Undisputed Boxing Club Release Info (Date, Price), Boxers and Xbox/PS5 Play Guide


esports boxing club release date, eSports Boxing Club was initially called Undisputed, but the name was changed. Steel City Interactive delayed its release, which was slated for 2021, as they needed more time to complete it, resulting in a later release than planned.

Exciting update! The developers of Undisputed have finally set a release date. It will be available on January 31st on Steam. Fans of boxing have eagerly awaited a game like this since EA discontinued the popular Fight Night series. The early glimpses of Undisputed show good graphics and an impressive look.

Undisputed offers a diverse roster of boxers to play as, featuring current stars and legendary figures. Players can choose from top names such as Deontay Wilder, Oleksandr Usyk, Tyson Fury, George Kambosos Jr, Vasyl Lomachenko, and Canelo Alvarez, providing ample options.

Undisputed also includes some of the greatest boxers of all time, such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Patterson, and Rocky Marciano, allowing players to step into their gloves.

Undisputed features many impressive characters, including renowned boxers such as Cris Cyborg and famous athletes who have fought in the ring. The release has generated much excitement, and players will soon be able to experience it firsthand.

However, those who prefer playing games on a computer should note that a mouse and keyboard cannot be used; a controller is required instead.

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Is Undisputed Coming to PlayStation?


The developers of Undisputed announced its release on January 31st, after previously needing more time to improve the game. The development team, a small group rather than a large corporation, was the reason for the delay in its release.

The developers of Undisputed prioritize quality and are taking their time to ensure the game’s perfection. Currently, it is only playable on a computer, but the team has stated that it will be available on other platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox.

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Undisputed: A Summary of Gameplay, PC System Needs, and Price

The developers of Undisputed aim to create an immersive experience, making it feel as if you’re actually in the boxing ring. They have included various perspectives to enhance the sense of being a part of the action.

Undisputed allows for a unique close-up combat experience, unlike in video games. The game’s punches are made more realistic as the location of impact on the opponent matters.

The developers consulted real-life boxing champions to attain accuracy in Undisputed. The game features over 60 punches, achieved through specialized cameras and 3D scanning to create lifelike character depictions.

Undisputed’s release is imminent and requires a specific computer configuration to play on PC. A minimum requirement of an Intel i5-8400, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060 with 3GB VRAM, and 40GB of free storage is necessary.

The developers suggest better performance with a newer computer featuring an Intel i5-10400, 16GB RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 1660 or superior graphics card. However, the game should still run on older computers.

Undisputed’s developers have not announced its price yet. Games of this type usually cost $60. The price may increase after it leaves early access.

We will let you know if there are any changes in esports boxing club release date.

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