups.

The size also affects how much water they can hold and how much they splash, so choose the size that suits what you want to do.

Quality Counts

Make sure to get water balloons made from strong materials that don’t easily break or leak. It’s best to avoid buying cheap or flimsy balloons because they might break when you’re filling them or playing.

How Many You Need

Think about how many water balloons you’ll use and buy accordingly.

Usually, buying a bunch of them at once is more budget-friendly, especially if you’re planning to play lots of games or have a big group. If you have a lot of filled water balloons, you can keep them in a kiddie pool.

Easy to Fill

Look for water balloons that are simple to fill with water, whether you’re using a hose or faucet. Some water balloons even come with special attachments that make filling them quick and easy.

I personally like the ones that come in bunches because you can attach a hose to one end, and it fills a bunch of water balloons quickly and without any trouble.

Some Fantastic Water Balloon Games Ideas

Water Balloon Toss Game

This classic game is a big hit with kids of all ages. To play, just pair up your kids and give each pair a water balloon. Have them stand a few steps apart and take turns throwing the balloon at each other.

As they make successful throws, they should take a step back, making the game more exciting.

The last pair left with an unburst water balloon wins the game. It’s a fun way to stay active and cool off on a hot day.

Water Balloon Piñata

Here’s a fun and different way to play the piñata game. You’ll need some water balloons for this. Hang them from a tree branch or a rope.

Then, cover your child’s eyes with a blindfold and give them a bat or a stick. Their job is to hit the water balloons and make them burst.

Water Balloon Relay Race

For this game, you can divide your kids into teams and have them form lines. Give the first person in each line a water balloon.

When you say ‘go,’ they need to pass the balloon to the next person in line using only their chin and neck – no hands allowed. The team that manages to get the water balloon to the end of their line first wins.

Water Balloon Dodge ball

This game is a wet and fun version of dodgeball. To play, split your kids into two teams, and make sure each team has an equal number of water balloons.

In the playing area, draw a line to separate the teams. When you say ‘go,’ the teams will start throwing water balloons at each other.

The goal is to hit the closest opponent on the other team and try to get as many of them as possible.

The team that has the most players left without getting hit when the game ends are the winner. It’s a great way to have a splashingly good time with your kids.

Water Balloon Freeze Tag

“This game is a cool variation of freeze tag. To start, pick one child to be ‘it’ and hand them a water balloon.

When ‘it’ tags another child, the tagged one must stay frozen until another player comes to the rescue by popping the water balloon over their head.

Keep playing until everyone is frozen or until a certain time limit is up. It’s a fun way to enjoy outdoor play with a wet twist.

Water Balloon Baseball

“This game is great for kids who love sports and want to stay cool. To set it up, make a “field” in your backyard using bases or markers.

Choose one child to be the pitcher and another to be the batter. The pitcher will toss a water balloon to the batter, who will try to hit it with a bat or a stick.

If they manage to hit the balloon, they can run around the bases while the other team tries to grab the balloon and tag them with it. If they get tagged, they’re out of the game.

Water Balloon Spoon Race

In this game, you’ll need to give each child a spoon and a water balloon. Their challenge is to balance the water balloon on the spoon and race to the finish line without letting it fall.

If the balloon does fall, they have to go back to the starting line and try again. The winner is the child who reaches the finish line first with their water balloon still on the spoon.

Water Balloon Limbo

This game is a fun variation of the classic limbo game. Inflate several water balloons and tie them to a string or rope.

Ask two adults to hold the rope on either end and lower it as close to the ground as they can.

The kids take turns going under the water balloon rope, but there’s a twist – they must stay dry and avoid touching the rope. If they touch the rope or get wet, they’re out of the game.

Water Balloon Treasure Hunt

This game is great for kids who enjoy searching for things. You’ll need to blow up some water balloons and hide them in your backyard or a nearby park.

Each child gets a basket or bag, and you set a timer for 10-15 minutes. The kids then go on a hunt to find these hidden water balloons and gather as many as they can within that time.

The child who collects the most water balloons when the game ends is the winner.

Water Balloon Tag

Water balloon tag is a super fun game, especially on hot summer days. All you need are some water balloons and a group of friends.

Here’s how you play: Choose one friend to be ‘it.’ This friend gets a water balloon and tries to tag the others by throwing it at them. If someone gets hit by the water balloon, they’re out.

But, if a player catches the water balloon before it hits them, they can throw it back at the ‘it’ friend, and now that person is the new ‘it’.

