Savannah Bananas Schedule 2024: Tickets, Prices, Roster And More To Know


Savannah Bananas Schedule 2024: The Savannah Bananas are preparing for another thrilling season of their unique and lively baseball style.

This year, they will take Banana Ball to various venues, including six MLB stadiums. A highlight will be their game at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, which is set to be the most giant Banana Ball game ever played.

Watching the Savannah Bananas play, you can expect a sports experience. With its unconventional rules, engaging fan interactions, and choreographed dances, Banana Ball is an event to be embraced.

Here’s all you need to know about the 2024 Savannah Bananas world tour, including the full season schedule and the latest ticket information for both home and away games.

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Savannah Bananas Tour Schedule 2024

The Savannah Bananas have revealed their tour schedule for 2024, which includes visits to 26 cities. Their season will begin with an away game in Tampa, Florida, and conclude with a game in Miami.

A significant number of their matches will be against the Party Animals. While their competition may draw comparisons to the Harlem Globetrotters versus Washington Generals rivalry, the outcomes of these games are not predetermined. Both teams are focused on securing a victory.

However, one aspect that is prearranged is the post-game celebrations and dances.

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Feb. 8-10Steinbrenner Field, Tampa, Fla.
Feb. 15-17Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, Ariz.
March 1-3121 Financial Ballpark, Jacksonville, Fla.
March 9Minute Maid Park, Houston
March 14-16Alex Box Stadium, Baton Rouge, La.
March 22-24Coolray Field, Gwinnett County, Ga.
April 12-14Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, N.C.
April 20-21Isotopes Park, Albuquerque, N.M.
April 25-27Sloan Park, Mesa, Ariz.
May 3-5Chukchansi Park, Fresno, Calif.
May 9-11Sutter Health Park, Sacramento, Calif.
May 16-18Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City, Okla.
May 24-26Huntington Park, Columbus, Ohio
June 8Fenway Park, Boston
June 13-15First Horizon Park, Nashville, Tenn.
June 27-29Victory Field, Indianapolis
July 5-7Sahlen Field, Buffalo, N.Y.
July 13Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.
Aug. 1-3Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville, Ky.
Aug. 10Progressive Field, Cleveland
Aug. 16-18Harbor Park Stadium, Norfolk, Va.
Aug. 30-31Smith’s Ballpark, Salt Lake City
Sept. 6-8Principal Park, Des Moines, Iowa
Sept. 21Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia
Oct. 12loanDepot Park, Miami
Oct. 14-18Bananaland at Sea

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Savannah Bananas Home Games 2024

Feb. 23-25Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
March 28-29Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
April 4-6Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
May 30-31Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
June 1Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
June 18-20Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
Aug. 22-24Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
Sept. 13-15Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.
Sept. 26-28Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Ga.

Savannah Bananas Roster 2024

1Bill LeRoyC
2Reese AlexiadesOF
3Eric Jones Jr.C/INF
4Mat WolfP/INF
5DR MeadowsOF
6Ryan CoxINF
7Michael DeebUTIL
8Jackson OlsonINF
9Noah BridgesOF
10Alex ZieglerEH
11Gabe HowellINF
12Kyle LuigsP
13Dalton MauldinINF
14Dakota AlbrittonUTIL
15Robert Anthony CruzINF
17Brandon CrosbyUTIL
18Danny HosleyUTIL
19Dan OberstINF
21Jared DonalsonP
22Austin KrzeminskiP
24Andy ArcherP
25Christian DearmanP
29Zack PhillipsP
37Ethan SkuijaP
49Ryan KelloggP
88Noah NiznikP
91DJ RobertsP
⚡️Malachi MitchellUTIL

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What is a Banana Ball?

Banana ball is a fun version of baseball with nine rule changes to speed up the game. In this version, teams earn points for winning innings instead of scoring runs. There’s also a strict two-hour time limit, with no inning starting after 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Other “banana ball” rules include no mound visits, bunting, or stepping out of the batter’s box between pitches. An excellent rule is that if a batter hits a foul ball into the stands and a fan catches it, the batter is out.
Aside from the rule changes, “banana ball” is known for its fun stuff, like dancing coaches and umpires, pitchers on stilts, and batters using flaming bats.

Team owner Jesse Cole started the idea of “banana ball” in 2018. They first tried it in secret games against college teams before showing it in Savannah the next year.

In 2021, they played “banana ball” in Mobile, Alabama, and in 2022, they played in nine cities. In 2023, they went all-in on “banana ball” and stopped their college summer league team.

Banana Ball rules

  1. Bunting is not allowed.
  2. Players can’t step out of the batter’s box.
  3. There are no stealing bases.
  4. Coaches can’t visit the pitcher on the mound.
  5. Pitchers have to work quickly, with a 12-second pitch clock.
  6. Instead of walks, a batter gets a ‘ball’ if the pitcher throws four balls.
  7. A batter only gets one foul ball with two strikes; any additional fouls result in an out.
  8. A home run derby decides the winner if a game is tied after nine innings.
  9. Fans can catch foul balls for outs.
  10. Players are required to interact with fans during the game.

These rules create a fast-paced and exciting experience, making Banana Ball different from traditional baseball.


The Savannah Bananas are preparing for an exciting 2024 season, where they’ll play their fun version of baseball called Banana Ball.

They’ll visit many cities, including big MLB stadiums. One special game will be at Citizens Bank Park, their biggest Banana Ball game yet. They’ll play against the Party Animals and have fun with fans, including dances after the game.

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Some FAQs

Q1: How many tickets can you buy for Savannah Bananas?

A1: You can purchase up to 6 tickets per show. With 100% guaranteed access, you can buy tickets to any Bananas show before the public.

Q2: How do you get on the Savannah Bananas presale list?

A2: To join the Savannah Bananas presale list, visit https://thesavannahbananas.com/ontheroad/. Tickets are usually offered to the presale list approximately 2 months before the event. This advance ticket purchase opportunity is open to all Quakes MVPs.

Q3: How much does it cost to go to the Savannah Bananas?

A3: Open-seating tickets start at $35, while VIB Experience tickets are $100. There are no hidden fees or taxes; it’s all bananas.

Savannah Bananas Schedule 2024