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Stick Merge: In the world we live in today, we often play games on our phones and tablets. It’s cool to discover things that are fun and let us be creative at the same time.

That’s where Stick Merge comes in – it’s a game that lots of people enjoy because it’s fun and you can play it a bunch. In this article, we’re going to learn all about Stick Merge.

We’ll find out what it is, how to play, the clever moves you need to make, and why people of different ages have a blast playing it.

About Stick Merge

Stick Merge is a captivating shooting game developed by TinyDobbins that cleverly blends the nostalgia of stick-figure animation with exhilarating shooting gameplay. Immerse yourself in a distinct world where you assume control of a stick figure armed with a potent gun, prepared to take on successive waves of adversary stick figures.

The game’s mechanics are easy to grasp, yet they offer a remarkably engaging experience. Your primary objective is to skillfully aim and shoot your pistol to eliminate the approaching enemy stick figures. These stick figures come in various sizes and shapes, some proving more durable and requiring well-aimed shots to defeat.

As you make your way through the game’s diverse stages, the difficulty steadily ramps up, introducing swifter and more agile opponents that demand quick reflexes. Successfully completing stages earns you valuable coins, which can be judiciously invested in enhancing your current weapon or unlocking a range of exciting new options.

A standout feature that sets Stick Merge apart is its unique ability to merge different weapons, creating more potent and strategically advantageous firearms. This innovative element empowers players to craft specialized tools like shotguns or machine guns, providing a tactical edge during intense battles.

The game boasts a simple yet captivating stick-figure animation style, complemented by vibrant and dynamic backgrounds that enhance the overall visual experience. The meticulously designed sound effects and music further contribute to the immersive nature of the game, enveloping players in a high-stakes conflict scenario.

Stick Merge offers an exhilarating shooting experience combined with the nostalgic charm of stick-figure animation. Its easily comprehensible mechanics, coupled with addictive gameplay, dynamic animation, and the intriguing weapon merging feature, have garnered it a dedicated following among mobile gamers.

If you relish shooting games and have an appreciation for the quirky appeal of stick-figure animation, make sure not to overlook Stick Merge. You can enjoy the game seamlessly online using browsers like Chrome, Edge, and others, so dive in and immerse yourself in the excitement firsthand.

Features of Stick Merge

  • Stick Merge is an exciting shooting game created by TinyDobbins.
  • The game features a unique animation style with stick figures in colorful backgrounds, making the visuals interesting and smooth.
  • Players control a stick figure character armed with a gun and must defeat groups of enemy stick figures coming in waves.
  • An exciting feature in Stick Merge is the ability to combine different weapons to create stronger ones.
  • By completing levels, players earn coins, which are the in-game currency.
  • These coins can be used to upgrade the player’s gun for more power or to unlock new weapons for variety.
  • The game becomes more challenging as players progress, with faster and more agile enemies.
  • Stick Merge is easy to start playing, but becoming a master at the game is a tough challenge.
  • The game has gained popularity among mobile gamers due to its unique animation style and features.
  • You can play Stick Merge for free online using browsers like Chrome, Edge, and other modern ones.


Get ready for even more fun with the Stick Merge game. Now, you can play it for free online whenever you want. Whether you’re using a Chromebook, laptop, desktop, or Windows PC, you’re good to go.

We know it’s important for the game to work well. That’s why we checked the Stick Merge game on different web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It works really nicely on all of them. So, play the game whenever you like, wherever you are.

How to Play Stick Merge:

1. Use your finger to point the gun at your enemies’ stick figures.

2. Try to beat as many enemies as you can before they get too close.

3. When you finish different levels, you get coins. You can use these coins to improve your gun or unlock new weapons.

4. Mix different weapons together to make ones that are stronger.

5. Always watch the health bar at the top of the screen. If it goes all the way down, your game ends.

6. The game gets harder as you go on because the enemies become faster and better at moving.

7. Think about your moves and be smart about how you beat the enemies – do it quickly and carefully.


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People all over the world have really liked Stick Merge because it’s a fun mix of being creative, thinking ahead, and getting hooked on the game.

When we play the stick combining game, we find more than just something enjoyable to do. It’s like a place where we can show our art, get better at thinking, and have friendly contests.

No matter if you want to relax, challenge your brain, or show how creative you are, Stick Merge says you can do all that and more. So, grab onto your make-believe sticks, plan your moves, and let the combining adventure start.

Stick Merge FAQs

Q1: What is Stick Merge?

A1: Stick Merge is a fun shooting game that combines stick-figure animation with exciting challenges. You control a stick figure with a powerful gun and fight waves of enemy stick figures.

Q2: How do you play Stick Merge?

A2: Use your finger to aim and shoot at enemies before they get too close. Collect coins by completing levels to upgrade your gun or unlock new weapons. You can also combine weapons to make them stronger. Watch your health bar and be quick as enemies get faster.

Q3: What makes Stick Merge special?

A3: Stick Merge stands out with its mix of stick-figure animation and shooting action. You can merge weapons for extra power. The game’s animation, backgrounds, and sounds add to the fun.

Q4: Where can I play Stick Merge?

A4: Play Stick Merge for free online using modern web browsers like Chrome and Edge on different devices.

Q5: Why do people like Stick Merge?

A5: Stick Merge is loved by all ages for its creative gameplay and strategic challenges. It’s easy to start but offers satisfying difficulty.

Q6: Is Stick Merge for everyone?

A6: Yes, Stick Merge is designed for everyone. It’s simple to play but also offers challenges for those who want them.

Q7: Tips for playing Stick Merge?

A7: Aim and shoot well to beat enemies. Collect coins to upgrade or get new weapons. Combine weapons for stronger ones. Watch your health bar and stay sharp as enemies get faster.

Stick Merge