If the ‘it’ friend gets hit by their own water balloon, they’re out, and someone else becomes ‘it.’ Keep playing until only one person is left, and they’re the winner.

Water Balloon Tower

This game is about kids working together to make a tower using water balloons and plastic cups.

You’ll split the kids into teams and give them a set time to create the tallest tower they can, using only the supplies you provide.

The team with the tallest tower when the game ends is the winner. It’s a fun way for kids to cooperate and have some friendly competition.

Water Balloon Freeze Dance

Get lots of water balloons ready and play some music. When the music starts, everyone dances and throws the balloons in the air.

But when the music suddenly stops, everyone must stop moving. The person who’s still holding an unbroken balloon wins.

Water Balloon Hopscotch

Water balloon hopscotch is a cool version of the hopscotch game, and it’s perfect for a hot summer day.

To play, you’ll need to draw a hopscotch grid on the ground with sidewalk chalk or tape. You’ll also need some water balloons.

To get started, fill each water balloon with water and place them in the hopscotch squares you drew. The number of balloons depends on how big your hopscotch grid is.

Once everything is ready, players take turns hopping through the hopscotch grid, being careful not to step on the water balloons.

If they accidentally step on a water balloon, it will pop, and they’re out of the game. The game continues until only one player is left, and that player wins. It’s a fun way to enjoy a summer day and keep cool.

Water Balloon Balance

Get your kids to try something fun. They can take turns balancing a water balloon on different parts of their body, like their head, shoulder, or knee. The player who can keep the balloon balanced for the longest time wins.

Water Balloon Hot Potato

It’s a bit like the classic hot potato game but with a water balloon. Get your kids to stand in a circle and pass the water balloon to each other while the music is playing.

When the music stops, the child with the balloon is out. The game keeps going until there’s just one child left, and they win.

Water Balloon Fight

The idea is to toss water balloons at each other while being nimble to avoid balloons coming your way.

If a water balloon hits someone, they get wet and are out of the game. The game keeps going until only one player is left, and that player wins.

Water Balloon Ring Toss

Water balloon ring toss is a fun game that adds a new twist to the classic ring toss. To play, you’ll need water balloons and different rings like hula hoops or pool rings.

Set up the game by placing these rings at different heights and distances from the ground, making it easier or harder.

To play, you have to throw the water balloon and try to make it land inside the ring. It’s a bit tricky because water balloons are not so easy to aim.

If the water balloon lands in the ring, you get a point. The player with the most points when the game ends is the winner.

Water Balloon Musical Chairs

Water balloon musical chairs are a fun twist on the classic musical chairs game that kids will enjoy for a long time. To play, you’ll need water balloons and chairs set up in a circle.

Start some music and have the kids walk around the chairs in a circle. When the music suddenly stops, each child must find a chair to sit on.

But there will be one chair less than the number of players, so one child will be left standing. The child standing has to pop a water balloon over their head, getting wet, and then they leave the game.

Remove one chair and start the music again. Keep playing until only one player is left, and that player is the winner.

Water Balloon Basketball 

Water balloon basketball is a fun and cool game that gives a new twist to the classic basketball game. To play, you’ll need a basketball hoop, water-filled balloons, and some friends.

The goal of the game is to score points by throwing water balloons through the hoop. You can play by yourself or with teams, depending on how many people are playing.

To start, fill the water balloons with water and put them in a bucket near the hoop. Each person takes turns trying to throw a water balloon through the hoop.

If the water balloon goes through the hoop, they get a point. To make it more challenging, you can move farther from the hoop or add obstacles like a spray of water from a hose to make it trickier to aim.

Monkey in the Middle

Imagine two kids throwing a water balloon at each other. Another child is standing in the middle, trying to catch the water balloon as it flies overhead.

When this middle child catches the water balloon, the one who last touched it switches places with them.

But if someone accidentally pops the water balloon, they become the new middle child. It’s a fun and active game to enjoy with friends.


Two kids stand on opposite sides of a pretend volleyball net. They make the net using a beach towel stretched between them, or you can use a rope or a sheet between two chairs to make a pretend net.

The teams use their beach towel net to play with a water balloon. They throw the water balloon back and forth over the net.

If one team misses the balloon or it breaks, the other team gets a point. The first team to reach ten points wins. It’s a fun game to play with friends.

No Hands

In this water balloon pass game, the aim is for one team to pass the water balloon along a line without using their hands.

Teams can try passing the water balloon between their knees or by lying on their backs and using their feet.

If they drop the water balloon, they need to begin again. It’s a fun and challenging game to enjoy with friends.


Grab some sidewalk chalk and draw a tic-tac-toe board on the pavement.

Two kids can take turns throwing water balloons onto the board and use the chalk to mark where they land with an X or an O. The winner is the first one to get three Xs or three Os in a row.

Duck, Duck, Splash

All the kids sit in a circle on the ground. One child is chosen as ‘it’ and walks around the outside of the circle holding a water balloon.

As ‘it’ goes by each child, they gently tap them on the head and say, ‘Duck.’ When ‘it’ decides who they want to tag, they burst the water balloon over that child’s head and shout, ‘Splash’.

The child who was tagged then chases ‘it’ around the circle, trying to tag them. If ‘it’ manages to go all the way around the circle and sits in an empty spot, they are safe. But if they get tagged, they become the new ‘it’ for the next round.

Water Balloon Painting

Get a big white poster board and let your kids make a watercolour painting. You can dip the water balloons in paint before throwing them or put paint inside the balloons as you fill them.

Either way, your kids will have a great time as the water balloons burst and create colourful art on the poster board.

Water Balloon Splash Out

This cool water balloon game will make everyone laugh quickly.

You have to answer questions fast and then give the ball to the next player. But be careful. If you’re the one holding the ball when the timer ends, you’ll get wet.

Capture the Flag

This water balloon game is great for summer parties and outdoor fun. Each team places a flag on their side of the playing area.

The goal is to take the other team’s flag. Teams can use water balloons to protect their flag and capture opponents.

If someone gets hit by an opponent’s water balloon, they become a prisoner of the other team.

To free prisoners, a teammate has to tag them. The first team to successfully grab the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to their base wins.

Water Balloon Darts

Water balloon darts is a fun game for older kids and teenagers. You attach many water balloons to a foam board using push pins.

The challenge is to see who can burst the most water balloons with just three dart throws. To make it colourful, you can add some drops of paint or food colouring into the water balloons as you fill them.

Water Balloon Slip and Slide

Your kids will have a lot of fun with this water balloon slip-and-slide.

It’s great for playing in the backyard, having fun on field days, or hosting summer parties. Your children can enjoy hours of outdoor fun with their friends.

Water Balloon Pong

Partly fill six plastic sand buckets with water and arrange them in a triangle shape.

Give each row a different score. Then, have the kids line up and see who can get the most points by making three throws with water balloons.

Water Balloon Stomp

Kids of all ages can have lots of fun with this water balloon game. Fill two small pools with water and an equal number of water balloons.

Put one child in each pool, and their challenge is to be the first to burst all their water balloons by stomping on them with their feet.

Water Balloon Penguin Race

Everyone lines up at the starting line with a water balloon held between their knees.

When the race begins, players need to waddle to the finish line without letting their water balloons drop or using their hands to touch them. If someone’s water balloon pops, they have to start over.


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In conclusion, water balloon games offer an excellent way to keep kids entertained and refreshed on scorching summer days.

These games come with a host of physical and social benefits, promoting exercise, social interaction, creativity, stress relief, and improving hand-eye coordination.

The choice of suitable water balloons, like “Bunch O Balloons” or the “500-count pack of Elitoky water balloons,” is crucial for a successful experience.

These games are versatile and suitable for various age groups and occasions, making them a fun and engaging outdoor activity for kids. So, grab your water balloons and children for hours of fun in the sun.


Q: How do you make water balloons more fun?

A: Water Balloon Relay Race. Gather your kids into teams and form them into lines. Issue a water balloon to the first person in each line, and when you give the signal to begin, they must pass the balloon to the next team member in line using only their chin and neck, with no hands involved.

Q: How do you play water balloon game?

A: Provide each participant with their own bucket and mark each bucket at a specific level to show where it should be filled. Once you’re prepared, begin the countdown, and all individuals burst their water balloons to fill their buckets. The winner is the first person to reach the marked level in their bucket.

Q: What is the back-to-back water balloon game?

A: In this game, pairs of two participants will stand with their backs touching and a water balloon positioned between them, all while raising their hands above their heads. As a team, they will race to the finish line.

Q: How do you plan a water balloon party?

A: It’s a good rule of thumb to have at least ten water balloons for each individual. This implies that if you’re hosting a gathering of ten people, you should have a minimum of 100 balloons available. While this might seem like a large number, you’ll find that they can be used up rather swiftly once the water battle commences. To guarantee an abundant reservoir of water balloons, you might want to consider inviting some friends to join in the balloon-filling endeavour.